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  1. 🤣🤣 If you set them up I’ll knock em down.. I’d better behave until I’ve earned the right to post risqué responses 😬
  2. After receiving sensible advice my lights are now off. Thank you😳
  3. I used to give a cheaper version of these to Burglary IP’s. In terms of value for money I think they are awesome.. Any one tries to force a door or a window (where it’s fitted) and the alarm goes off.. perhaps enough to put off the casual sh*ts.. and certainly an early warning to allow a call to the police..
  4. I’ve just been a proper bloke and just kept pressing everything in no particular order.. and when that didn’t work I just pressed harder😆😆. I’ll try and calm down and try a methodical approach as advised. Thank you👍🏻
  5. As the title, new to me golf r owner after some help please. I’m sure there is a simple explanation but clearly not simple enough for me🤪 No matter what I try I cannot get the rear interior dome lights to switch off.. Could somebody please put me out of my misery.. Many thanks😬
  6. I can’t believe I waited so long to get one.. massively satisfied. Again thank you to everyone who offered advice👍🏻👍🏻
  7. So I picked up my R today.. a little happy 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Good evening all, I’m after some advice please.. I pick my Golf up on Tuesday, given that my wallet will no doubt be in a corner somewhere rocking backwards and forwards whimpering for a while😢, I wanted to know if anyone has wrapped their side mirrors? I will change the caps to either carbon fibre or black eventually but feel that this may be a low cost way to bridge the gap.. Is this worth the effort or should I just suck it up until I can replace them... many thanks👍🏻
  9. I watched a couple of YouTube videos- the Haldex looks fairly straightforward.. Moaning to the dealership manager has managed to get them done for me now.. 🤣 If I had a superpower it would be complaining...
  10. Thank you for that- i assumed that it was a service requirement and without them being done it’s not full service history.. ah well I’ll get them sorted myself lol.
  11. Hi all, after some advice please. Just spoke to the VW dealership I’m buying my golf r from. They’ve stated that the DSG and Haldex services are optional and not a requirement of the service schedule. This sounds like BS to me but I don’t have the service manual to check. Could someone please clarify for me? And any pictures of the relevant sections (suitably redacted) would gratefully received... Many thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, I’d asked on the forum about Ghost installation in the West Midlands and was advised to contact you. May I ask if you have a fitting service here or if not could you recommend someone please. 

    many thanks in advance,


  13. Thank you for that, I’ve bought mine now and I’m happy with the colour (which surprised me!) so I guess I’ve got pretty much everything on my wishlist😬😬
  14. Thank you for that, I’m definitely happy with it, just waiting for it to be fully serviced and have the DSG and Haldex oils changed.. Juat bought a disklok in hi vis yellow! I figure if I’m going to use it as a deterrent then the further away the sh*ts see it the better.. any recommendations for ghost fitters in The West Midlands?
  15. I guess I could have waited but genuinely I’m more impressed than I thought I’d be with the colour.. and at worst, the amount I’ve saved with all the optional extras fitted I could always wrap the car.. The black does look amazing, as you say in an unbiased fashion, however I’m a tornado red convert🏎🏎🏎!!
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