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  1. As far i know Oettinger won’t fit estate anyway
  2. If you have guarantee go for jb4 if not definitely ecu + tcu tune
  3. I had same felling with my estate - lack of pops and not lound enough, there were two options: 1st - quite expensive aftermarket exhaust remus/milltek are the only brands i found for estate and 2nd pretty cheap res delete. I decided to give a chance to res delete, went for my local exhaust master mar-tec and iam pretty happy with effect, also this way is the best ratio price/effect imo, video and link to his shop below: mar-tec res delate shop
  4. Hey there, a while back i changed my beloved mk7 GTI for mk7 R Estate, since GTI had few mods it was a bit faster then stock R but 4 wheels drive at this moment mask gap in the power. The first thing in R was exhaust sound, since there were not many options for estate so at this moment i only delete resonator and its pertty good tbh, in future jb4 gets in since car has still factory warranty iam not goin for ecu & tcu tune, anyway let me show how it looks like: resonator delete: my ex GTI:
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