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  1. Scanned mine to check for faults. None present which I'm very happy/relieved about... You had the Rover 25 mapped? 😀
  2. I mentioned this as I've seen reports of a faulty e-Diff on MQB TSI cars causing a grinding/grating noise when turning at low speeds.
  3. Only a serial killer would think like that 😵
  4. Starting at £50,999: https://www.evo.co.uk/audi/rs3/201881/new-audi-rs3-revealed-amgs-a45-s-rival-returns-fitter-and-faster
  5. This. I've had a set of the Ali-Express ones and Racingline offerings in either hand at the same time. Identical.
  6. I'd be more miffed if performance was capped. I don't think I'd be that bothered if the cars top speed was capped just as long as I can still get to that speed as quickly and as safely as I'd like to. If people feel somewhat justified to complain and lobby about their cars losing the ability to hit 155+ MPH on public roads then as a society we have bigger issues.... For track days and private road 'events' I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to have a sat-nav/GPS based condition which senses you are not on a public road and the true max speed is restored without warnings and restr
  7. Any reputable and competent tuner should tune within the safe limitations of the hardware on the car, be it clutch, turbo, waffle maker etc.
  8. For the sake of adding some balance to your statement; I've had several sets of Winter tyres over the years and several sets of all-seasons, used on a few cars with FWD and AWD and IME all-seasons are better suited to the types of Winters we get in the UK (unless you live in areas where extreme weather is more prevalent and you must stay mobile). About 5-6 years ago when my Winter tyres needed replacing I made the switch to using an all-season as a dedicated Winter setup and haven't regretted my decision. I did wonder if I'd regret my choice when we moved to N.Yorks, where the cl
  9. I've had no issues using various quick detailing sprays and both natural and synthetic waxes/sealants on mine.
  10. I am! 😊 Hoping to fit a BCS downpipe next year and go full stage 2. That should free up a big chunk of torque and add a few extra BHP too.
  11. Correct…already deleted by VW
  12. Thank you Neil. Those CrossClimates will be getting a good test come Winter 😳😂
  13. I've been offered a place as a prospective/trainee member on my local Mountain Rescue Team. I'll start my induction training in September and if all goes to plan I should become a probationary member in early 2022 and become actively involved with the team. I'm so chuffed and can't wait to get stuck in 😊
  14. Went down to Unicorn for ECU mapping. It seems my previous remap had some inflated torque figures and was over boosting; which was no doubt the cause of various issues/DTC’s I’ve experienced over the last few months. Rick worked his magic and the car feels much smoother, more eager and defo quicker. Now making 432bhp and 392 lb.ft. Very pleased with the service from Unicorn and I hope I can now start enjoying the R without worrying about EPC lights, limp mode etc etc
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