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  1. Love this. Nice work. I've got a BCS res delete and toying with Stage 2, likely a BCS 200 cell DP if funds allow but a local tuner has given me a good price on stage2 plus a Milltek with cat DP. So honestly....how noisy is the DP and res-delete? What IC did you go with?
  2. You could get the SPS module from Revo which will return the car to stock via the OBD port. Not sure if that's 'true' stock though. I've also returned two cars to stock with Revo agents and never been charged though I did ask that question in advance. The guy who done my current Revo stage 1 also said he wouldn't charge if I needed to revert to stock.
  3. Or throw a lit match if they also have mud flaps 👍
  4. but you could take a dump on two mattresses 😲
  5. The gunmetal will look very good 😎
  6. Nice. What colour is your R, silver?
  7. Have you looked at Revo? Their maps are quite conservative, they don't push the big numbers that could potentially cause the clutch to let go. So you may not need a DSG map immediately. Your local Revo agent should be able to advise further and they do enough R&D to know where the problems may occur. I've had Revo maps on two manual, torquey TDI's and the stock clutch was still going strong when I px'd at 60 and 70K miles. Revo do a TCU tune for the DQ250 but I've heard mixed reviews, it's not that the stuff they have done is bad, it was just some of the stock DSG behaviour that they haven't changed, IIRC. Speaking to Revo a few weeks ago it seems that they've been putting more development into the TCU tunes and a DQ380 tune should be launched soon. You should still see 360-380 BHP from a Revo stage 1. Mountune also offer a self tune with TCU option and you can get 10% discount for being a VWROC member IIRC. Looking at Mountunes website, you can update to a TCU tune at a later date if you wish. A few people on here seem happy with theirs.
  8. +1. I found that R-Tech were severely over stretched. When I was trying to book I was on a list to get a call back, then after that there was a waiting list to get a booking date (or some similar convoluted process). I'm still waiting for a response from Unicorn 😂.
  9. Not to mention they (hatches) produce less downforce in the corners. This is fact*. Just ask Volvo (BTCC) *possibly
  10. Meh, standard practice to report the spam and more importantly, those that say they are using 95 RON in their R's. What's wrong with people?!?!
  11. I starting using dedicated Winter wheels about 10 years ago and haven't really looked back. I initially used Winter tyres but when I got the Superb 280 the alloys didn't clear the callipers, so I sold them on and tried an all-season tyre. For 90% of the time, especially in UK Winters/Autumn, they are absolutely perfect but on a performance car in the Summer, you realise that you need something a little more up to the job; I went with PS4's but kept the all-season for Winter and I've ran them like that for the last few years. No issues at all and having driven both Winters and AS' in the snow, I'm really impressed by the all-seasons. I've also found that the PS4's start to become a little fidgety at ~3-4º C, more so when the roads are damp/wet. So, I swap over when I can see the weather start to consistently drop below 5º (purely my preference based on my experience) I don't need to keep mobile for work nowadays but I still have early morning school run (eldest child school is too far to practically walk) and we try to keep getting onto the hills, moors and dales throughout Winter for walking and running and whilst I wouldn't purposefully head out knowing conditions are very poor, the conditions can, and do change very quickly (all year round TBH) so I like to have confidence that we lessen the risk of being stranded or coming unstuck. Our Fabia has GY Vector 4 Seasons and as the car doesn't really need a performant Summer tyre so they are a true all-season tyre and they are very good. Especially in the snow and ice; more of a Winter biased all-season apparently. I think they'd be too 'squirmy' for the R though, (they have tread/sipes more like a Winter tyre). I'll let you know how I get on with them (you watch.... 'mildest Winter on record!')
  12. Oh dear, that doesn't sound good? Our local DHL depot/drivers are usually pretty good 🤞 What colour did you go for? Are you happy with the quality, etc?
  13. I ordered a set of Michelin CC+ for Winter (deal on at ATS) and a set of silver Pret reps from CM Wheels. Winter setup sorted. I'll be continuing to use all-seasons over Winter from now on as IME they are just as good as a Winter tyre in the poor weather (UK Winters) but much better than Winter tyres on warmer, drier days. I've been using Vredestein Quatracs over the last 2 Winters but they got sold with the previous car so I thought I'd give the CC's a try.
  14. Indeed. It's been one of the best mods I've done to my R, so far.
  15. A few other car stores on eBay, yes. I had a look but it was mainly oils, brakes etc. If you click on the pale green banner where the discount code is advertised the T&C’s list participating eBay stores. CarParts4Less are included IIRC
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