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  1. Rails & grill wrap looking great. I'm thinking of doing similar but maybe with graphite grey on the rails to complement my new wheels which are going on this afternoon 😁.
  2. shuff27

    New Member?

    Welcome Jack, tinder is great for certain things but as a Golf R owner you'll learn plenty of useful stuff on this forum too 😉
  3. shuff27

    New R owner

    Welcome, that colour looks superb in the sunlight.
  4. Will be changing from 18" to 19" on my estate within the next few days courtesy of another forum member. Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.3 in gloss graphite - will be interesting to see how they go with indium grey. Pics to follow.
  5. Thanks Peter that's helpful. Looks great in the pics. How is the durability (or too soon to say)?
  6. I recently went from a manual Leon FR 1.5 to an R, largely because I wanted an auto estate. If VW did a GTI estate that might have been the sweet spot for me. But then I'd probably miss the AWD security over the winter as I do a lot of early morning drives on rural roads.
  7. Welcome, hope they sort everything to your satisfaction. Did they acknowledge that dead pixels are a known issue? It did cross my mind when buying a FL model whether that might become an issue in the long term.
  8. I believe that a few members have had their rails wrapped, just wondering whether anyone could give me an indicative cost?
  9. I also prefer Cadiz, maybe a minority view but I just prefer a more solid wheel, plus they are relatively easy to clean. And I've never seen them on anything but an R so a degree of exclusivity.
  10. shuff27

    One happy R owner

    Welcome from another estate owner - 2 lovely white vans you have there 😉
  11. According to VW, indium grey, but my mum labelled it battleship grey.
  12. Went to visit my 89 year old mum yesterday, first time she's seen my new R since I told her I'd bought a sensible Golf estate. First off she told me the colour is boring, then after I got home she phoned to ask if there is anything wrong with the car as it sounded noisy as I drove off 😁
  13. Only 9 days ago so pleasantly surprised they came so quickly. Seller even gave the royal mail international tracking number.
  14. It was a toss up between the silver & black for me, in the end decided there is already plenty of black trim so went for silver. I suspect the silver ones seem more prominent at first but suppose I'll soon get used to them.
  15. The racingline copies in matt silver
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