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  1. That could be true. I’m more interested in this thread. It could work. Soon, when I get the time, I will try and let you know how I got on. https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/index.php?threads/adjusting-xenon-high-beam-light-only-gti-7-5.362332/
  2. That’s right. The bumper on mine is a 7.5 as are the wings and headlights. It’s a full facelift but the full beam throws as far as dipped beam. I can change the throw but that changes the full beam as well as the dipped beam. I need a way to increase range of full beam lights independently of dipped beam
  3. Picture of dipped beam and full beam isnt really going to help. Could take picture of headlights but don’t think that will help either. May just have to record a new set of headlights in.
  4. No it’s fine, thank you for trying. If anyone reading this can help I’d be willing to travel so they could have a look at the lights and the coding in person if possible.
  5. I asked the previous owner who said They are OEM Lights off another 7.5 golf GTD or R he doesn’t actually remember. This seems like a coding error to me as both lights turn on when full beam is used but the throw for the full beam is lower the the dipped beam
  6. Just a quick question for everyone. Can the full beam be thrown further out with coding? I bought my car fully, a mk7 golf R fully retrofitted with 7.5 headlights But, the full beams throw as far as the normal beams so if I flash at someone they never see it. The full beam has to be raised independent of the low beam. So using the manual screw on the headlight isn’t going to work. How is the range for full beam range sorted on a retrofit?
  7. So, as I have written on here before. My gearbox works fine but epc and engine light are on with fault code “Lost communication to TCM”. This is very unlikely an actual problem as the gearbox works perfectly fine. Anyways, could any of you recommend anyone who could code the gearbox in for me or Could any of you (living around the Manchester, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire region) Code it in for me. If you know prices of anyone leave them on here. Thank you.
  8. Grhlp

    Mk7 & 7.5

    Thank you both for your replies.
  9. Is there any difference between the front wings of the golf R MK7 & the 7.5? Could you put a mk7 wing on a 7.5 and vice versa?
  10. Is there any difference between the front wings of the golf R MK7 & the 7.5? Could you put a mk7 wing on a 7.5 and vice versa?
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