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  1. To be fair I’ve no idea what to go for as a replacement, I genuinely love the R and look for reasons to take it out 😬, just not as much as my family. I think the sight of the dude gripping up the pregnant lady sort of was the last straw for me. Sage advice and a mantra I’ve followed for many years going way back to when I was a pro con.. I’m fully insured + gap and experienced enough to know it’s only in the movies where one man takes on four and is victorious with only a bloody nose🤣. Should that happen I’ll gladly hand the keys over put in the Ghost code and see if they need a comfort break before setting off.. I’ve got reasonable enough home security and am fairly confident (depending on logs) that I can get the police round post haste, so don’t worry about it at home apart from the noise etc that the kids may overhear. As a matter of course I don’t turn into the cul-de-sac if there’s a car behind me, force of habit means I’m aware of most cars belonging to neighbours etc and any strange car would stand out. All of which is (or so I felt at the time) sufficient security and I cracked on to enjoy the car.. I also know that sh*ts like the ones in this video usually psych themselves up before ‘action’ and it is very difficult to switch off that dump of adrenaline and chemical cocktail once started.. This showed on the video when the owner barely struggled but they continued to fill him in- up to and including stamping on his head well after they had the keys.. Not a sight I want my wife or kids to see- to be fair I doubt I’d enjoy it much either 🤣
  2. That’s very true, If someone wants what you have then to that person the item is valuable in its own right. There’s always a risk and it comes down to what each of us find acceptable- for me now it’s no longer an acceptable level, my wife (fair play to her) has given me a round of f...’s and said that she doesn’t want me selling it because of her or the kids. Through work I still occasionally have to deal with the IP’s directly. In my haste and desire to get the R I didn’t really take into account the result of extreme violence can have on MOP’s- the shell shocked look and the lasting physiological/ psychological trauma. I’m comfortable (as anyone can be) dealing with aggression and extreme levels of violence- based on personal experience and unfortunately far too much exposure at work, so know that I can function in such a scenario ( I’m not giving it large and could quite happily never have a set with any unpleasantness). I don’t think it’s something that anyone can say for certain unless they have actually experienced it.. But that’s me- not my family.. As always it’s each to their own and for me a completely forgettable car is regrettably on the cards😢..
  3. It's truly disgusting apologies if I missed it but this would be classed as a robbery not theft. I hope the couple make a swift recovery from their ordeal. This is a higher priority but I won't insult anyone on here by saying it would be investigated as such- it most certainly should. From a personal point of view I've only had my R for six months and things like this have made my mind up to sell it on. I'm happy to shoulder the risk myself but the thought of my wife or kids being hurt physically or even worse mentally fills me with dread.. Its just not worth the risk, I'm just trying to decide what to change to.. A real shame as the R is an awesome car- which is the most obvious statement ever made on a Golf R forum...
  4. Good work! That’s the good thing about the forum- you get real advice and the confidence to have a crack at stuff yourself.👍🏻 I’ve not noticed any issues with mine- I think the fact it’s made of plastic is always makes people extra cautious.. It’s on now so hopefully you won’t need to risk it😬..
  5. Tbf that’s the only awkward bit. Easiest way (or at least that worked for me) was to put the bell in first-the aluminium bit- use pliers to help- and twist it into position. It will only fit one way so make sure you’re lining the tabs up first- that caught me out. Then attach the hose to it.. much easier than trying to twist it in once it’s all in one piece.
  6. If you search humblemechanic on YouTube there's a how to on his channel. It's super easy, all you need is a pair of pliers, screwdriver and a T30 torx bit.
  7. Pa77y Ho22er

    Promo Codes

    Not aware of any codes, a way to save money (depending on what you’re after) is to buy the first gen dongle on its own and then purchase the pro code separately.. IIRC it saves around £30.. I did this a while ago so obviously check first.. Tbf it’s probably a lot slower than the next gen stuff but when I use it I’m not in any hurry... Whichever way you it’s definitely worth getting...
  8. 👍🏻👍🏻Looks mint! And you’ve got some sweet roads to rip up😬
  9. Whoop! It seems like you’ve been waiting forever! I’ll leave you to bond but some pics would be nice once you’ve tucked her/him up for the night.. There’s no feeling like that of a new and proud R parent 🤣🤣🤣
  10. I drove my car without the dyno blasting and in eco mode and heard this today... sort of the same noise as when brake pads need changing. Has anyone ever got to the bottom of what it is? Or more importantly does it need fixing😳
  11. Any news? Can you see the head yet🤣? Or are you still pacing?
  12. 🤣 I paid £70 odd with delivery, probably cheaper elsewhere but in the current climate I was just happy someone was open and taking orders.
  13. Wholly agree, knows his stuff and doesn’t treat you like a moron if you’re struggling to describe what you want🤪
  14. No worries lad.. I’m not aware if there is a single part number that covers the whole lot- I used the below list.. To be fair I wouldn’t have even known about this mod if it hadn’t been for the legends on this forum 👏🏻🥰🤣🤣
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