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  1. I think the Evo and Autoexpress articles are based on speculation and they have no more information than we have. The teaser picture is only on the VW US Instagram page, no other VW regional official Instagram accounts or the official VWR instagram account have this teaser photo or any upcoming announcement on it. I think it's the official US release of the r or maybe clubsport.
  2. Apparently it’s the US release of the golf r. Check the VW US instagram page. I can’t see this officially posted anywhere else. In the comments a US VW dealer says it isn’t released yet in the US as most R’s are still at the ports. I’ve collected my mk8 r performance in Sept and will be a bit annoyed if they have topped it already with a model with more performance/better features etc. I may have to trade my 8 r in for it🤣🤣 Here is a link to the US insta https://instagram.com/vw?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. If this is better than the R, I'll be placing an order and handing back my pp mk 8 I picked up in Sept for collection probably due 2023/24 🤣
  4. I got mine from Agnews Boucher at the end of September, ordered 17th March. I work on Boucher so I'm driving around there several times a day.
  5. 3-5 weeks to customer handover is the norm once in transit.
  6. Mk8 r has an aluminium subframe? I've heard being said several times. The noise sounds like a manual downshift or the car doing it automatically when slowing down or coming to a stop.
  7. Don't listen to that review, think he was in a bad mood that day. I've lost a lot of respect for Evo because of it.
  8. I had a 2019 7.5r dsg and loved it. I've had the 8r for just over 2 months and it is starting to surpass the 7.5 now that the engine is run in and free'd up and I have got used to the infotainment. The interior was a step up for me from the start, was like sitting in a higher class, more modern interior. The steering wheel is something special. I got the pp and love driving in n'ring mode most of the time even if it is very thirsty on the petrol. The chassis is far better on corners and you can feel the rear torque vectoring working to get you round corners a lot better than the 7.5, I don't h
  9. Could you not ask the parts department in your VW dealership to order one in and fit it? or even your local VW approved repair centre can order genuine parts and fit them. Why would they care if it was a performance pack car or not, it's ££ for them. I get that they might say no as they will only keep the vehicle stock and as 'from factory' build but worth a try.
  10. Someone from N.I here. Why do people in England care so much about the plates? 22 plate etc... Just take the car and enjoy it lol it will always be getting older from the moment you take delivery, does the date of delivery(actual age) and mileage not take priority once you're looking to sell/trade it rather than for eg last month of a year vs first month of the next year or what plate it has like 21 or 22 plate? Anyway I'd be kicking my dealers doors in if I was still waiting on my new r and knew it had just arrived.
  11. I wonder how this 8r came with black estorils with performance pack. Maybe had them powder coated or swapped on delivery?
  12. To be honest it does sound like all 3🤣 Such a weird noise.
  13. I had a vw technician out in the car with me today to try and find out what is creating the noise. Once I created the noise once and said hear that? He said yeh like a burble noise? He immediately said oh thats normal, its the turbo. I confirmed it by doing it a few times more and asking is it not the suspension and he said it wouldn’t be that. Once I said I never heard it on the 7.5r, he said oh don’t think its the same car even though its an r, it’ll differ a lot. I suppose it does have a new turbo. oh well, I guess that solves it🤣
  14. What did it sound like @Darlo and what situations would it have made the creek sound? Would it have been something similar to what is happening with my car? Cheers.
  15. Thanks @Booth11, I’m not sure you will hear it if the exhaust is popping as I can’t hear it when mine pops. As I ease off going from about 20mph to 30ish mph in 3rd from 2k revs I don’t get any pops, so I can hear it each time. In higher revs, lower gear I can’t hear it as it pops. It feels like the air being sucked in because the boost is building from low gear is causing it to need to blow off anfrer the throttle closes. Something like that but I may be wrong and it may be creaky suspension as the weight of the car shifts🤣
  16. Thanks @Booth11 you’ll have to listen pretty hard as it is a tiny creek, woosh🤣🤣 I’ve been watching videos about dump/divert valves on youtube and it sounds like it is this, but it would be nice to know someone else is hearing it aswell in their 8r. Revs at 2k in 3rd or 4th gear then full throttle and feel the boost build to 3k revs then foot off the gas seems to make it happen every time.
  17. Incase anyone is wondering, I am in N’ring mode and using manual shift. Cheers
  18. Thank you😀 It was £180 and it is a company based near Belfast, N.Ireland.
  19. No, they just pulled the rubber base up and trimmed the vinyl under it😀
  20. I had to get the dealer to have them powder coated by a company who refurbs all their alloys. They acid dipped them then powder coated them and re stuck on the r emblem sticker so its just like oem. I asked could they not just be spec’d to my order later on but we couldn’t even order them without pp in the uk back in march when I ordered. The black mirror caps had to be ordered in seperately by the dealer. Rear windows also tinted darker than oem. We get no styling options in the uk🤣 At least mine looks quite unique for a UK 8r, especially by being in Northern Ireland.
  21. No error codes or anything sinister. Just a very faint creek or pressure release noise that lasts about 1 second. It doesn’t do it when I have high revs in 3rd gear for example and accelerate and ease off the throttle. Only when I am in lower revs and put the foot down, engine takes a big gulp of air then I ease off it makes the noise as soon as I ease off. It sounds like the cars suspension creeking as the full weight goes back on it after accelerating or a pressure release. I was hoping to find out if anyone else is hearing this aswell?
  22. Hi, I’ve been noticing for about a week now that when I accelerate from about 2k revs in third gear from about 20mph up to about 3k revs and let off the throttle, I hear a whine noise or like a creak noise, its hard to explain. I thought it was the suspension or chassis noise from the car’s weight coming forward on the chassis/ suspension from the momentum it was carrying as I let off the throttle, but I tried it a lot of times tonight and it happened almost every time. I was wondering if it could be the turbo or some blow off noise? Its when throttle is applied from low revs in a higher gear.
  23. I ordered mine 17th March and got it 30th Sep, I have no idea if the different order date and delivery times are region or spec related. I'm in Northern Ireland and have pure white performance pack with rear cam. I really hope you get it sooner than March as I was getting fed up when I was expecting it in August and no updates from June when it was built but waiting semi conductors. It will all be worth it and forgot about when you pick it up!
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