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  1. thanks for heads up Everything looks in order behind there. i will wait till these keys arrive now I guess to check behind the infotainment system in glove box as Dave mentioned. I have booked it into my local VAG independent for the 1st June, let’s see if I can solve it before that 😁
  2. thanks for the feedback On the outside or inside of the tail gate?
  3. Edit: just took at look, I will need to get hold of some keys. Cheers
  4. Thanks Dave, Will take a look, haven’t got any vw keys though, is this essential to get it out?
  5. No I don’t but hear a lot of these aftermarket cabling can cause this hence why I ditched the phone charger, still the same shite signal. unless there’s wiring from previous cams fitted lurking somewhere?
  6. To be honest was the first time I tried using the dab since owning it (2 weeks) and yes I have tired re searching for channel quite a bit. It finds something but then loses signal alarmist instantly.
  7. Hello wondered if someone might be able to help. I’ve recently joined the forum and have just bought a ‘15 golf r hatch and the reception on dab is non existent, it might find something temporarily but soon loses it all. our other which is bmw picks up loads of stations in the same places, so I doubt it’s a geography thing. i removed my phone charger as read this causes issues and have done multiple head unit reboots from holding power button for 20secs. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  8. Hello there 


    I’ve recently bought a ‘15 golf r and have little to zero dab signal, you posted A few years back that you had issues, 

    did you ever get the bottom of it? If so can you remember the solution?



  9. Hello 


    just joined the forum but can’t send you a pm, I’m keen on the springs you are using and wanted to hear feedback on them please? I will be buying some in next month and I’m like you and don’t want to compromise any handling or comfort for appearance. I want the cake and eat it as they say. Do these springs offer true comfort and performance whilst giving the look the eibach don’t offer? Thanks , Tom 

    1. goodbadboy


      HI Tom..The Leyo springs are great...No problem.....Comfortable, sporty ride, excellent handing...no rubbing issues and improve the stance a great deal...I highly recommend them...25mm drop seems spot on in my opinion....Not many people know about them, but they are excellent quality springs...:smiley:

    2. Spitzanimal


      Thanks for the reply mate, yeah i was keen on eibach but now thinking they might not give enough drop for my liking and don’t really fancy the full drop of vwr for practicality reasons. Will keep them in mind. 

    3. goodbadboy


      Glad to help :afro:

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