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  1. Bit of both...have you tried raising boost safety up a bit.
  2. @R-Estate so if you change from map 6 to say map 1 or 2 does the software show the new different settings? My settings dont change whatever map i select ? Bit confused lol
  3. Cheer mate, thinks theres a bit of a difference in the settings for jb1 and jb4. Car feels good now so ill leave as is till i can have more time to do runs with slight increases. Maybe a stupid question but here goes! When i connect jb1 to laptop it comes up on map 6 with my choosen settings. If i change the tab to map 1 or any other map then the settings stay the same. Is this correct meaning i have to put the map 1 settings in manually? If i put the default boost settings for map 1 into map 6 will it be the same? Hope that makes some sense!
  4. @Sequence Thanks for the reply mate...guess im not loosing too much with the lower boost settings. Need to log a launch now and see what thats like. Out of interest what rpm do you launch at ? Since installing the jb1 my wont build revs over 3k when launch control is active. esp fully off.
  5. Hi there, No i have done thr settings myself. Have you got an opf filter in your R? I wound back boost setting a bit and it has improved quite a bit looking at the log. Do this log look more acceptable now ?
  6. Hi there, This is the first and only log i have done. I try another run when i can, thanks for the reply.
  7. Hey folks, I have done a log on the jb1 on 7.5 R with opf. Im running a turbo elbow and pipe with drop in filter. Can anyone provide some comment on the log please. Looks like its loosing boost just after change into 4th. Run was 2nd to 4th. Is this anything to worry about? What can i do to remedy if it is a problem. Didnt feel any throttle closure and car felt stong. Below are my map 6 settings: 1500 - 0.0 2000 - 2.0 2500 - 3.0 3000 - 3.5 3500 - 4.8 4000 - 5.0 4500 - 5.2 5000 - 5.2 5500 - 5.2 6000 - 5.0 6500 - 4.8 7000 - 4.5
  8. Evening all, Ive been playing with the boost settings on the jb1....waiting for the weekly supermarket trip to see what difference it makes. Rekon i can turn boost to 5.5 safely? 7.5 R opf +Dsg and running turbo elbow + pipe with drop in filter atm. Thinking about the R600 Any comments appreciated. Hope your all staying safe.
  9. smokeR

    New member here!

    Welcome along mate! Great colour too!
  10. Today I have added some eyebrow spoilers to the headlights. Quite tricky to place correctly but look okay I think. Just a splitter to add and ill be happy with the front end.
  11. Hi folks... hope your all holding up okay. I today de chromed the front grill. Looks okay...not the best job ever!
  12. Running 5.2 boost above stock with no issues. So far so good!
  13. Been so good so far touch wood! Big increase in torque through rev range. No issues with 4th either.
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