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  1. I've also just bought 4 winter tyres that will be going on in the next few weeks. My last 3 cars were BMW (non drive) and I had winters on each car apart from my last M140i. When it snowed really bad when I had that I never even took the chance to move it. With having winters on a few previous I reckon they're an excellent choice in lower temps and can see why they are mandatory in Germany and other countries.
  2. So what I've decided for now is.... I have just bought four winter tyres which will be fitted to my standard 18" Cadiz wheels. Then in the spring I will decide on what wheels (and change my mind from now until then) and then refit my PS4 tyres to the new wheels.
  3. Is this on the standard suspension?
  4. I’ve still not purchased a set of wheels....been busy with the arrival of my daughter 3 weeks ago. 🤗 I'm swaying towards Pret reps in 18” guise!! That way my current Michelin’s wilhich are in excellent condition can get fitted!
  5. Thank you. I wasn't sure about the gloss black against my limestone grey paint but they do look good.
  6. I'm almost set on changing the wheels on my MK7 R Estate and I'm swaying towards a set of Prets from CM Wheels. What I'm not sure about is what size to get them in. I feel that the 18s may look too small in the arches. Any photos of both 18" and 19" Pretorias on an estate would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Part ordered....inside of the boot torn apart and new pipe fitted! Really simple job to do and only took about 15 minutes. You just need to be a bit brave when taking the trim off, it requires a good pull to remove it.
  8. Just checked my R estate and my Gromit is missing. Time to get a new drain pipe ordered up.
  9. roj1801

    An R wave?

    That's what I love about my R estate. There is a white one I see now and again round my way, I have waved at the driver but got the look of "Who are you?" in return.
  10. I had PPF on a previous 3 series estate and it really saved the lip from damage when the dogs were jumping in and out.
  11. Mine was the PFL car but I always did appreciate the look of the FL cars.
  12. I'd agree that it doesn't feel faster while on the move but from a standstill there would be nothing in it. I reckon it is down to the lower torque figure on the Golf. I feel that the interior of the Golf is a step above the M140i. Feels better put together and overall more solid. Plenty of space which is what I (and you'll need - congrats) come September.
  13. My 2016 had 52k miles on it. It was wearing nearly new Michelin tyres and the service book was stamped daily well. The independent garage receipts also in the service book gave me piece of mind. I also haggled a DSG service and another Haldex oil change before I picked it up.
  14. I swapped my M140i for my MK7R Estate due to us expecting our first baby in September. Until yesterday I had nothing more than a small bag for work in the boot. Yesterday we collected nursery furniture and all the other masses of baby stuff that we have bought. I put the seats down and could not believe how much we got in the back.....and we still managed 39mpg on the drive home. Superb. Fast forward 13 hours and I have just gone and collected some shopping but had a fantastic drive to the shops. In my opinion, the R Estate is an all round great car and when my little one arrives I'm sure I will be grateful for the extra space. On your decision between two cars. I looked at a few online and eventually bought the first one I looked at. It had a good service history back up by many receipts from an independent garage for Haldex servicing etc. Receipts from indy garages mean more to me than the VW stamp in the book. I kept every receipt for serviceable items bought for my M140i so to find these included with my R I was satisfied it had been looked after. Good luck with your search. I have already said to my good lady that I reckon when the time comes to replace the MK7R, there's a good chance it will be for another R estate.
  15. That looks great. What Paint did you use? I may consider this for my estate.
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