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  1. @mkmg76 thanks, both look good, im possibly getting a set of the motorsports
  2. Do you have any more photos with the vw motorsport alloys on?
  3. @muzza did you get to do the dyno results again? Thinking of getting this done but can't decide if worth the extra money over stage 1
  4. I have revo rv019s in slightly darker anthracite , if you look in classified @Dan Stubbsis selling a set if 19s riviera wheels that look similar
  5. What about qs tuning. Not far from Kent they do tvs, they do a ecu and tcu tune deal for around £1100 or just tcu for £690 I think
  6. I only have 11mm spacers on the rear. Wheels are 19x8 et45. Not lowered at the moment, but this is how it sits when lowered on racingline springs
  7. Decided to take my roof wrap of today and looks alot better in my opinion. Just waiting to get my creaking suspension looked at by vw then hopefully get lowering springs on
  8. How much you want for prets? I have these 18s for sale if any good
  9. I was thinking maybe just a tad darker but not quite full on black so i dont lose the detail of the wheels. Oh and its not normally that high lol itd got standard springs on at the moment as going in for warranty work.
  10. Added the oettinger spoiler. Just trying to decide to get my wheels done a darker colour or keep as they are
  11. These are my current 19s and lowered, I must admit it feels better with the 18s on
  12. I had some spare 18s in the garden so thought id see how they look. Debating getting my current 19s sprayed darker
  13. They have currently done it to a gti tcr and seat Leon i believe. I think the owner of the tcr is on here. Running 400bhp with gpf in place
  14. Been told Stage 2 will be released soon that keeps the cat and gpf. With the normal extras should be around 400bhp.
  15. Just a stage 1 ecu and tcu map to do and think ill be happy with it for a few years
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