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  1. So just had battery tested battery fine however the AA couldn’t connect to the car to clear the codes he said it’s either a wiring fault or comms fault I really don’t know wtf it is
  2. Hi all thanks for replies I am getting the battery checked tommorow will report back tomorrow
  3. I don’t think the module was removed When cleaned, two days later error 16671 was back on haldex pump intermittent fault stored. my worry is when the vcds performed the pump learn function I got those errors , which i can’t clear
  4. Hi guy thanks for the replies I have been on a few drives and nothing has cleared if I disconnect the neg on the battery how long should I leave it before reconnecting, I’m worried In case i get more errors ! I also couldn’t clear these errors with vcds or vagcom 401
  5. Would disconnecting the battery clear errors on infotainment?
  6. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help was carrying out a pump learn on haldex after having service on haldex and filter cleaned which was very bad clogged up. When the Vcds did the pump learn I got 6 errors on infotainment screen; Brake hold error Esc error No Acc Tyre Pressure Indicator error Park assist error Start stop error Vcds shows ; Databus 17178 u1123 received error message Control Module Awd 131599 no communication No luck clearing any codes, car drives fine. Garage say they can’t fix at the moment due to Covid 19 and can’t get parts. They say it’s either the haldex pump or haldex ecu causing the issues. Has anyone had something similar and what was the solution/fix, or can anyone advise ? Stressed Golf R owner ! Thanks
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