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  1. Hi, Sorry these have sold. I'll remove them now.
  2. Assuming it has snapped, can you glue it together and lightly sand down any roughness and re use it?
  3. Cheers guys! I don’t mind paying for a service that’s due, I also like to keep it all in house with VW (whether their technicians are any good is a whole other story). I just don’t want to be a sucker that pays whatever the dealer says, haha. Anyway, I got to the bottom of it. I was advised of the service it needs from the wrong service schedule - fixed service schedule. So apparently, the fixed servicing is for cars between 3 and 15 years old. The fixed service looks like - Minor, Major, Minor, Major and so on. But this starts at year 4 of a car that has been serviced on time from new. So because ours has been done on time from new, our schedule goes like this; - Year 1 or 10,000 Oil. Circa £170 - Year 2 or 20,000 Oil and supplement. Circa £200. - Year 3 or 30,000 Oil, supplement and inspection of chassis and ancillaries - he said they check things like xenon levelling, condition of the chassis and other bits and bobs. Circa £240. This is where it changes over to fixed servicing. - Year 4 or 40,000 Major. Circa £350 - Year 5 or 50,000 Minor. Circa £170 - Year 6 or 60,000 Major plus timing belt. Circa £1,000,000. And so on. I got that from a service adviser that seemed to actually know what he was talking about and was very helpful. Ours has had; Year 1 or 10,000 mile service done at 1 year old and 3,000 miles. Year 2 or 20,000 mile service done at 2 years old and 9,000 miles. It is about to have its year 3 or 30,000 mile service done at 16,000 miles. Next year it will have the year 4 or 40,000 mile ‘Major’ service at around 22,000 miles. I appreciate I went into far more detail than needed but, hopefully someone else confuse as to which service they require can find some value here. I also asked about my Golf 7.5R and he said it pretty much looks the same as the Scirocco because it has been done based on earlier of the mileage or time. I do a lot of motorway driving so mine is based on mileage, every 10k it gets a service. Kind of makes sense, haha.
  4. Hi, My partners Scirocco R is due for a service, it's done 16k miles on a 17 plate. It has had a dealer oil change at 3k and 9k. VW are saying it is now due a major service, the car is saying it wants an oil service. It doesn't want for an inspection service for 20k miles or so (I think inspection service is a major). I spoke to service guy at VW on the phone and he said the main difference is the plugs get changed and the wheels come off for a good look around it, he then went on to say plugs are good for 40k these days (a bit long for my liking but I would happily do 20k on a set). My dilemma a is, do I get the major done, of just get another oil service done? It does about 5k miles a year. Air filter is still clean. Also, it has developed a quiet squeak from the gearstick area. You can only hear it when manoeuvring, going from say reverse to first. Any ideas? It has about a month warranty left but VW have said they will look at it, but if they decide it isn't a warranty job I will be charged a £90 diagnostic fee. Anyone have any experiments in either of these? TIA
  5. Good to know. Shouldn’t happen though, same on VW I say 😂
  6. You’ve unpicked your own statement there. It doesn’t work properly because I have asked for max acceleration and it has selected a gear too low. The car doesn’t have a brain and make its own decisions. Its been told to select X gear at Y speed and Z throttle input. And the gear it’s been told to select at Y and Z is wrong. If the kickdown was told to simply select the lowest gear possible upon pressing the kickdown it would always select first, because that’s the lowest forward gear in the box. Also, it’s not like I’ve pressed the pedal too far as that’s not possible. Anyway, this thread has been solved. There is a slight mistake with the programming of that particular speed for kickdown that will probably not get amended and we have to live with it. It’s not a big deal, it was just a surprise when I booted it yesterday.
  7. I don’t think I am expected expecting too much. All I’m asking it to do is change to an appropriate gear. At the end of the day, the car has the feature and it should work.
  8. Just seen this reply. I will try it. Maybe I like to be lazy when on the motorway. I do stand by thinking in a Golf the car should know better though. My partner drives my car, all be it not hard, but if that happened to her she’d panic. Where as I’d expect to have this kind of thing if you were in a GT3RS for example, where I think this kind of ‘issue’ and compromise would be completely acceptable. The only other twin clutch I have owned is a B8.5 A4 3.0TDI. That behaved how I want this Golf too. Again though, longitudinally mounted. Perhaps we’re not quite there yet with transversely mounted twin clutch ‘boxes. At the time of creating the thread I didn’t realise it was a ‘characteristic’ of this gearbox. Of course, I’ll learn to avoid doing it. The fact the car does this isn’t why I mention this but I really am not on the Golf R hype. It often leaves me underwhelmed. I agree with everyone it is very good and capable, but for me it isn’t necessarily fun. I often come back from a spirited drive feeling like I haven’t got my fix. You have to drive it so hard to get that fix, which isn’t really do able on the road. I think I need another BMW, hmm. Not that I go ‘drifting’ or driving like a d*ck on the road “cos BMW”, I just like how you have to be a bit careful and it moves around a bit. God, I am so undecided on this Golf. I love and hate how good it is all at the same time 😂
  9. I think ZF8 would be great in the Golf R. Saying that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ZF or good proper auto in a car with a transversely mounted engine.
  10. It shouldn’t be a compromise though. It’s a mass produced Golf. I would expect some compromise if it was a track biased road car or it was 2003 and the SMG E46 M3 has just come out. The ‘use’ of this car is using it as a car. The ‘use’ of a Caterham (if they did a twin clutch option?) would be to drive it in the way you’re implying the R should be driven. I’m not trying to argue for the sake of it. I just think if VW expect us to make these compromises then I think they have the intended use of this car mistaken. Unless, maybe it’s just me that sees the R as a Golf with some get up and go (I know there’s more to the merits of the way this car handles etc than that). EDIT. A good comparison of where I think this sort of compromise would be acceptable is if they did a DSG Clubsport S. That is a Golf that shouldn’t be used as a Golf, if that makes sense.
  11. I’m all for this using paddles lark but my use of the car looks like this; 170miles up the M4 on Monday. 170miles down then M4 Thursday. No use in the week, then usual weekend round town and the occasional fun drive towards Brecon if I have nothing else to do. All of this pre Covid, of course. Using the paddles to drop three gears isn’t as convenient or quick as hitting the kickdown. I bought an automatic car to use it as an automatic 90% of the time. Also, it’s not a 1980s car with a cable actuated kickdown 😂. The point of this thread wasn't about my driving style it was about a function on the car that doesn’t seem to work properly. I too would prefer no kickdown button as I don’t like the feel of it. My mate has an XFR and ignoring the ZF6 vs twin clutch stuff, I like how it is, it doesn’t have a kick switch but it does drop as many gears as it can when floored. I will though, try the paddle method. Are you pulling the paddles before you hit the throttle, or hitting the throttle and then pulling the paddles?
  12. I think the only place it gets confused is at the top of 2nd gear. It could also be a traction thing? Maybe if the car thinks it’s going to break traction it cuts the power. My M140i done that a lot, even before it had actually broke traction it would say no to the boot full you gave it. I know that’s RWD and ours are pretend AWD but just trying to think out the box. 🤷‍♂️
  13. I don’t understand why people use the paddles when just chilling on the motorway. I only use the paddles when I’m having a play or want to make a bit of noise at slow speeds when I’m on my own being a child. The kick down is there there to be used as a quick squirt option. Same as in a manual, going from 6th to 3rd for a quick hard pull. For example, sitting behind slow traffic and there being a gap to your right that you want to fill. Granted it’s much quicker in a DSG but you wouldn’t go from 6th, 5th, 4th and third in a manual to pull out would you. Also just to point out, I’m not always sat behind lorry’s pulling out hard into small gaps 😂
  14. Cheers guys. Yeah I have just seen some of the threads about it. I wrote my post in haste as it has been bugging me since it happened but I've been so busy I haven't had the chance to look. From what I experienced today and what I have read it seems to be speed related as opposed to gear related. in the sense that I could be in 7th or 5th at 50mph and the kick down wants me to get 2nd but the road speed is too quick for 2nd so it panics, does a fart, changes up and then gets moving. I will try tomorrow hitting the kickdown from a higher speed so it doesn't try and get 2nd. Im guessing it doesn't happen in D because it doesn't try to drop as many gears as it does in S. Also, in D is seems to 'roll' into the lower gear and go rather than 'slam' into a lower gear in S.
  15. Don't mean to bump an old threat but did you draw a conclusion to this? I noticed mine doing it today.
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