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  1. Hi All, I notiched yesterday my start-stop fucntion had stopped working - and in car status is says power consumption is to high, even though have nothing else plugged in etc. I've also notiched the car this morning is not starting as smoothly as it should do (struggling tiny bit), is this sign that the battery is on its way out? - i've had my obd eleven device stolen so cant check this, is there a easy way to verify this or is matter of taking to a car mechanic getting the voltage tested etc? I also heard that the batteries are quite expensive to replace £2
  2. Hi, Does the mk7 golf r bring up a warning sign if your brake pads or discs are wearing thin? - im guessing the answer is yes but not owned the car long enough to know for sure? ta, A
  3. jigg

    DSG issue

    it just like it kind of jolts a few times then in a bit of a panic i think and try change the gear into park i guess, and then it just comes to a stop. it strange just think the slightest of touches would of caused to the car literally stop, but might be good idea to check the logs, i ran the OBeleven and got some logs from that but half the time they dont make much sense!
  4. jigg

    DSG issue

    thats what i thought but i don't it could of been, it would of been slighlist of touches, its 40,000 last DSG service got done at 36000 when i brought the car, just keep my hands away from the DSG leaver which is easier said then done! really hope gearbox is not on its way out
  5. Hi, Ive had this issue occur twice in the last so be it 6 months, as any one while driving may accidently touched the DSG gearbox ( not sure if i changed it or anything )and the car comes to abrupt stop literally chokes out, i shut the car off and then restart it and it fine - ( note only happened when iv eaccidently hit/touched the dsg stick by accident ) just wondering if anybody as had same issues bit worried got bigger issues with the gearbox!
  6. yeah well over priced for what they are just wondering if they would look even more "sporty" as they say
  7. cheers Phill_UK got any pictures please?
  8. Hi folks just brought the ottenburg spoiler and also the ottenburg spoiler extension flaps, has any got them both on a lapiz blue mk7 by any chance, and any pictures ? I;m putting the spoiler on and colour spraying it same colour but not sure if i should add the extensions on or not https://www.hazmotorsport.co.uk/product/oettinger-genuine-rear-roof-spoiler-extentions-wing-flaps-golf-mk7-mk7-5-gti-r-2/
  9. found another video on youtube with the exact sound - it happens on this 1 around about 6 second mark anyone know what it is!!? ound the Ar
  10. Thanks for the input peeps, think i'm just paranoid but worth asking about i guess I'll try upload a video link below as well now as well you can hear it around the 10/11 second mark ( more of small clicking sounds) , it does sound like its coming from the alternator tbh! hope it not its way out!!, and it just normal thing, some days you can hear more clicks then others very weird!, drives like a dream though !! https://www.dropbox.com/s/3bg0mvl5cyvth8j/VID_20200403_083225.mp4?dl=0 Let us know if any one else has had similar or knows what it is for sure! ch
  11. Hi all, just brought a r mk7 golf recently, and came across this by accident. there's a small clicking/whining noises from the engine when first start up the car from cold ( doesnt tend to happen after first start ) ( guessing this aint not normal, not a engine self test of some sorts ?, does anybody else have this or experienced this , will try upload video / sound bite tomorrow! Cheers A
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