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  1. https://mtcmotorsport.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/1750/s/mtc-motorsport-mk7-mk7-5-golf-r-gti-front-mount-intercooler-fmic-2-0-tsi541872/category/130/ MTC Motorsport comes in under budget
  2. Follow on this.. always wanted a 1.8t MK1 but an R engined one just changed that 😍
  3. These look good... Any different angles and a link?
  4. Contact Niki at R-tech performance in Hinckley. Mapped multiple of my previous vags and I will be going back to him to go stage 2 without question.
  5. Get a Carista obd jobby. £20 for it with one month's free trial and even then it's only £33 for the year. I've got one, did the months trial and adjusted and turned on/off what I wanted, soundaktor inclusive. Code reader the lot, handy to keep in the car. Really super easy to use. Mine is set to 0%. I want real noises, not artificial ones. 💪
  6. Quite intrigued as to the lifespan of the filter and cost of replacement?
  7. I really do fancy it. Just to be different... I feel this is a must, solely on 'R&D' purposes 😂🙈
  8. What @Skimp said... In Leicester? Go and have a chat with Niki at R-tech performance in Hinckley. Had multiple cars mapped by him and the service is second to none. There's some power figure and maps on their Facebook page to give you a taste. At £375+vat for stage 1 engine and dsg tune package it's also incredible value for a proper map as opposed to some generics. Once I have all my stage 2 bits collected and on then I'll be off to see him myself.
  9. Just had a nosy on their site. Get the vag duct in there too, that's a bloody good buy that.... Wish I'd seen it 🙄
  10. Crikey... This reminds me of the 106 quiksilver I had and put a 106 GTi engine in. All 120bhp from the 1.6 felt so fast 😂
  11. Ram air intake pipe and elbow on eBay directly from them at £119 delivered in blue, black or red. Uber easy and good fit. Saves a few quid... Bang a panel filter in too all for less that the price of one of the aforementioned intakes. Picked up a panel from ram air at the same time for £28 but not sure they're still on there
  12. Bought a stubby gun myself a few weeks back... Wouldn't change back to the long lance personally, it's great.
  13. Took this little number out for a test drive... Quite the experience, definitely left a better finish than the usual drying towel method.
  14. Gold. Only because I really want to see what they look like on red to make me push that buy button 😂
  15. And this arrived earlier than planned... Now just need a dirty car to try it all out on 😂
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