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  1. Final little blue touch to the steering wheel. I like this alot. !
  2. Yup will look awesome ! Don't forget a photo when done
  3. I think the yellow one looks awesome on a black car 😜
  4. Take your time putting them on and make sure grille is clean and dry. 😃
  5. https://www.ezmods.co/product-page/vw-golf-r-mk7-5-grill-de-chrome-overlay-decals Here you go
  6. Hey there.....think it was off ebay.
  7. Well got them installed....one fits perfectly thr other is a bit tight. Will need to get the dremel out to open up one hole very slightly.
  8. Old thread ..... New paddles arrived today. Bargin £25 on amazon. Solid aluminium feel great. What do you think !
  9. I'll be adding downpipe sports cat and intercooler but keeping exhaust std....I think. The jb1 was pretty good for a plug in box, I just couldn't map the top end properly. The revo is generally a more smoother package all round. During testing of the revo stage 1 on the opf they had to dial back the torque to 500, they were surprised how much an opf equipped car made.
  10. I think stage 2 and 3 are available now.
  11. Evening Folks hope your all doing okay. Decided to remove the JB1 from R and try a Revo Stage 1 remap. Car is standard except a drop in filter, turbo elbow and pipe (snow grate removed). Still running a pedal box too. The remap pulls harder through the rev range and there is more power at the top end than the jb1 gave. Its drives like factory but with a load more power. Is it worth 3 times the price of a used jb1.....quick answer for me is mmm yes. But different horses for different courses. It also came down the the garage doing the work - very experienced mech / race car builder tuner. And local too! Got me involved and made me feel right at home, so worth every penny. Discount on future work tops it off. I did consider the dsg remap but feel its not need with the 7 speed dsg box, especially as I always drive in 'manual' . No issues so far. If any slippage occurs ill get Tvs to up the clamping pressure. The in dash power gauge has been recalibrated and reads 287kw /385 bhp. Not sure how accurate that is.... I would estimate torque at 500ish. It really does pull hard in gear now.
  12. Bit of both...have you tried raising boost safety up a bit.
  13. @R-Estate so if you change from map 6 to say map 1 or 2 does the software show the new different settings? My settings dont change whatever map i select ? Bit confused lol
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