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  1. Just a few pics after having my haldex serviced at at VW specialists, I purchased this car a few weeks ago with haldex service been done, the specialist garage due say the oil has been changed but pump not been touched.
  2. I just picked up a Mk7 with a manual box, DCC, sat nav, pan roof, full leather, Pretoria's, only option it didn't have was dynaudio, but it took me 2 -3 months to find 1
  3. Good day folks, I can't seem to get any contacts on my screen when I have Bluetooth connected, im receiving calls etc but can't get contacts up any ideas? Does it require an update of some sort?
  4. Evening folks I have noticed the drivers side kick plate is flickering, my car has a years das welt warranty on it would this be fixed under this? If not any ideas, my OCD can't cope leaving it like that 😂 thanks in advance
  5. Thanks mate, are these standard LEDs?
  6. A few pics of the car after picking the r up what a car and surprised how economical it is aswell. Please help me find a solution for the annoying sun glasses holder rattle 🙏
  7. It's a 16 plate, tyres are Goodyear eagle 1 I think, im getting a years das welt warranty with it are these issues covered under this warranty?
  8. So I have took the plunge and bought my first golf r, it's done 19,000 miles it's meant to have just had the haldex oil changed, guaranteed they haven't touched the pump so will get that cleaned, what things should I be checking when I pick it up regarding the haldex ie it shouldn't be spinning much etc sorry don't know much about these cars yet 😁
  9. So I have just put a deposit down on the car 😁 the haldex oil has been changed and has been stamped in the book, will need to get the pump cleaned as soon as I get it back to Scotland
  10. It's a manual mate, I do realise that the mileage etc is good was just hoping they could knock the price a bit
  11. Thanks for the reply guys, i phoned the garage and asked them if they would budge slightly with the price as I was going to pay cash, they said they were basically not budging on the price as they have spent money getting it up to standard for the das welt warranty which I feel is a lot of rubbish, do garages don't budge on prices anymore, it's been 4 years since I bought a car
  12. Thanks for the advice, is there any way of proving the haldex has been done, as I would imagine they would suit has and stamp the book is there anything in particular I can check to make sure they have as I sometimes don't trust what garages say, yeah this is the spec I am looking for would of liked dynaudio aswell but maybey pushing it 😁
  13. Good day folks o have found a golf r that I am thinking about purchasing, was wondering if this seems like a good price to golf r owners, its a 16 plate, white 19000 miles, upgrades are full leather, DCC, pan roof, sat nav, Pretoria alloys, they are wanting £20500 for it, this is from a Volkswagen garage comes with a full Volkswagen history aswell, also should the haldex service have been done as its over 3 years old? Or is it mileage thanks andy
  14. Thanks for the reply guys, the one I am looking at is 3 door manual, it doesn't have dynaudio or rear camera but has the other extras. Yeah I would get the 1 years das welt warranty with the car, as you say there is plenty for sale so don't have to rush
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