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  1. ok but in my case it didn't even last 3 years - I could maybe get it changed under warranty. but I now ordered a proper Bosch AGM battery to avoid this issue, or at least reduce it
  2. Hi guys didn't use the car for a little over a week and today gave me a low battery warning had these when I got the car in February - it’s still the original one (69 plate) I’m prepared to change it but wonder if it has to do with parasitic drain (immobiliser?) - I’ve also used the car gps locator in my app when away once and sure it uses some battery but still - I’ve also read the OEM batteries are crap and are know to fail after 2/3 years….really??! I wonder if immobilisers are that bad with drain or maybe mine is defective
  3. I guess a cool companion would be a wireless charger to put next to it I wonder if they make one that fits in the R
  4. Which one do you use? Cplay2air not available on Amazon sadly lots and lots of bad reviews for carlink on Amazon
  5. Just rented an Audi a1 and to my surprise it supports wireless CarPlay. Works perfectly no lag or drops at all why can’t the Golf R support it? Especially latter mk7.5 versions? just curious
  6. Hi guys I’ve noticed something weird. in the rear central seat, the safety belt does no longer work because the buckle is in the wrong side of the pin/button. It should be above it not below. It’s been forced down somehow. not sure how this happened but is it easy to fix?
  7. Thanks. I used some gorilla tape and it seems fine. Now how long it will last we will see tempted to have it fixed like you did but let’s see
  8. problem solved using some Gorilla Tape... I might need to change it in the future... thanks to everyone for helping... why oh why VW doesn't rectify this is beyond me...
  9. Curious to know what they tell you and how they end up fixing it
  10. Mine is not that bad and sometimes I don’t hear it. But my car is under warranty so worse case I’ll send it in for a repair
  11. I just tried using a felt cable fastener and it got quite ruined by the mechanism... I guess I have to use something else
  12. hi guys I started to notice a weird metal/creaking noise coming from right behind me (right hand drive) turns out that is the rear seat - the noise stops when I fold it down so there's clearly some issue with the latching mechanism. stumbled into a video of a guy that has EXACTLY the same issue and fixed it with some tape.. will try tonight and see if it works anyone here had a similar issue?
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