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  1. This site is always handy: https://www.willtheyfit.com/
  2. What exactly have you been quoted for and where are you based? Revo have not long introduced a price drop on the MQB EA888 cars....
  3. Yes, it will fit. The issue is that if you also try and fit their 'Intercooler Hard Pipe and Hose Kit' it will catch on the DSG oil cooler.
  4. It seems Toyota do understand what their customers want, the whole 2 year allocation of GR 86's has sold out in 90 mins! https://www.evo.co.uk/toyota/204406/toyota-gr86-sold-out-in-90-minutes
  5. Yes, easy enough to add a pedal box and it will definitely improve how the car responds; almost giving the impression that there's additional power available. It's a nice mod for a relatively low cost, well worth it IME! I've had good experience with RaceChips XLR pedal boxes. I've had them on previous cars and now my R. My Missus has one on her APR stage 1 Fabia too.
  6. Get the dimensions then check ECS tuning.
  7. If you have the hatch then it should be possible. Speak to a local exhaust fitter and they should be able to source some. ECS tuning also have a decent range. Options are limited on the estate models, more so in the mk7 as the tailpipes are connected to the bumper/rear valance, not the exhaust.
  8. No as the car will only track/notify about oil and inspection servicing. When these are done the servicing garage will reset the counter. When I bought my R with 23k miles on the clock, I had no idea of it’s past treatment so I had; oil, air filter, brakes, Haldex and DSG serviced and also had fresh plugs fitted. My car is maintained by a local independent specialist and they have access to VW’s service portal, so my service record is updated.
  9. The TPMS is a passive system which uses the ABS sensor to detect a change/miss-match in the rotational speed of the wheels. There's nothing in the valves/core used for the TPMS. You should be ok to sacrifice the valves. Have you tried any penetrating fluid or tools such as plumbers grips for additional clamping and leverage, on the stuck caps? Heat can sometimes help with stuck threads, but probs not advisable near the tyres and alloys! A decent tyre fitter should be able to sort this out for you.
  10. VW Group moved to online/electronic service records in ~2016, IIRC. Any dealer or independent specialist (with access) should be able to provide you with details of the service history and/or schedule. I would stick to something like (for a standard R): Oil- 10K miles. Air Filter - I'm sure VW recommend a silly interval like 3-5 years but I'd do it annually, with the oil for the sake of £10-15. DSG - 38K miles. Haldex - VW recommend 38K miles but I'd advise to do it every 20-25K miles as the gauze filters gum up and put strain on the Haldex pump. Ask to have the gauze filter removed/cleaned too, this is essential! Brake fluid - 1st one at 3 years then every 2 years thereafter Pollen/cabin filter - every 2 years Spark plugs - every 60k miles The above are from memory so I'm happy to be corrected. The EA888 units and drivetrain are pretty robust but they like to be babied, they always work best with fresh filters/lubes. Poor servicing/parts will ultimately lead to poor performance and a big bill so if anything I over service mine.
  11. What tyres do you currently have and what issues are you having with them?
  12. Definitely, I thought I’d just become accustomed to the induction woosh! Car noticeably felt keener to pick up and rev.
  13. Agreed. I know they can be cleaned and should last longer but I’d rather have peace of mind. I picked this one up for £65 in the classifieds on here, a good deal IMO. I might try the Mountune cotton filter next.
  14. Changed the R600 foam filter and gave the housing a clean too. Pretty grubby after 12 months/7k miles but looks to have done it’s job. Relieved to see the foam and the adhesive hadn’t started to break down.
  15. Looks a quality bit of kit, Keithy. 👍🏻 The Brooklyn grey suits the lines of the X3. Congratulations, I hope you enjoy your new wheels. Looking forward to an initial review.
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