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  1. Aye. I bet the owner is now glad they remembered to display their ‘do not wash’ sign before dropping it off 😂
  2. It seems someone has some explaining to do! https://apple.news/A5FbeW- 7bRiivy9Fvh0iEwA
  3. Maybe they've re-released the pre-GPF 310PS 7.5 ? 🤔😂
  4. Just spotted this in Evo. New hot mk8 to join Clubsport, GTI and R. https://www.evo.co.uk/volkswagen/golf-r/204499/new-high-performance-volkswagen-golf-teased Volkswizard is going to lose sleep 😂
  5. Nice. I bet that feels much quicker. Out of curiosity, what numbers did your Revo map make on Ricks dyno?
  6. fking Merc drivers! 😂
  7. I'd get the older model. One owner for this long and low mileage so could be a cherished one that someone bought with their own cash and treat it as such. Likely not a lease either. The newer one sounds a nice spec but with 3 owners in 3 years you always think why have at least 2 owners offloaded it so quickly. First owner could have just been the dealer pre-registering it. Have you got detailed service history of both, e.g are the DSG, brakes and Haldex services up to date? The EA888 engines and associated drivetrain components can take a bit of abuse but they also
  8. I'm sure I came across one of his tripadvisor reviews last week: "This a great cafe, the service is great but not as good as the VW dealership where I bought my Clubsport. Their waffle stack is absolutely amazing but it does tend to lean once you've added toppings; my Clubsport doesn't lean this much. A word of caution; the toilet floors are quite slippy, though if I was in my Clubsport the XDS+ diff would have hooked up and I'd have had no such issues. All in all, it's a great place to eat. I know there's some other local establishments that are highly regarded by critics who know mor
  9. Sounds a good ‘un. Someone will be getting a nice example Check the cars wanted section of the classifieds. I’m sure some people have recently posted looking for DSG 5drs 👍🏻 Best of luck with the sale.
  10. Apologies, I missed this post… It’s outside, the loom runs from near the bulkhead in the vicinity of the battery but I’m not 100%. I know my R600 intake and intake hose had to come out though. Hope this helps. No issues so far 🤞🏻
  11. I went to Rick with my initial TVS 2+ already on the car. He’s mapped plenty of TVS tuned cars and rates them highly. After getting mine mapped by Rick I had the TVS map optimised. You’ll get a good honest dyno printout from Rick. Whoever is doing the TVS tune can send that across to TVS HQ and they’ll write the TCU map based on that. It’s an awesome combo 👍🏻
  12. +1 ECU tune first. The shift points of the TVS tunes are optimised based on the torque/speed/revs. Tell the tuner that the TVS tune will be able to take X Nm. If this is a DQ381 DSG then I wouldn't worry as very few stage 1's would overwhelm the clutch packs. I ran Revo stage 1 on a stock DQ381 map for 6 months with no issues as have plenty of others and plenty of people don't even bother with the DSG tunes. Who is doing the ECU tuning for you @Millsn ?
  13. Worth taking a look on https://www.killerbrakes.com/. they are pretty much out of stock on a lot of sets at the moment but apparently they should be getting replenished soon. I'll be upgraded mine this year, probs with the 4 piston Brembo kit.
  14. Happy Birthday, Lady Bectoria. All the bestiest people are born in January!
  15. How very irresponsible....many, many kangaroos could have been killed 😂
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