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  1. Congrats on the R and welcome to the forums. Car looks so good. 1. Before my first R, I owned a 1994 Honda Civic hatchback. I’ve owned a MK5 R32 and a MK4 R32. I now own a 7.5 R and a different MK4 R32. 2. First mod on my MK5 was a cat back exhaust. Nowadays I prefer messing with the shifter first. 3. The exclusivity and meeting different owners from around the world.
  2. psu

    Newby here

    Congrats and welcome to the forums. Which mudflaps did you go with?
  3. psu


    Looks good man! Indium Gray here as well.
  4. I’m jealous. Congrats!
  5. psu


    Any modifications necessary? Looks good!
  6. psu

    Hello from Scotland

    Car looks great and I bet it’s a beast. So crazy to see them in two door.
  7. psu

    Hello from NorCal

    You’ll thank yourself for choosing the R over the STi. I kept my 2019 STi for merely 2,800 miles and it had to go. Congrats and welcome aboard.
  8. psu

    Hello from Hampshire

    Congrats and Welcome!
  9. Should all be the same. What looks different? Post a picture.
  10. That steering wheel is nice!
  11. psu

    New Member - Midlands

    Welcome! Any more pics of your car?
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