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  1. Looks very smart. Congrats on the R and welcome
  2. Stunning results good work. 👍👍
  3. Looks great in black 👍 Interested to see what mods you carry out.
  4. Fantastic photos, looks beautiful 👍
  5. Hey Brian. Enjoy that night-before-feeling 😉 Ive been lucky to own all sorts of cars, new and second hand and after 1 month of ownership the R estate exceeds all my expectations.
  6. Hi Sharon. Welcome and great choice . Its going to be a long 3 weeks but definitely worth the wait. Look forward to hearing more about the colour/spec etc. and seeing pictures when it arrives.
  7. Hi Brian and welcome. I am a recent new owner of a mk 7 r estate and absolutely love it- they are a great choice. Look forward to seeing the photos.
  8. So I thought I’d share a picture of the present the salesman at vw got for me. Not sure if this is something readily available in the UK but I would imagine so ?
  9. I have the factory order for the car and it was supplied new with 18's. Not sure about the US though? I did ask my local dealer for a price for some 19" Pretoria's but when he came back with a quote for 5000€ (after discount) i decided perhaps not🤔 Actually, I have really taken to the Cadiz more then I thought I would. Still planning on getting a set of winter wheels and busy pondering options but at the moment I am still in the honeymoon period and just loving the car as it is.😎
  10. Hi all and thanks for the warm welcome to the forum. Here is a bit more information about the car. Originally sold in Germany the car was first registered September 2015. I'm not sure what was standard spec in the uk (or Germany for that matter) but here is a round up of the principal spec.. Oryx white estate DSG6 DCC Heated leather (electric drivers seat) Keyless pano roof ACC Dynaudio and discover pro Rear camera Blind spot, lane assist, road sign detection Climate windscreen voice command 230V socket in the boot (!) and 'mesh guard' divider to the boot. The r estate was in fact sold for a limited time in France but they are a rare beast. Spotted my first other R the other day- a lapiz right-hand drive hatch. If you don't mind indulging me with some pictures...
  11. Hi everyone and very many thanks for the warm welcome.😊 I am thrilled with the car. It feels like I am driving around in the best kept secret on the road. I passed a right hand drive lapiz hatch today- not sure if anyone on here is holidaying in sw france? If you can bear a few more pictures I will pick up the thread that Si started (French R estate) and post some more shots. I am super happy with the spec but understand that the standard spec level between countries differs so not sure how many of my "options" were standard fit in the UK. Merci et bonne route 😉
  12. My brother (simonj67) introduced me to the forum and I wanted to say hi and thanks for the great mine of information. Having long coveted Si's R estates, I have finally been able to take the plunge. We live in the south of France and as the estate version was only officially sold here for a short time they are in very short supply. The salesman at the local VW dealer as it happens is english and has been V helpful. I had been tempted by a gti prior to Christmas but only as the R's are so hard to come by. Having decided that the gti just didn't fit the bill, the dealers contacted me a few weeks ago to say that they had sourced a Golf R estate in Germany on which I had first refusal. Although 4 years old, the car was not only in fantastic condition and with only 40000kms but it was extremely well optioned including DCC, leather, sunroof, dynaudio and Oryx white which I love. Picked up the car on my birthday. Enjoying reading the forum and finding out as much as possible about these great cars.
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