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  1. Hi Gavin and welcome to the forum! When I was looking for my R - similar to what you're looking at - 2016/16 manual with 5 doors - my main focus was (in this order): 1) Clutch - following advice from this forum around 18m ago 2) Service history - so crucial even on a German car, remember it is pretty finely tuned. 3) Spec - I really wanted as many toys as I could get. I've been used to leasing and therefore having the latest toys, so wanted to make sure that I got leather, pano roof, DCC (this is vital if you want the car to ride a little softer on occasion in
  2. I ran my R on CC+ until a couple of weeks ago when they needed changing. Grip was great but I felt the ride was a *little* firm when compared to the GY F! Asymmetrics that I put on a couple of weeks ago. I chose the GYs as I am selling the car so didn't want to go crazy (nor cheap) for the replacement tyres whereas were I keeping the car I would probably have gone for the CC2s based on reviews (I'm getting them on my new car). In hindsight, even were I keeping the car, I still would've chosen the GYs as their ride is a bit more compliant, but I haven't noticed any reduction in grip (albei
  3. Good choice. I have just put them on my R prior to selling (old CC+s were getting a little low and might have been an advisory on the new MOT). I have done around 500 miles on them and I love em!
  4. The clutch and DMF were replaced on my Mk7 R by V-hub in Tewkesbury - around 1.5 hours from Leicester so not terribly close. But I have no complaints 👍 BTW, they replaced with Sachs alternatives for longevity and upgradeability...
  5. As an aside, one cost factor that I hadn't previously taken into account was the cost of swapping the tyres. My local tyre place charges £1/inch to swap tyres so each year I would be paying £144 to change from winter to summer to winter. Most people could swap the wheels over themselves (I can't - gravel driveway on a very narrow road) or my local garage said they would swap the wheels for £5/corner. So that's >£100 saving per year which goes some way towards defraying the cost of getting a second set of wheels.
  6. I'm really pleased to hear you say that @Martin2. I was going to get 'proper' winter tyres on a set of rims for my Model 3 LR AWD but then I watched the Tyre Reviews vid and saw that the CC2 was good in the snow (improvement from CC+ which I had on my Golf R) and how it is best suited to, certainly southern, UK winters. Managed to pick up a good offer from Kwikfit for a mobile fitting of the CC2s (£600 for 235/45/18 for the Tesla after 15% discount) so decided to get them on the 'winter set'. Good to know that you're an advocate! The Tesla comes with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s (AFAIK, not th
  7. May have used wrong terminology, I meant the fact that the nav screen in the 7.5 has touch buttons along the sides rather than physical ones. I know VW have taken it further in the 8 with touch buttons on the steering wheel too... I think I have commented before @Martin2 that that's a great addition! The only extra I would have liked that my R is missing. It may be more common with a DSG R but when I was looking for mine (over 4-6 months) I don't think I found a single manual R with leccy seats!
  8. I've done around 150 miles on the Goodyears so far and I do find them slightly more comfortable than the Michelin CrossClimates that I had on before. I have a raised manhole cover at the top of my road (the bane of hard suspension!) and I am feeling it slightly less on the Goodyears than the Michelins. Can't comment on the Continental 5P though... I am finding the grip to be fantastic! Really sticky, albeit as @Ignition1 said this could just be the effect of brand new tyres vs majority worn tyres...
  9. No probs, completely understand, and good luck with your search. This one was going to be a keeper for me as well. I was limited with the age I could go for as I really didn't want a mk7.5 entertainment system and I wanted a manual and I wanted a certain spec (pano, DCC, camera and leather as a minimum) so the choice was pretty limited to say the least! I bought a high mileage as I expected to only do 4-5k per year, but now it looks like I'll be doing 2-3 times that I've decided to get an EV.
  10. Yep, have a look at my ad in the Classified's section: Mileage is higher than the car you were looking at, but it's £13k cheaper! I'm the 4th owner and only selling as a longer weekly commute means I'm getting an EV... Like I said, higher mileage and manual rather than DSG but I thought I'd ask! I actually prefer the Mk 7 over the Mk 7.5 as I don't like the haptic buttons everywhere in the Mk 7.5 (and Mk 8, and every new VW!). I do prefer the virtual dash in the Mk 7.5, but I'm sure its been retrofitted by someone here - @Booth11 in her previous R, if I'm not mistaken?
  11. What you really, really want @pisquano is a manual Mk7 R with a fantastic spec 😉😄
  12. Ah man, I loved, loved, loved my Legacy R Spec B! Leila (sob!) sadly gone to the scrap yard in the sky. Had her from new in 2005 (black saloon, blacked out windows - stealth!) until I finally sold her in 2015. Wanted her back but unfortunately lost contact with new owner, and finally discovered her in a scrapyard in Yorkshire 😢. I bought another one (too good a deal to turn down) last year, but it wasn't the same so sold that one and bought the R (after banging on about a Golf R for 6 years to my poor wife!). Tesla is partly because I now have a longer round trip per week, and I've
  13. @gtiboy I've just replaced Michelin CrossClimate+ on my R with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric and I have noticed both a reduction in road noise and an increase in comfort. Only driven about 100 miles since I replaced them on Monday, but it has been a mixture of 60mph driving and back roads. I have a particular raised drain cover on my road which I always try to avoid as the Michelin's crashed over it. Drove over it earlier today (forgot avoidance measures!) in the Goodyear's and it wasn't anywhere near as bad. I'm a bit annoyed as, although I got a pretty good deal through Blackcircl
  14. This! It was sandwiched between the Subaru Legacy R Spec B and a Golf R, so, to be fair, it was never going to fare well on cornering
  15. Not just that @Jc7.5r, my experience in the Merc 350e with Goodyear Ultragrip tyres demonstrates that RWD with the correct rubber is better than 4WD on worn summers. I think it was 2018 when we had an awful lot of snow in the south around Feb-time (from memory). I had the Merc at that point and had an unavoidable meeting around 80 miles away (mixed roads). I was powering past a number of 4WD cars, including quite a few 4motion equipped cars, who were really struggling due to their tyres...
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