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  1. What mileage has the car covered Fino? With Haldex the indy specialist I use is starting to recommend 20-25K intervals for oil and gauze filter cleaning on the Haldex system. Most VW dealers will only change the oil as the official line is that the filter isn't a swappable/serviceable part; some dealers are a bit more savvy and do strip and clean it though. The gauze gets really gummed up and puts extra strain on the pump, which is often the part most prone to failure due to this extra stress. I had mine done last week at 23K miles and it apparently wasn't the worst they'd seen but it was in a bit of a state.
  2. Look on CLP automotive, they have their own branded one. I compared mine to the £135 racing line elbow and they were the same, just priced differently. https://clptuning.co.uk/product/clp-tuning-turbo-elbow-vag-ea888-gen-3/
  3. Nice work Bec 👍🏻 Good to see a non saggy leather interior.
  4. A little nod to pooch added to the rear screen
  5. Lockwood sill plates fitted. Quick clean and new Bosch wipers front and back
  6. North East Auto Tech nr Eaglescliffe. Can’t recommend them enough 👍🏻
  7. ‘Quick’ maintenance wash today. Loving the protection and beading that the Bilt Hamber Double Speed wax has laid down. Loads of sheeting and the paint feels über slick. Bilt Hamber for everything on the exterior today; snow foam, auto wash, auto wheel and a 1:1 diluted auto-QD spritz to finish off. Glass cleaned with Angel Wax vision Interior or given a quick vacuum and wipe over with 303.
  8. Penguin

    Best snow foam

    It’s great stuff IME. Tried many others and always came back to BH. If you like it, then try buy the bulk 5 ltr containers. Much better value and lasts ages.
  9. No matter how bad the Michelin’s wear I can almost guarantee that the Conti’s will wear faster. SC Conti’s have a reputation for poor wear rates. If my wife can get down to 3mm in 10k miles, on SC5’s then they must be made of cheese based silica
  10. Yes. We’ve had multi-car discounts from Privilege in the past and they were often willing to match or beat cheaper quotes at renewal time; IIRC it was ~£100 cheaper than having two separate policies. I was with privilege for 5-6 years but then they went silly with renewal quotes and would no longer price match. Mine is due for renewal next month and I’ll be going to Admiral as they are mod friendly and offer the multi-car discount.
  11. I’ll just leave this here 😉 https://www.powervalve.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=528
  12. Old bed sheet and pipe lagging always served me well when driving to races. You can also buy a product called a ‘bike Johnny’ which wraps around the chain/drivetrain to protect from oil stains etc. I’d defo recommend a rear bumper protector too. Stray pedals hurt! Bike racks are ok but after a cold wet race when you can barely get your shoes off, getting your bike secured on the roof can be a mission. We had a really bad midweek race at Rockingham a few years ago, with hail and very cold conditions. It was awful, even for a 1hr circuit race. My mate put his bike on the roof rack and drove home. First T junction he hit his brakes and watched his new £3k Canyon fly off the roof and get written off. In his haste to get into the warmth of his car, he forgot to secure the bike. I ended up only using mine when taking the bike on holidays.
  13. It cost £290 incl delivery. I think Nige ships overseas though and you’ll save on VAT so best PM him and he’ll get back to you with a price. I didn’t fit mine, I just stood back and watched. It took 20-30 mins and the fitting was free. Easily reversed too. I’d defo recommend it ☺️
  14. You should just message them and say you’re using chargeback on your card to get your money back. I bet they respond within the hour!
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