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  1. I had an 1800 Mk1 GTi in 1985, very impressive apart from the brakes. Followed it by a Mk 2 8v, early one with the wipers the wrong way round. Much more practical but perhaps not as much fun. This was followed by a 1.9 205 GTi, which was in a different league performance wise but not as nice over long distances. Best of all in the 80’s for me was. Mk2 Jetta GTi. 16v with a full Recaro interior. Handling was better than the Golf, really quick and comfortable.
  2. Yup, but .... a, I had only just seen it and b, no one had commented on the fact it didn’t really drift in drift mode
  3. Will it drift?? https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-video/will-it-drift-2021-volkswagen-golf-r-video-review errr. Not much on a skid pan
  4. Possibly, but when I asked a friend of mine who owns a car repair business who also refurbs wheels, he said it would be more expensive than recutting on his diamond cutting jig and re-lacquered due to the extra labour involved. It might be worth contacting a local refurb company?
  5. I think that .gov website only lists safety recalls, not non-safety related software updates
  6. Says they are for halogen equipped vehicles-will connectors be different for HID equipped R’s?
  7. I have no issues mixing it if I have to. Much of the time it probably has about 25% 95 and 75% Momentum, so about 97 RON I guess. My mate who has an RS6 only ever puts 95 RON in that, but then at 19mpg if he’s lucky I would probably do the same. As he says, he can’t tell the difference in day to day normal driving.
  8. DCC, 18” wheels , no pano and no PP would be my choice. Reasons? DCC gives widest options on ride and handling 18” wheels for best compromise between ride and handling and a little more protection for the wheels on our rough roads I hate sunroofs PP? Well, can’t see me ever using the extra top end speed, don’t like the spoiler at all, drift mode- pah!. I’d use the money saved for a nice holiday.
  9. Another no from me. Spend the money on DCC or something else more useful on a year round basis. Apart from my 1985 Mk2 GTi which had a metal panelled roof which was solid and stayed dry, all the glass roofed cars that I have owned over the years have either leaked or squeaked or both. By far the worst was the sliding external roof on my 1988 205 1.9 GTi . Haven’t had one for the past 25 years+ and have never missed it
  10. To some maybe, and I guess can understand that. But not to me. if I was so obsessed with 0-62 I would have bought a DSG rather than manual. I have had my 7.5R for nearly two years and have never done a standing full throttle start. Just not interested.
  11. I was offered a remap on my 58 plate Audi A4 3.0TDi Quattro at the local Audi dealer, from 240 to 270hp apparently, at it’s 3 year service. If I recall correctly it was about £400 then. I didn’t take it up but I am pretty sure it was not an Audi approved product.
  12. Interesting, but I do find drag races, whilst entertaining, irrelevant to real world driving. I have owned many hot hatches over the years, the first being a Mk1 Golf 1800 Gti in 1985. I have never had a race against another car on the public highway, certainly not from a standing start. In gear acceleration is relevant for overtaking however, what 5th gear used to call time exposed to danger.
  13. I looked for a late 7.5 310 ps manual car with DCC over six months having had a 7 with standard suspension which on 18’s was fine to be honest but I had spent some time driving my brothers 7.5 GTi with DCC and quite liked it . The only one I found in all that time was in black with a pano roof and keyless ( keyless and pano was a dealbreaker, black marginally acceptable) so that was a pass from me. In the end I bought a very late registered pretty much standard manual 310ps in blue. I don’t regret it and have yet to see exactly what I was looking for in the nearly two years since. a
  14. I can’t think of many such roads near where I live. Most 30mph restrictions are in place for a reason. In my view it is not fine to drive at 60mph even if you “know it well”
  15. Is it worth moving the seat back and forward a few times and raising/lowering it to see if it position specific?
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