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  1. Looked at custom backbox deletes etc, even the exhaust shops have advised against it as they said it’ll be unbearably loud for a daily. With SGR they said the car will be fine at stage one with decat, but EML will be permanently on, hence why you fit the O2 sensor which effectively fools the car into thinking it has a cat and the EML light stays off as for stage 2, my upgrade is free with Racingline, would just have to buy the R600 intake for £300 if I did decide to do it, but tbh I don’t really want too as my stage 1 is a 1/1 custom map with extremely aggressive pops & bangs and they said it probably wouldn’t be the same as this on stage 2 as it won’t be custom
  2. Yeah that’s what I’m going for. Spoke to SGR Performance in Manchester who said it’ll be fine on stage 1, just fit the o2 sensor which will take out the EML light. I just got the car MOT’d last week, will have sold it by the time the next MOT comes around
  3. Hey guys, completely new to this. I have a 2015 7R currently running a custom Racingline stage 1 map and a Res delete, I wanna go that extra bit louder with the decat now. Been scouring online for days about all this talk about stage 2 which I really don’t want, I’m happy with the power - I just want the noise. I spoke to my tuner who is urging me to get stage 2 for £500 and then intakes etc which I really don’t want, he isn’t really giving me the option to “alter” my current map to support the decat. What can I do to get around this? Are their any other reputable companies that could alter my map for a decent price? If not I’m looking into just getting a custom backbox delete to make things simpler, but I’m not 100% on the sound. Any recommendations/suggestions? Thank you!!
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