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  1. She's overdue for a good clean next weekend. I'll try to take some more photos then. Nice to think it's probably the fastest R in Jersey yet still very discrete
  2. Very pleased with the eventual result
  3. Well, that was a ball-ache to re-do, but worth it, thanks to wife's help.
  4. cheers guys have ordered 3m tape from Amazon so hopefully will get it fixed this weekend its a lovely spoiler for fitting the contours of the existing spoiler though, all the way to the edge of the tailgate and to the upright bit
  5. Had a good look in the daylight today Its bloody awful so will have to be redone. If I use dental floss to remove it before refitting, I guess I'll need new mounting tape and to properly clean the spoiler of left over gunk? Grrrrr
  6. shit. it does look worse than it did. bugger bugger bugger
  7. Bloody awful nighttime pic of a dirty car (sorry)
  8. well, it took longer to peel off the backing tape than to do anything else! foolishly, i got my 13 year old son to help me line it up. oh dear. all lined up? yes, Dad. sure? yep, Dad. F**k. it's off balance by a few mil - bloody annoying to me, near enough invisible to everyone else. oh well. looks ace though
  9. Will try not to stick it on upside down!
  10. Delivered! Will attempt to fit it tonight
  11. BTW was the provided 3M tape enough or did you use extra adhesive?
  12. Brilliant - thanks. Just awaiting a quote for delivery to Jersey... And that is definitely the last mod (for now)
  13. Hi there Just for my peace of mind, the Maxton v3 lip extension will definitely fit a 7R (2014)? cheers Ben
  14. From previous comments, there appears to be very little difference between the brands, apart from Racingline which seems ludicrously expensive IMHO
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