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  1. As I said when OP gets it serviced, if they plug in to scan for routine faults, then at the point the fact it appears from what OP is telling us, it has been mapped then VW will flag their database the vehicle is modified. Of course OP can get it serviced at VW, my personal concern would be the lack of warranty for the engine and drivetrain. cheers
  2. If it was a VW dealer purchase, I personally would return the car - your warranty for engine / drivetrain is null and void (and the suspension and brakes could also be argued to have been placed under greater stress by the mapping indirectly - higher speeds etc, so a claim in these areas could be argued by dealer too). That should have all been checked during the approved car checks. VW don't sell mapped cars (knowingly) for their approved program. If it was a non VW dealer, well you could return it, but they could argue sold as seen (Caveat Emptor) its a little more of a grey area. If you bought it privately..... good luck. Or you hang on to it and enjoy the extra horses, but for servicing you can't really use a VW dealer, so its a case of finding a damn good specialist. Further down the line when you sell it on, this could possibly cause some grief. (Some may question why it came out of main dealer servicing so early, other may not bat an eyelid and actually prefer it depending on what specialist you use) Main concern to me is that any engine / drivetrain issues and you try to get it done under warranty - the moment the they plug into the ECU - goodbye claim, and its at your cost. Personally I would think it over carefully, don't be swept along by the free tune, especially if planning keeping as a long termer with no knowledge of who mapped it etc. You commented yourself on how fast it seemed - it was mapped for a reason, usually to give it more beans more often...... cheers
  3. Pretty easy repair that, wet sand from medium down to super fine with plenty of water. Then mask well the metal work into wheel arch etc. Then on a warm dry day and preferably in a garage, VW primer spay with rattle can, shake incredibly well, then light coats. once fully dry, wet sand again. Then lay some VW top coat, again light coats, blending onto bumper away from repair area. Take your time. Finally lay a clear coat over the top. Don't over think it, its not difficult, but prepare the area well and take your time. Once it properly hardened give it a damn good polish and you may be surprised at how well it turns out. Allow plenty of time to dry in-between coats. Worst case you mess it up and put it into a bodyshop, All they will do is sand off any hideous mess you have made and do it again. Have some faith in your own skills and give it a go. cheers
  4. Nice professional touch there, a fine car deserves to be well treated and no skimping on parts. Fella after my own heart 👍
  5. My dearly departed old man, had a 2004 bog standard golf, he extended the warranty every year, then in 2014 at the MOT they found a broken spring - replaced both rears plus a load of other bits, no questions or hassle. cheers
  6. If you intend on keeping car, for peace of mind take the full warranty. Its a collection of components assembled to a budget, things will fail at some point, some sooner than others. Why would you not want the warranty - eg LED headlamp fails - to replace that is considerably more than the warranty cost. Plus if you take it before the factory one expires it is a good price. If I still have Big Ron 👍🏼 at the 3 year point I will absolutely extend the warranty.
  7. Actually you get the various other camera views as well.
  8. I wanted my warranty to be unaffected and the company I used are an approved VAG workshop, so a little more expensive, I ended up paying £599, am chuffed with it and Big Ron 👍🏼 is now complete. You can buy various kits on the interweb for about £250-300, then if you have the coding information and a software package probs around £350 all in. cheers
  9. Aha I have the bendy steering guidelines now.😀
  10. Big Ron 👍🏼 I felt was lacking in the rear camera department. So after discussions with Advanced In-Car Tech in Poole, and some checking with VW in Germany, they were able to do an upgrade with the car coded correctly etc. So now with the highline camera, now my reversing experience is how it should have been from the factory. Well chuffed indeed.
  11. Great stuff thanks - good to know that VW decided the R was worthy of the hi-line this time!!
  12. @Booth11 - lovely car and spec, looks like its being well enjoyed too - congrats indeed. A quick Q for you madam when you have a moment - with the Akra do you get any drone etc from it at M'way speeds? its one of the few things I didn't spec on Big Ron 👍🏼 but as and when I go for the 8R I do fancy the Akra too this time. But I do a lot of m'way miles and don't want any more noise than I have to have. I love the pops n crackles in sport or race (surprisingly good from the standard exhaust, because I can control as and when) but drone is a big noooo for me. cheers
  13. Hi folks with the lovely 8R and who have spec'd the rear camera - is the camera the lo-line or hi-line. ie do you have bendy lines with the steering? cheers
  14. Love everything I specced. Love my heated leather seats, DCC, Dynaudio, and performance pack, plus the larger discovery pro screen. The remainder I specced were climate screen, rear airbags and drug dealer 90% tints. Sunroof - not my cup of tea at all. Akra xhaust, hmmm the standard one in sport mode crackles and pops just nicely. parking assist - its got camera and parking beepers so am able to park just fine. Wish I had put the electric seat option, as lots of very small adjustments available. But it was a lot for just one seat being electric. Other one was the carbon nappa leather upgrade option from the black Vienna leather - it added a grey centre that I quite liked plus it would have lightened the interior a little. But it is what it is and its a great car with a good spec so am pretty happy. cheers
  15. Sweet looking in black for sure. Remember its very easy to temporarily disable the keyless entry for overnight parking - lock the car with the button, then within a COUPLE seconds touch the outer part of the door handle. The locks will click (and if you have the mirrors set to fold upon locking they will pause for a moment). The keyless entry is now disabled until you next unlock the car with the key fob by pressing the unlock button. Because VW gave this option I like really like having the best of both worlds with keyless entry. enjoy the new car.
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