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  1. So after a bit of heavy rain last night I noticed a lot of water in this area? Pipe still intact and not perished any ideas thanks Andy
  2. Pan roof aesthetically looks better but I heard they can be troublesome, sat nav is a an upgrade I'm sure, I prefer the look of leather and I have heated leather aswell but I think they all have heated seats if u have leather, DCC is good but I'm always on😛in race mode 😁 or less I'm on a long drive, but DCC is a good option but wouldn't say it's a necessity.
  3. Reading this makes me realise I was quite lucky to pick up an r with the spec I wanted, granted it's a 16 plate but only had 19k miles, took me 2 months to find it 3 door, has DCC, Pretorias, pan roof, full leather, sat nav, and tinted back Windows, and is manual, my suggestion is wait for the right 1 might take longer than you would like but will be worth it
  4. Hmm, start your car assuming its in race, give it a rev then select normal then race and see if exhaust note changes when you blip the throttle, I have tried it I do notice a difference with standard exhaust
  5. Yeah thats what I was told, you have to re select race to get all flaps open which seems a crazy set up too me having to do this every time.
  6. Yeah mines always says race on the screen, but I was told the exhaust flaps only open if you re select race
  7. Sorry forgot to mention I have a manual,
  8. Good day folks I have had my golf r for 2 months now and have always had the mode in race mode, after having spoken to someone yesterday they mentioned that every time I start the car I have to select a mode then re select race mode to get all exhaust flaps open? Is this the case? Also I have DCC ,if I select individual would I need to reapply the same process every time aswell? Confused thanks andy
  9. This was my haldex after 19 k miles had it done at a vw specialist £110
  10. Hmm I might to get mines checked aswell, as I only feel much of the difference in the steering
  11. When I switch from comfort to race, I feel the steering goes way heavier, then switch back to comfort steering is light as feather it's a lot more assisted in comfort
  12. I had my haldex done last week at a vw specialist, I have had the car 3 weeks and never experienced wheel spin once even in the wettest of conditions, I would suggest getting the filter took off and cleaned this was my filter with only 19k miles on it
  13. I payed £117 for mines, new oil and pump cleaned and for pictures to prove the filter was cleaned
  14. What does this involve? Maybey it was done at the garage aswell, any way of finding this out?
  15. Mines has 19k, not really it was ok as in no wheel spin etc but peace of mind its clean for a few years
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