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  1. I’d sooner sand it than have WD40 every where 😂
  2. Cheers, not a bad looking job. Don’t like that he’s leveraging with a screwdriver against the paint though 😂 and that dangling cap on the paint hurts my eyes 😭
  3. Thanks all for your thought. I’ll scan it tomorrow. It’s got a months warranty left, but tbh if the part is cheap I’d rather not have the hassle of VW changing it and the risk of it being washed, and my nice swirl free paint being destroyed! cheers
  4. Hi everyone, I have just spent 20 mins looking but everything I find seems to be about the lock mechanism not unlocking. My lock works, however when I press the flap it doesn't pop open, it pushes the little pusher in, but I have to press the bottom right corner to open it. Anyone else experienced this? Cheers
  5. Rwagon


    Yep, last of the non Competition. Comps are still circa £450pm where as a late LCI is circa £300pm. The Comp didn't make me fall in love with it, like my old M140i did, I think its purely down to the sound. I think an LCI is as new as I want to go for an M2, latest until the new one comes out with the S58. I was about to pony up for a new Comp but lost the buzz after the test drive. I don't think A45s is over priced, the tech that car has is crazy! It's defiantly expensive and it isn't where I'd put my money, but I don't think it's over priced. It's a 4 cylinder and for me it doesn't matter how good or powerful the car is, 4 pots are boring, at least cars this side of 2005 are! FL RS3 is the dream, I just can't swallow the price! That is a car that I think is over priced. Compared to A45s it has an old (but amazing) engine, old Halex AWD, old tech inside, and loves to understeer. Yet some how I still want one??? The next RS3 might be a game changer...
  6. Rwagon


    Im glad I'm not the only one, haha! I think what I'm going to do is, when the weather gets a bit warmer swap the Rocco for a non Comp, LCI M2 and keep my 7.5R wagon. I do still love the M2, but not enough to warrant the cost of a Comp. I also really like an RS3 as does my partner but I cannot, no matter how hard I try, justify the price of one. Especially now that 10k mile 2018 M2s are down to £30k-£34k, with strong residuals so on the ticky ticky they are very affordable.
  7. Rwagon


    Thanks for replying! It would be a facelift we would be looking at if we were to go ahead. I do really love the look of them and of course the noise they make is unreal! I have to agree on the SS seats, they are in my friends S3 that I mentioned being in. Agree that Virtual Cockpit is nicer than the Active Info in the 7.5. I'm 90% onside with the swap, I love the noise, the fact it's not a 4pot, big brakes, look amazing and practical but I can't get passed the price for what is an A3 underneath (again, don't mean to slate your car, sorry). We very nearly pulled the trigger on a new M2 in September after a full day of test-driving (Im a BMW man at heart), but we both agreed that the 2 series interior and lack of sound (S55 engine never sounded good and now with PPF does not sound how a 400hp 6 banger should!!!) trumped the serious smile gland awakening ability the car has, for the 10% of the time you're on it. 90% of the time its a stiff 2 series. hmm!
  8. Rwagon


    Nice Beads! My Partner proper wants an RS3 to replace our Scirocco R. Do you mind if I ask what you think of it and what car you came from? We also have a 7.5R estate, obviously the RS3 is the nice car in all ways but are they worth twice the price? Without slating your car, I feel the interior isn't up to scratch for £45-£50k car, do you also think the same? Id like to add, I've only been in an S3, but I'm assuming they are similar inside, but with some added alcantara. Thanks
  9. Fab thank you! Mine is the same as yours. thanks again!
  10. Yeah mate, complete nause! Sinclair VW weren’t exactly helpful either! got offered some good will crap in the beginning to which I said no, just sort my car. I got offered it again so took it this time, was offered vouchers, received an email of the list of goodwill items which were teddy bears and just other bits of clutter so I haven’t even responded. just glad to be done with VW Sinclair. There’s more to it than that but it was a nause which frustrates me that I let it go but was frustrating me more that I was talking to a brick wall.
  11. Im not sure what the difference between R and normal screens are but I've just had an issue with my VW dealer about my screen. They told me they would put a new screen in before I collect the car due to a crack, then when I turned up I noticed it was on the wonk... long story short, I told them I don't want that company to rectify it so the dealer engaged another company to fit a new screen. When the new company came he said the glass they had put in is the wrong glass as it is not capsulated (seal on top) and neither is it acoustic. The new screen I had fitted is both. I also asked about cost to supply and fit the screen, they said it was somewhere in the margins of £200 so if I need another replacement to check first before going to my insurance company as it does effect premiums, apparently.
  12. Hi guys, After a bit if help possible please. I have been playing around on VCDS trying to activate the ten colours, which I can’t seem to do but that doesn’t matter. I’m unsure if I’ve changed the start up logo on the Active Info screen. I’m getting just a VW logo and no R logo. I can’t remember what it was originally. Did it ever have an R logo or was it just VW. The reason I’m unsure is because you can change the logo on the radio head unit. Can someone let me know if they have a different start up logo to the one I have posted below please? I’m getting the VW logo and then the normal swirly blue light until it does a gauge sweep. I’ve looked online and can’t find anything. Thanks in advance
  13. Rwagon


    Oh, I wouldn’t worry about what it’s dripping onto, but no harm in checking! If you look at the scuttle from the front of the car, you will see there are clips at the front that slide over the scuttle, you just remove them. You may have to remove the rubber seal first, I’m not sure. 👍🏼
  14. Looking really good! The matte looks great and the white stitching really does look fresh!
  15. Rwagon


    I'd have to agree with you. When you look at videos of Beadmaker online (sad, I know) the water behaviour looks poor. I'm glad to see first person that it's actually very good. A point to note is that the golf was outside all night in the rain, the Scirocco was only outside for about 10mins when I took those photos. The Elixir seems to let the beads get bigger than Beadmaker does before they roll off. So I guess that makes BM better, in the summer anyway. I'm happy with both and will keep using each one on each car for a while, or at least until something else takes my fancy! I love how Matt Moreman from Obsessed Garage only uses one product for one task and sticks to that product. I'd like to do that but theres far too many to try, I'd be in my grave before I was content in trying enough to pick just one for each job 😂
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