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  1. I know it’s been a while, are these still for sale?
  2. Hi mate, so your running 15mm spacers on the front and 20mm on the rear, or is that the drop amount? Also, do you have any pictures so I can have a look? Thanks for the help, appreciate it :-)
  3. Looks great mate, how did you find the ride compares between the two?
  4. Can anyone help? I've just had 13mm front & 16mm rear spacers fitted to my Golf R. I currently run 18inch Pret's from VW. Can anyone recommend springs to fit to this setup? I'm looking at 15mm Eibachs, to avoid rub but to reduce the arch gap.
  5. Do you get any rub atm? I'm looking at going 16's on the back and 13's on the front. Probably going to go with the EIBACHS
  6. Hello all, my first post on the forum. Just wondering: Which are the ‘best’ lowering springs for ride comfort? The car won’t be getting track use so I’m just looking to reduce the arch gap, without breaking my back 😂. With that in mind, I’m looking at a 20mm drop. Which spacers are best, that don’t cause rub? Should also note; - I won’t be changing the dampers on the car. - I’m running the 18inch Pretoria’s. As opposed to the 19’s or the Cadiz.
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