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  1. Well documented here mate: https://www.briskoda.net/forums/topic/437449-fixing-the-fuel-line-rattle-in-5-mins-for-£1/
  2. Yes mate worked perfectly thanks
  3. Fixed it myself last night was the fuel lines like @Penguin suspected, couldn’t be bothered waiting for the dealers to reopen hahaha
  4. Did u fix it yourself or just take it to dealer? Haven't really had time to look at it yet.
  5. Thanks mate will try this later also I have tried to make the noise while stationary but it doesn’t seem to.
  6. Hi guys I’ve recently purchased a golf r 7.5 dsg and noticed this annoying noise that comes from what I think is the right side of the car when cruising in gears 1-3 in between 2000-3000 rpm I will include video of the sound. Thanks
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