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  1. When I was chatting to my Indy in mid/late September he had the Revo TCU tune on for a few hours before reverting to stock; Quite jerky and buggy apparently. One issue was the gear display not being visible on the dash. Nowhere near ready and when I spoke to him last week it was still needing a bit more work before general availability…
  2. Was the 7.5 in Race mode with DSG in S? The Exhausts do differ slightly between the 7 and 7.5 estate but I was under the impression that was limited to the tip configuration. The 7.5 has two exit pipes from the back box on each side and all tips being used Vs the 7 only having one exit pipe on each side which use a Y piece create 2 tips, with 1 just for show. I have the pre-GPF 7.5 estate and was underwhelmed by the exhaust so fitted a BCS res delete…much better without being OTT and going to the expense of a new system.
  3. Last year TVS had a 10% discount for Black Friday. I paid for mine when the offer was on and then had it flashed in December. 25% off Revo and 10% off TVS would be a nice little saving
  4. It's a really good combo. I've ran Revo stage 1 and TVS TCU 2+ and they work well together. Many people say that a TCU tune isn't required for stage 1 but I found that the 'quirks' of the stock DSG behaviour are amplified once you add more power. The gearbox never seems to be in the right gear in either D or S. In D you are bogged down in too high a gear and in S the car can't decide what gear it wants to be in and ends up bouncing between 2nd and 3rd. The TVS tune addresses this; the gear selection is just as it would be if you were driving a manual. I also found the 7 s
  5. I sympathise, sounds very frustrating. Sounds like you're doing the right thing though. Hopefully they'll come up with a suitable resolution.
  6. Ah fair enough. Apologies if I've passed on duff info, I was just going by what is referenced in the user manual. I don't even have the sticker under the bonnet any more to see what was stated on there.
  7. I was advised to switch to 5W40 by Dan at Littco when I went for the L380X and then when Unicorn done my mapping I double checked it's what they advise and was told "yes". Had an oil service done on Monday and the Indy specialist also double checked if I was using 5W40 as he said that would be the best for my car.
  8. Not the first time I've read about issues with the Mountune TCU tune. Have you contacted them?
  9. I believe 504 00 and 508 00 are also within spec but I was just going from what I read in the user manual, for petrol engines on a fixed servicing regime. IIRC 507 00 is for diesel engines, but that's based on my memory of running a lot of diesels in the past, so that would need to be checked/confirmed. I use 5W40 anyway 😊. (tuned). Just had mine done on Monday and using Liqui Moly for the first time.
  10. You're on borrowed time with those tyres and it's that time of year when we have that greasy damp residue on the roads, courtesy of decaying leaves, lower temps and shorter days. When you do get the tyres changed the wear rate/pattern would be a good indicator of any underlying issues.
  11. Did they also recommend an a/c service and comment that they noticed some play in your clutch pedal 😉 😊
  12. You might not get the chance to extend. With the current inflated prices and stock scarcity, VW may want the car back to maximise their profits!
  13. Any fully synthetic 5W-30 oil that is VW 502 00 spec will be fine. e.g the oil in the link provided by @S-Rob 5.7L is required for an oil service. Dealers will likely use whatever they can get/is cheapest when they need to order. Castrol and Quantum are the usual suspects though.
  14. I think it would depend on where you're buying from; VW/main dealer...the car will (or should be) be returned to stock, either by the dealer or by the previous owner before it is traded. Any tuning/mods should be picked up during inspection/prep and be put back to stock before going to a new owner. However...some cars do slip through and there's been instances on here of people buying a VW approved car and only when they've made a warranty claim have they found out the car had been previously tuned. Some smaller, independent dealers can and do trade modified cars and
  15. I haven't had another occurrence of this issue since the indy specialist had reseated/connected the pins in the ECU <> TCU loom. Once I was confident it wasn't going to cut out again, I tried and provoke it but the DSG has performed flawlessly for the last few weeks. The indy was clear in pointing out he wasn't 100%, categorically certain that the loom was the issue but it was the area where his fault finding led him to and since reseating everything there's been no further issues; so I took a gamble... The car has been in for the last couple of days getting the
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