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  1. My brother has an 18 plate A3 1.5 and absolutely loves it. To be fair, it is a damn good car and can be specced to really look the part too.
  2. Castle Combe is a lovely circuit. It can be a bit bumpy in places at speed so you don't get that many fast bikes round there. I'll do my best to get down, it's local to where I grew up and only a couple of hours drive. 👍
  3. Still got the old one, open to offers as I'm never going to use it.
  4. Just a little update... Finally got the correct 034 Motorsport lower dogbone mount insert and fitted it this afternoon and after popping out for a half hour drive I am really happy with it. It isn't quite as 'rock solid' as the Forge one and as such the gear changes are not quite as impressive, the difference is not night and day though and if I had never tried the Forge part I would still be very impressed. The advantage the 034 part has for me is that the 'jolt' I got on start up with the forge mount is gone, it also transmits less vibration. At certain points in the rev range you can feel a slightly more vibration through the wheel, that said it is so subtle that after a few days I think I'll not notice it at all. I also have the upper mount insert sat here, I'll drive with lower only for a while then do the upper and see what difference it makes. If you're thinking of doing this mod, just get your £50 out and get it done. I'm not sure if there will be any other mods at that price point (or anywhere near it) that will offer quite as much as this. It's by no means a different car, but it really does add to the experience of driving it. Also, keep an eye out in classifieds sections as they do come up every now and then, just make sure you get the correct version for your car... 😐
  5. Touch wood, there has been no issue re-fitting the bolt on mine. It doesn't feel like it has moved at all.
  6. Ok, thats interesting... How do you find it overall?
  7. Once the car is 'in the air' it's literally 2-3 minutes to be totally honest...
  8. Removed the Forge part this afternoon and took the car out for 10 minutes. I'm really surprised how much difference this thing makes. Without the insert you can really feel the 'delay' in the gear change while the slack in the drive train is taken up. The Forge insert does increase noise and vibrations, but even though I daily this car I think I could have lived with it if it weren't for the start because it makes the car feel much more urgent and alive. 034 is on order. More to follow.
  9. Same here, DSG. In the name of ‘science‘ I’ll go bottom only first, then fit the top and see what difference it makes. 👍
  10. Out of interest are you using the top mount aswell as the bottom?
  11. I'll let you know as soon as... From the few days I spent with the Forge item I think it'll be a good mod...
  12. Just to update on this... I have spent a lot of time i contact with Forge today to get to the point where they have advised that the 'noise' on start up is a characteristic of the mount. As such From our dev team: 'It may be his other mounts are the issue. It does however make a rather loud noise on most installs on start up.' Hope this helps put your mind at rest As such I will be returning the Forge part and replacing with 034 instead.
  13. Yes, I'll be honest I only did a little research beforehand on this part - I just assumed that it would be fine as I have't had trouble with their parts before... 😔 The insert is much more 'built up' than the APR one for example, which looks a lot more slimline. I suspect that this makes the Forge unit much less flexible and it does feel quite rugged on the car. When you compare the two images below (not mine, just stolen from the internet...) you can see at the top of the Forge image there are a couple of little 'knuckles' that could suffer from interference between the insert and the bush under load, that is completely clear on the APR model. The flip side is that maybe the APR model will deform more than the Forge part, however it really isn't a nice way to start the car with this 'jolt'.
  14. Looks like a nice piece of kit... Can you feel any performance change with just the bolt ons?
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