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  1. Hi Everyone, Been having an issue with my manual 65 Plate Golf R. Occasionally when I start the car when I release the clutch pedal (not touching the gears in neutral) to let it warm up there’s a quite violent rattling/clunking sound that lasts for 5-10 seconds that goes away once the clutch is depressed again. A few of my more knowledgeable mechanic friends are 99% Sure this is the clutch release bearing. Is this a big job? Current clutch is not slipping whatsoever and feels fine. But considering upgrading to a RTS clutch whilst changing the Release Bearing. How much should I expect to pay for JUST the release bearing? I wouldn’t do it at VW, I have a mechanic who charges £50 an hour labour. Thanks, CG
  2. Hi All, Bit of a strange issue here on my 65 Plate R on 67000 miles. Car is up to temperature, turn engine off for a couple of minutes. Start Car up again (Still warm). Engine is making a grinding sound from the auxiliary belt area.... Video Bellow. I have 1 months warranty left, but the dealer I bought the car off are 300 miles away and I need to get any work approved by them before I can take it to a local garage to be repaired... Any ideas? Waterpump maybe?
  3. Thanks everyone, Until the standard clutch starts slipping I’m not going to do anything about it. Il just have to release the clutch a bit slower after starting to avoid the rattle. RTS Clutch does look like a very good option. Really want to keep the oem drivability of the car, and definitely don’t want any squealing or juddering!
  4. Thanks! Will have a look into the delay valve. I have been looking at new clutches, specially Sachs Organic. I do occasionally track the car, and drive it hard. But it’s also a daily that I drive 45 miles every day in so don’t want to loose any drivability... don’t mind the pedal being slightly stuffer just don’t want judder or harsh engagement...
  5. Hi all, My Golf R manual is on 67000 miles, I don’t know it’s history regarding clutch replacements as I’ve only had it a month but feels like a standard clutch, very light and easy to use. Occasionally when I start the car up (obviously have to depress the clutch to do this) when I release the clutch with the car in neutral theres a loud rattle/clunking sound which goes away after the initial engagement (2 seconds). It doesn’t rattle continuously idle, just that initial moment after staring. If I release the clutch slowly/ not immediately after starting it doesn’t do it... Any ideas? Clutch isn’t slipping. Also find there’s a massive delay when shifting through gears, almost feels like turbo lag. Eg going from 3-4th, release the clutch completely and there’s a second before it actually goes! Thanks, Cam
  6. Thanks, how much was it to fix? I’m going to leave it at the moment and get it booked into JKM Portsmouth in summer. The car still has enormous amounts of grip around roundabouts and fast corners just lights up the wheels in the wet on launch... although it had PS4S all round so that might be making me feel like I have AWD😂 I might try the haldex update/reset first.
  7. I was told it’s a gearbox our job to change the clutch? They had a good look around and couldn’t see where the oil could have come from apart from either the TC or gearbox. I will monitor it anyways.
  8. Hi All, I recently bought a 65 Plate Golf R 5dr Manual. Love the car, spent a long time looking for a well optioned car (Pan Roof, Prets, Vienna Leather, Winter Pack and most importantly Lapis Blue! Car came with full VW history but at 66k there is no record of the Haldex oil being done. So I took it to my local garage for some warranty work which isn’t related but I asked them to change the haldex oil and the filter. Unfortunately they didn’t listen to me on the phone and just did the oil no filter clean... oh well. Only charged me £20 though as I supplied the oil. When the roads are very wet when launching the car will briefly light up the front wheels in 1st gear, and get a bit of wheel juddering before it gains traction. No slip in second however. Is this normal? Ive never had an AWD car before so not sure how they behave. Is there any other way to check this? I do have access to a lift at work so thought about lifting it slightly and seeing if the rears are actually doing anything! Next thing, compared to my last car which was a 2015 Mini Cooper S the engine sounds very “Whiney” that makes sense. To the point it’s almost embarrassing to rev at a standstill because it sounds like a washing machine. Seen a few videos on YouTube that suggests this is just a quirk to the R? A friend has just bought a new T Roc R and she let me have a rev, sounds quite similar to mine. Thanks in advance, any tips/advice appreciated. 😃
  9. So picked the car up this evening. The only explanation the garage had to the issue was possibly when the clutch was changed they overfilled the gearbox oil and it came out the breather. Relieved but just hoping the oil doesn’t make a second appearance...!
  10. I’ve had a thought, maybe when they changed the clutch they didn’t seat the gearbox/Transfer Case back together properly? Does the gearbox have to come out to change the clutch?
  11. So a quick update. Been a week since it happened now. Garage drained the oil from Transfer Case to check for damage or oil loss. Sure enough, all the oil was there with no metal shavings and they’ve now decided it’s not from the TC. Not sure whether to be relived or not! They are still unsure where the oil is coming from. But it’s not from the TC, and doesn’t smell of gearbox oil. Anyways, it’s now the weekend and nothings going to happen until Monday now at the earliest.... the joys of buying used cars! 😂
  12. Fortunately I’ve only owned the car for two weeks so it is under warranty. Dealer are up in Newcastle and and I’m on the south coast so they want to get the car recovered to them.
  13. So, been to the garage. It’s the Transfer Case. Not driving the car as it has no oil in it. I’ve been quoted £1410 for a rebuild.... or £3500 for a new one. Never heard of this before on a Mk7 R...
  14. A few friends have suggested the driveshaft oil seal, I unfortunately have no paperwork as to when the clutch was last changed...
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