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  1. Just noticed that yours is a 3 door @ReapSTAR, I’m afraid I need 5 doors, sadly 😔
  2. Hmm, keep me posted! There’s an oryx white GTi 7.5 parked outside work and it can seem silver in sunlight - I’d have to just drive it when it’s sunny 😂
  3. Thanks for all the advice folks! @goodbadboy, your car looks great! I’m afraid I am stuck on a manual box, I’ve driven autos (18 months of Jag XF and 2 years of Merc c350e) and I just can’t get on with flappy paddles. With both of my autos I had jobs that required car commutes and the auto was a godsend. However, this R is for shorter blasts, mainly, so, despite the clutch made of cheese (will upgrade it when it goes) I’m going to me looking for a manual 😀 @Andy_87, thanks for that, very encouraging that you found such a sorted spec in 2-3 months. Love the car, would be perfect for me if it had @goodbadboy’s exterior! I take the point about the pano roof, and that’s one I probably will compromise on if push came to shove, although I love the light it lets in. I’ll keep you posted with progress!
  4. Thanks for that @NRW. I think I shall move the climate windscreen to my 'list', and probably one that isn't an easy retrofit. So its basically panoramic roof, DCC and climate windscreen that are on my 'must haves' with the large screen nav and reversing camera on my list as items I could retrofit if necessary, along with the Helix set up if I decide I need it. Leather would be nice, but TBH, I did like the standard cloth seats of my GTD, so I could probably live without it especially as the kids are a bit older now and unlikely to be in my car for long journeys (there's been "no eating in Daddy's car" since they were born!!)
  5. Thanks @NRW, some great advice and a great shout on the climate windscreen - I can't remember how many trains I've missed through having the clear the car first! Yours sounds like a great spec, especially in black! Just to double check, are the larger screen nav and rear camera retrofit items? My BiL can fit them as he's an auto electrician but he wasn't sure if it was just a VCDS recode to get them working (camera) or if its more complicated?
  6. Thanks Trekkkie, as I browse most car buying sites daily, I also know they're like hens teeth! Hence I'm seriously putting some feelers out early and will be willing to buy a bit earlier than the end of the lease for the right car. Interestingly, there have recently been 2 come up on AT - a blue one with DCC, leather, dynaudio, big screen nav, camera but no sunroof at £18.3k in blue (sold), and one in silver at a similar price without the camera but with the roof that's still for sale. A bit too early for me to buy, unfortunately...
  7. Hi All, I've just signed up 👋 and was hoping to be able to pick your brains in advance of buying an R in early 2021 (currently in a leased Audi until Mar 21). My background is that I am a total petrol head - a day isn't complete without fantasy shopping for my next car, reading the reviews etc. I've had a Mk 7 Golf GTD in the past and have always wanted to get an R. After a few years in leased cars, I've decided I'm going to buy a R when the current lease is up. It'll be used during the week mainly as a station car, hence wanted something that wasn't too big (although I still miss the sound of the Volvo V8 I used to have, especially on cold startup!) but still needs to have the kids in the back on occasion. Its mainly going to be for fun at the weekends and the odd work trip during the week. I actually have a preference for the Mk 7 over the Mk 7.5. This is mainly driven by budget as I don't want to spend more than £15-£17k next year, but also as I don't like the pure touchscreen interface of the new Discover Nav. Some friends of mine have newer VAG products which have the touchscreen and its just a pain on journeys (their words). Its a shame as I do like the look of the virtual cockpit, but on balance I'd rather have buttons! I've listed out below my ideal spec for the R and I haven't actually seen a car in the last few weeks that has ticked every box. I wanted to get some advice as to what features could be retro-fitted (easily and relatively cheaply - I know that virtually anything is possible if I throw lost of money at it, but I'd prefer not to do that on top of buying the car!). My starting position is a manual box and definitely not white! My ideal colours would be Black, Silver or Grey (in that order) followed by Red and then Blue. I'd also like to have the following: DCC Panoramic roof Leather (heated) Big screen Nav Reversing Camera In an ideal world the leather seats would have electric adjustment, but I'm not even sure electric seats were offered in the R? I've never seen one with it specc'd in the last few years! I'm not fussed on the wheel size. My guess is that the larger screen nav and the camera can be retrofitted - presumably requiring a new fascia for the nav and some VCDS coding for the camera? - but the other 3 have to be on the car when I buy it. I know I could retrofit leather, but that would fall into the "throw money at it" category...? It'd be nice to have Dynadio, heated windscreen, high beam assist etc, but they are not essential for me, over and above the already great std Mk 7 spec, of course, which I enjoyed when I had my GTD. Any help and advice appreciated, also if I've left something off my spec list that you folks would choose to spec, having owned the car. Also, if any of you are thinking of changing your car in around 12m time, let me know! I'm happy to start a conversation early... Finally, I'm not fussed on mileage - as I plan to own the car for a while and will be doing relatively low mileage, I'm happy to take on cars with upto 70kish miles, as long as the car has been cherished and properly looked after. Thanks Z
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