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  1. Great work Bec. 👏🏻👌🏻
  2. Oh and one other mod I made which I think is ace...changing the rear anti-roll bar. I fitted a Superpro one and the car just feels so much ‘tighter’ and flatter through the corners.
  3. Nice. Yeah I’ve seen posts/videos where people have said that the fit is tight and no need for additional fixings but I didn’t think so.
  4. Nice work Dave 👍🏻 Did you fit the blanking plate too?
  5. 1. I’ll let you know ☺️ Stage 1 Revo getting done on Tuesday. Should see ~370bhp but more importantly, nice and smooth power delivery. This will be my 3rd Revo map, never had any issues. 2. Pedal box is a must in VW group cars IME. Much better response and almost feels like a mini-remap. 3. Res delete. I had one done in week one of ownership, a BCS kit. I love it. Not OTT at all but gives the car a bit more ‘vocal presence’, how the R should sound from the factory IMO. No drone when cruising. The DSG farts sound like an 80’s group B rally car 😀 Turbo inlet elbow, hose and panel filter are other common mods as is an intake such as Racingline R600. I think an elbow, hose and filter swap makes a difference, even on a stock car. Plenty of ideas and inspiration on here.
  6. DSG extensions fitted. Ordered some in April and they’re apparently still in transit. Ordered another set last week and they arrived today. Really impressed with them and nice to be able to stay 10-2 and change with my pinkies. Pew pew pew. 😊
  7. Nice day for it too Neil. I’m hopefully heading over to Penrith next w’end for a drive out. Can’t wait 😬
  8. Sounds good; I can't wait to get mine done now. Hopefully you should be able to recoup some money by selling the JB4? They are always in demand and seem to hold value well. Nice touch with the gauge modification; I've never seen that Revo support that before as it's not listed on the page for the 7.5 310PS stage 1map. I wonder if it's only available on the GPF cars. I'm still debating whether or not to go for the SPS, mainly for the anti-theft mode as I'll only run 99 RON.
  9. Looks good 👍 Plenty of choice here: https://www.ezmods.co/product-page/ezm-replacement-front-brake-caliper-decals-x-2-for-vw-golf-mk7-mk7-5-r I think black would look best though (or possibly a darker blue)
  10. Great stuff. How do you feel the Revo differs from JB4? Would it be fair to say that the Revo feels like OEM but dialled up? Are you pleased with it so far? No regrets?
  11. Penguin


    If you’re gonna double yellow park might as well do it in something inconspicuous...oh wait 🤔😂
  12. Oh FFS Bec that’s infuriating 😡🤬. Hope it polishes out
  13. I would keep an eye on it. My Leon used to come up with the odd random warning (very random) on startup but if I just turned the ignition off/on it would disappear. A few things used to show up on scans of the car but again, spurious and didn't seem to cause any problems with functionality.
  14. If it's been mapped then yeah, defo get it done. All within tolerances I'm sure but it's still additional 'strain' 😄. If the previous owner has fitted various mods and used CLP then they should hopefully have cherished the car and been an enthusiast. Fingers crossed it a good 'un 🤞 Might have been owned by someone one here?! DSG service for me (indy specialist) was £174. VW price is listed as £199. Can you see if the Haldex service has been done? If not then I'd also think about getting it done. The filter gauze seemingly gums up after 20-25K miles and this puts additional strain on the pump and seals. Dealers tend to not remove and clean the gauze, claiming it's a non-serviceable part but it can and should be removed and cleaned. Though some people have posted recently that their dealers are now doing this. VW fixed price cost is £79 for just the Haldex oil change (not sure if they charge more for cleaning the gauze). Expect to pay £100-125 at an indy specialists. Oh and if you think about redoing the filter/induction mods again then CLP themselves do some really good value bundles on Ramair hoses and their own branded turbo inlet elbow etc. I bought one of these myself and am really impressed (rebranded Racingline from what I can tell)
  15. Having not long bought an R estate with DSG myself, I chose to have the DSG serviced @23K miles. The car had had it's usual services at 10K mile intervals but having no idea about how it was driven and/or the level of mechanical sympathy the previous owner had, I chose to have everything serviced, including filters and plugs changed. Do you know if CLP tuned the car at all? Personally, for the sake of 9K miles I'd get it done. The DSG boxes can't be over-maintained IMO.
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