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  1. Henry - assuming you can get power, but bet have ever used and some great nozzle shapes to get into all nooks and crannies
  2. OP, awesome looking R, love the wheels you are using as winters. Nice setup. cheers
  3. Also come as part of the Performance Pack on the 7.5's, they work pretty damn good.
  4. OP can we get a few more general pics please
  5. Reflex silver is lush, I would totally have chosen it had it been available in the UK on the 7.5. Looks awesome OP 👍
  6. It blends in rather well cheers
  7. DustyBones

    New r owner

    Great pic, and welcome.
  8. Well thats a bit crap. Wee Pr#$ks. Hope you get it sorted asap, can you garage your car to get to out of sight?
  9. That looks a remarkably complete little set actually for a good price. Cheers
  10. @Richard_Nottm hey what slurper are you using? I feel that once I have "organised my garage again" I could perhaps give Big Ron 👍🏼 an oil n filter change. cheers
  11. @Raiden can you not use the blackvue app, and just connect phone via wifi to the camera and pull the vid that you want that way?? Thats how I have used mine for a long time. Also as others have said - pretty much any SD card adapter can be used on both a mac or windows for checking the vids. (you should have the blackvue app installed on the mac or pc and should work fine) What camera do you have? I have the DR650, about 4 years old and going strong, I use a lens filter and the vids are full HD and pretty good quality. As and when it does pack in, I will go for the full 4K model or the one with the 4G built in. Not the cheapest out there, but I like the fact there is no annoying screen and the size is great for subtle install etc.
  12. Any chance of a few more pics of spoiler as you seem to be the first I have seen with an Indium grey car. cheers
  13. Errrrr yes you do - pull the stick back so its into Sport, and it will fart away to your hearts content on the upshift ( you have to drive it "firmly" for it to do it, and burbles very nicely on overrun etc
  14. Hi OP welcome along... I have a late 20 plate R, so it has all the extra filters in the exhausts etc, but as the miles have racked up, it has become considerably louder especially when in sport. It burbles and crackles rather nicely but not too much so its offensive or annoying.. cheers
  15. So once it goes live on the UK website I can see us all having a lot of fun configuring and debating - should pass some lockdown time!! If Big Ron 👍🏼 had not just arrived I would be buying on what I have seen so far!
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