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  1. I put them on the rear of mine. 8 months on and they are still rust free. The OE Pagids that were on the car looked like they'd been under the Atlantic Ocean for 100 years!
  2. ATS are often good at Michelin promo's (seeing as Mich own them!) PS4S aren't listed at the mo in 225/40 R18.
  3. Drilled: https://www.vagbremtechnic.com/genuine-mqb-340x30mm-front-clubsport-s-discs-pair-5q0615301c/ Non-drilled (standard fitment on Tiguan R) https://www.vagbremtechnic.com/genuine-mqb-340x30mm-front-discs-semi-2-piece-plain-pair-5q0615301p/
  4. Yes, I run this setup. Yes same callipers. You can get new calliper plates too, they are held in place by a couple of grommets. My black ones were looking a bit scruffy so I went with silver to add a bit of contrast to the dark wheel barrels of the Cadiz'
  5. Great write up and the R is still looking good after 3 years. Nice to see a lease being looked after; I viewed a couple of ex-lease estates (bought the best example of them) and some people really take the pi55 when it's not their name on the V5! I'm now running Cross Climates as a Winter setup and they've been excellent so far this year. A rear anti-roll bar would have helped keeping everything a bit tighter, I fitted a 22mm Superpro ARB and it made a significant difference but that's not practical when it's on a lease. Someone is going to be getting a nice car. Good luck with the 8R!
  6. Won't that make it run lean?
  7. I've just dug the quote out I received last year (prices will have changed but not by much) to have OEM discs/pads replaced all round by my local indy specialist, £425. (supply and fit)
  8. VW group have been known to use various OE suppliers; Pagid (TMD Friction group who also produce Textar and Mintex), ATE and TRW could potentially be used. Jurid manufacture the Clubsport pads so they may be an OE supplier for 'regular' brake pads/discs too. VW themselves quote £319 on their fixed price front pad and disc replacements and £139 for the rear pads (I can't see a price for rear disc and pads but it will be less than £319). I fail to see how they've arrived at a price that is over £600 TBH. I would query it and refer them to VW's own fixed price servicing costs. I paid much less than £1000 to have Clubsport discs/pads on the front and Brembo discs and Jurid pads on the rear, I supplied the parts to an indy specialist. If you're pricing up the parts yourself then check ECP's sister companies as they can often be much cheaper and don't just look at the list price as sometimes one site will list them higher than the other but they may have a better discount promotion at the time. Worth checking ECP, buycarpartsonline, carparts4less and Autodoc are another good outlet too. The autodoc phone app usually is cheaper than the website too. Also worth phoning around a few local independent specialists. If they are reputable then they should use OE parts and will likely be significantly cheaper than VW. Some may allow you to supply your own but some prefer not to as they don't like to have any comeback should your chosen parts fail or similar.
  9. It was a good deal cheaper! IIRC at the time it was a 4 year old A4 Avant S Line TDI 170bhp. He had nothing but problems with it. I over heard him telling someone that the S line was the diesel variant of the S/RS Audi's 😂
  10. True story; my old boss (a twunt of the highest order) once exclaimed that he'd made it in life as he had bought an Audi. This was not in jest. Horrible little snivelling weasel of a man.
  11. Looks great @Alexis Jones 🖤
  12. With Revo maps they restrict the performance (boost) until oil temps get up to 70º. I can thoroughly recommend the Revo stage 1 because that's the only one I have experience of; others on here have had no issues with APR, Unicorn, MRC, Mountune and Racingline. All good maps from companies with specialist knowledge and experience of the EA888 units. If an APR dealer was closer then I'd have gone APR, as local support is important to me. I would like to give APR stage 1 a try at some point. Based on an issue I was experiencing with my DSG (DQ381, 7 spd) CLP tuning believe I was hitting a torque limit on the box which was temporarily cutting power for component protection; under hard acceleration from low speeds in 2nd gear the car would stutter and hesitate with no gear selection visible on the virtual cockpit. I've now had a stage 2+ TVS TCU tune and I've not experienced the issue and in general the DSG is much better for it.
  13. Where did you get the Remus done, Neil? I've been looking at exhausts this week. I was going to get the tips replaced in the Spring but for the price, I'm nearly half way to a cat back system (not Remus though!) and I could sell my BCS res delete to complete the man maths formula and make it all viable 🤣
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