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  1. Water cooling of turbos prevented the need for this. The water wicks the heat away that bakes or ‘cokes’ the oil onto the turbo bearings, causing the majority of turbo failures. I usually just drive into my neighborhood or destination with minimal throttle for the last ¼-½ mile and that’ll cool it enough to keep the heat in check.
  2. Funny enough, I just coded that ON to my car. I used VCDS so if you use anything else your mileage may vary. go into the informational control unit (should be module 5f) go into long coding and under byte 16 there is something there that labeled legal_rcv. Enabling the bit disables the overlay so yours is disabled.
  3. Use a push pin or sewing needle to poke into the opening where the fluid should squirt out. Likely blocked with a small piece of debris or mineral build up depending on the type of water used in your washer fluid.
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    Hello all, new to the forum but not to the .:R here is a pic of both of mine, a 2004 R32 and 2019 R the mk4 is mostly stock with a few handling oriented mods that are easily reversible. The mk7.5 is bone stock with all of 250 miles on it right now. Res delete, power fold mirrors (not an option in the US 🤬), intake and TIP are in order or waiting for me to return home to install. I’m a manual trans guy 100% but the DSG in the R is too good to have passed up. see you all around the forums 👋🏼
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