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  1. Fab thank you! Mine is the same as yours. thanks again!
  2. Yeah mate, complete nause! Sinclair VW weren’t exactly helpful either! got offered some good will crap in the beginning to which I said no, just sort my car. I got offered it again so took it this time, was offered vouchers, received an email of the list of goodwill items which were teddy bears and just other bits of clutter so I haven’t even responded. just glad to be done with VW Sinclair. There’s more to it than that but it was a nause which frustrates me that I let it go but was frustrating me more that I was talking to a brick wall.
  3. Im not sure what the difference between R and normal screens are but I've just had an issue with my VW dealer about my screen. They told me they would put a new screen in before I collect the car due to a crack, then when I turned up I noticed it was on the wonk... long story short, I told them I don't want that company to rectify it so the dealer engaged another company to fit a new screen. When the new company came he said the glass they had put in is the wrong glass as it is not capsulated (seal on top) and neither is it acoustic. The new screen I had fitted is both. I also asked about cost to supply and fit the screen, they said it was somewhere in the margins of £200 so if I need another replacement to check first before going to my insurance company as it does effect premiums, apparently.
  4. Hi guys, After a bit if help possible please. I have been playing around on VCDS trying to activate the ten colours, which I can’t seem to do but that doesn’t matter. I’m unsure if I’ve changed the start up logo on the Active Info screen. I’m getting just a VW logo and no R logo. I can’t remember what it was originally. Did it ever have an R logo or was it just VW. The reason I’m unsure is because you can change the logo on the radio head unit. Can someone let me know if they have a different start up logo to the one I have posted below please? I’m getting the VW logo and then the normal swirly blue light until it does a gauge sweep. I’ve looked online and can’t find anything. Thanks in advance
  5. Rwagon


    Oh, I wouldn’t worry about what it’s dripping onto, but no harm in checking! If you look at the scuttle from the front of the car, you will see there are clips at the front that slide over the scuttle, you just remove them. You may have to remove the rubber seal first, I’m not sure. 👍🏼
  6. Looking really good! The matte looks great and the white stitching really does look fresh!
  7. Rwagon


    I'd have to agree with you. When you look at videos of Beadmaker online (sad, I know) the water behaviour looks poor. I'm glad to see first person that it's actually very good. A point to note is that the golf was outside all night in the rain, the Scirocco was only outside for about 10mins when I took those photos. The Elixir seems to let the beads get bigger than Beadmaker does before they roll off. So I guess that makes BM better, in the summer anyway. I'm happy with both and will keep using each one on each car for a while, or at least until something else takes my fancy! I love how Matt Moreman from Obsessed Garage only uses one product for one task and sticks to that product. I'd like to do that but theres far too many to try, I'd be in my grave before I was content in trying enough to pick just one for each job 😂
  8. Rwagon


    Why don't you just lift one side to have a look? You could even prop it up so you have a void for the drill bit to go. If you unclip it as if you were going to remove it but without removing the wipers as this can be a pain you'll have enough movement in it to have a look and drill a hole without the fear of drilling through something important.
  9. Rwagon


    Quite hard to capture nice bead shots on white paint. On a phone anyway. Here’s a couple of photos of the Golf wearing a coat of Tac Moonlight topped with a coat of CarPro Elixir. Moonlight went on early last week and Elixir late last week after a wash. Heres the Scirocco after the same Tac Moonlight but followed up with Beadmaker. It supposedly doesn’t have crazy water behaviour, but that looks good to me! Beads were collecting into a big one and just rolling off.
  10. Cool thanks for the hot towel method. I know what you mean with the steering wheel. Whereas a new one would be nice and new, it’s also nice to have the original. Haha. Oh really? What didn’t you like? I’ve read that it can get streaky when applying on top of a wax and prefers to be put on top of a SI02 product. it’s early days for me with both of these products, but I found Elixir easy to use, you use like 1.5 squirts to do a whole Golf bonnet, it’s slick, glossy, beads well and is durable enough to last a couple of washes. Beadmaker was super easy to use, although people have streaking issues with it. What was nice about bead maker though, was you didn’t have to be so careful about only using a tiny bit of product, which seems to be the case throughout detailing with waxes, sealants, detail sprays etc. It was oddly nice to just splash a load on and not think twice about using 1/3 of a bottle to do a small car (first application) 😆.
  11. Not sure how I haven’t heard of it then 🤔 you can probably tell I’m a bit of a nerd with this stuff so hmm! So I take it you soak a cloth in hot water, wring it out and wrap it around the wheel? I have Gyeon Strong leather cleaner which I tend to use on the Scirocco wheel as it tends to get make up on it 😡 but it’s getting quite shiny now. For seats I tend to use a damp microfibre and only use a leather cleaner/PolStar when a damp cloth doesn’t cut it. Yeah, like you say the steering wheel is a bit of a let down. I had a b8.5 A4 before the Golf and an M140i before that and both steering wheels where much nice to hold and clean. I really like perforated leather wheels, been tempted to get it re trimmed but just haven’t. I like the sound of that Preserve, seems cheap too! This is what I like about detailing sections, they tell me about products I was fine without but now ‘need’!
  12. That’s interesting to read about the hot cloth technique, not heard of that before. Does doing that followed by a leather cleaner bring back its matte finish? I hate the shiny bits on the steering wheel but it’s seems unavoidable. Also, where are you using Preserve? I guess door sill trims?
  13. Cool to read about the Bruhl. I’ve been toying with the idea of a Big Boi pro as I used one the other day but £350 is a lot. It’s good to read that you like it!
  14. Thanks Bec! If it does rain I’ll post a pic up here of both cars 😃 I’m expecting Elixir to be better though. Yeah it does seem like bead maker has won me over doesn’t it haha. When I first used Elixir I was like wow that’s really nice. Now im like that times two for bead maker. It kind of feels like new high tech (Elixir) vs old tech that still works - (Beadmaker). Almost like driving an R or other sporty cars all the time then when you jump into a ‘normal’ car which has light steering, no engine noise and a light clutch, it’s surprisingly pleasant sometimes. I’ll keep using both products for a while too see how it goes but it would be nice to have just one go to product.
  15. I’ve been seeing all the ‘hype’ about Beadmaker all over the internet for the last couple of years, but have never been fussed about trying it, until a few days ago I woke up itching to see what it’s all about. Knowing I was going to sort the cars out for winter, I thought it’s an ideal time to try a pair of highly ‘hyped’ products side by side. The conditions won’t be exactly the same as the Golf lives in the garage and the Scirocco doesn’t, but I’m mainly do it to see which combo I prefer. I gave both cars a decontamination - chemically and clay, followed by a light polish with a finishing polish to remove any minor marring and any protection left on the paint. The Golf got done at the tail end of last week and the Scirocco today. Both cars had a coat of Tac Moonlight, then the Golf got a Coat of Elixir and the Scirocco Bead Maker. I’m genuinely shocked by both products. Although they do the same, they are quite different. Elixir is quite expensive at £15 for 500ml but you use next to nothing per application and BeadMaker is £10 a bottle but you use a load on first application, then less after that. Elixir is highly glossy, hydrophobic, quite slick and supposedly very durable (Don’t know about this yet and don’t think I will find out with Moonlight being underneath as it’s also super hydrophobic), Elixir also has genuine self clean abilities, for example it’s rained hard for a few days now and there’s very minor road film around the front wheel arches only, the rest must have fallen off 🤷‍♂️! Now to Beadmaker which blew me away! It’s gloss is on another level to anything I’ve seen before, even true ceramics. The slickness is on a different planet! It’s soo slippery, it feels amazing! Ironically, it’s not very hydrophobic apparently (I haven’t experienced this yet. I’ll be doing a rain dance in the morning...) and I’ve been told you pretty much end up washing it off when you clean the car, but honestly I’m happy to do that so I can apply more. As long as it’s some what durable I think it’s going to be my go to product. It’s amazing. Give in to the reluctance and buy some, I did and I’m sooo glad I did! I don’t have any pics of the Golf looking fresh with Elixir but here’s some quick phone pics I took of the Scirocco after applying. And to think it’s supposed to get better over night!! Thanks for reading my waffle, I hope it encourages someone to have a go of BeadMaker. Man, I hate that I love it!
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