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  1. Thanks Lee. Good to know that fixed it for you. And I just looked up the racing line parts - nice kit. Am tempted by them too... Do you or others know how common this error code is for the Mountune package? I am wondering if the map really needs the better breathing from an after market kit (noting Mountune developed a breathing kit too) ... and if so I should plan on paying for the software AND breathing kit. Not a bad thing of course - just ramps up the cost Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  2. Are you still code free? I was going to get Mountune Stage 1 with TCU for my 2016 estate, but held off when they had the financial / ownership stuff going on last year, and then saw this P0299 issue. Looks from my reading like some people - Dan included - get on ok despite the code, but as i am a worrier I would want it to be code free for me and without having to change any hardware. So if you get any more info from Mountune on the issue / fix I would be really interested to know Thanks Chris
  3. Just to update - I ended up supergluing the white clip back together in situ. Seemed a decent route to take as it was just one of the arms that had broken off and saved me any more from faff from trying to get the whole part off. Still annoyed the clip broke in the first place -- but probably serves me right for taking on this job when temp was barely above freezing...
  4. Hiya. I think this is the most recent thread on the drain hose leak problem.... I replaced mine today, but broke a white plastic clip in the process ... have ringed it in red on the photo below (photo copied from Roj1801's pics above) Anyone else had similar misfortune and found a replacement? I have done a bit of googling of parts suppliers but haven't found anything helpful yet. Not sure how essential this clip is, but would like to replace it if I can before putting the trim back on.
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