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  1. MidnightR

    Hi Everyone!

    Looks great Hawker! (I'm biased on the colour choice!) I picked up mine a couple of weeks ago and still enjoying getting familiar with it. As mentioned earlier in the thread it is such a great balance between practicality and performance 👍 Happy motoring mate!
  2. Thanks Paul! Planning to get some good photos taken when I get some decent weather....any...day....now! 🤞
  3. Thanks, good to be here!! Appreciate the word of warning - I'm hoping to find something that's a bit of a happy medium, not obnoxious during day to day driving but exciting when getting a bit more 'spirited'. I was leaning towards the BSC res delete with anti-drone, but always happy to hear alternatives. Cheers!
  4. Thanks NRW. I was hoping to get some photos yesterday after an afternoon cleaning... But rain stopped play! The forum has been a great reference point on a couple of topics already. Cheers!
  5. Hi all, Recently bought a '15 plate R, having been keen on one for quite a while, and being completely sold when my mate took me out in his. Went with Night Blue, Prets, DSG, pro nav etc. Really impressed with pretty much every aspect of the car - performance, refinement, (subtle) looks. Only thing missing is the sound to match, which I'm planning to improve with a res delete in the coming months. Anyway, just wanted to say "Hi" and look forward to getting involved in the forum!
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