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  1. Picked the Golf up from it's 20k/Haldex service today - it actually went in yesterday and was completed last night but apparently the ramp malfunctioned' so she had to spend the night in mid-air while they got a guy in... Can't believe there isn't a manual override on the ramp to be honest, though being somebody that bulls**ts for a living maybe I am too quick to judge... Anyway, it got me a discount so can't complain too much.
  2. I like to think I can handle a manual gear change, however I do think that I would quickly get tired of my shifts being the limiting factor of the cars performance. Maybe not so much in standard form, but I suspect that even at Stage 1 you could struggle to keep up with the acceleration with a manual.
  3. Maybe they'll throw in another classic like Tornado Red? Lhasa Green Helios Blue Bright Blue Metallic Oak Green Great VW colours.
  4. Took the long way home yesterday afternoon...
  5. So, next up will be going to stage 1 in 2-3 months when I can justify the outlay. Looking at the options, it seems that MRC at £650 with 50% off stage 1 TCU map (so, £200) is potentially going to be the best bang-for-buck within a reasonable distance from me in the Midlands. Unless anybody else has any suggestions?
  6. Yes, my whole body aches this morning though. I have also just looked out the back window and can see that the breeze overnight has really accelerated trees behind our house shedding little yellow petals... Guess where they seem to be congregating...
  7. Thanks Rebecca. I have been meaning to pick some up as there is a Halfords next to the local Sainsburys, but they are doing a 1-in-1-out system at the moment and there always seems to be a queue whenever I go. If I can't get in when we do a 'big shop' this morning I'll order some online... I'm not really a big fan of 'shopping' but I'd actually just quite like to stand and browse at the moment - it's funny the things you miss... 🙃
  8. Have given the car a clean the last couple of days, using polish and wax and stuff... My 'detailing' is quite half-arsed compared to many on here so it is not the best job, but it is a lot better than it was before and it has kept me busy. Also, must remember to get tyre dressing...
  9. Forge pipe fitted last week, along with the RamAir panel filter, remove snow grate, open up the right hand side of the intake section and fitted blanking plate to the left. Not gone to Stage 1 yet but nearly ready... 🙃
  10. Hi Mo, welcome along to the forum. I'm happy to be proven wrong if there are bodies on here with the correct knowledge, but if I'm being honest I'm not sure you are necessarily going to find the answer you need on here. The vast majority have an R so would never have had to look into the details of making this unit work in other cars. I would start off looking in somewhere like ClubGTI or even VW Vortex where engine conversions are a lot more commonplace. There was always a user on ClubGTI called RubJohnny (I know...) who has an unbelievable knowledge of VW electrics and makes conversion looms in his spare time. Sorry it's not a more positive response and again, happy to be proven wrong if the help you need is here! 👍
  11. I love a wagon and this one really is great. As soon as this madness is over get out and take one for a drive and you'll see that even in basic form the drive and performance are so good that spec doesn't matter half as much.
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