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  1. Thanks for this long and interesting post. Really appreciate it. I live in london and rarely venture to any location with snow. In the past I always had summer tires but was wondering what the general advice was snow in london is as rare as hens teeth but one time I had a Mini Cooper s on summer tyres and I still remember on a rare snowfall it became totally undriveable to the point I stopped the car. But it was one of the 2 times I saw snow in london in the last 17 years
  2. Do some of you use all seasons tyres and if so which ones? I’m in the process of changing tyres for my 19’ pretorias and I’d like the quietest tyres I can get considering the hankook Ventus evo 2, the Dunlop super sport maxx RT, the Avon ZV7 but they are all summer tyres… any good all-season quiet ones for 19 inch wheels? thanks
  3. Thanks. Were you happy with the result? Can I ask how much it was approx?
  4. have you done it by any chance? do you know of a good company in london that does it?
  5. I actually found an R user that has them by coincidence: "...Given 92% while driving a Volkswagen Golf MK7 R 300 BHP (235/35 R19) on mostly town for 25,000 average miles Have had my PZ4's on for 40,000 KM and they are still going strong. I estimate a bit over half way through the tread, so interesting many others seem to rate wear poorly. I find them still very quiet, and grip is very good at half tread. I havent had these tyres on the limit at all so cant comment, but as a daily driver, the grip seems fantastic and they are generally very comfortable...."
  6. thanks. interesting how the Michelin PS4S (which I have) seem indeed quite a lot noisier than the PS4 in tyre reviews though a few people complain about lots of road noise from the P zero too... I have to say it's quite the mission to really know until you try them
  7. yes thats the Yokohama Advan Fleva v701 - but I cannot find anyone here who has them on do you go on motorway often with your R? how do you find cabin noise?
  8. that's the one I think I will get. I had some Dunlops on my GTI ed30 (mk5) but cannot remember what. that car was immensely quieter but then again it was 3 doors, no sunroof, 90 bhp less, 17' wheels and, I suspect, better built
  9. my Golf R remains too noisy on motorways so I will change my Michelin PS4S with one of the following (I will put an ad separately to sell them in London, as they are in excellent condition with only a few months on them) 1) Hankook Ventus Evo 2 2) Dunlop Super Sport RT2 3) Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 4) Yokohama Advan Fleva v701 anyone has experience on these tyres? not interested in racing or high-performance tyres.... I just want to bring the cabin noise down - I have already brought the actuator to 0% but it's still to0 much for me. they
  10. I would have done the same at 50k mileage. but my car has 11k so I can be a bit more conservative
  11. I guess I can anticipate slightly haldex filter and brake fluid...just to be on the safe side
  12. in what sense "switch"? the car seems to be on 1yr schedule already
  13. thank you. I am planning to do oil/filter and also haldex filter now (a bit earlier) for peace of mind not sure about brake fluid too but maybe yes.... good call about All In Plan...will look into that for sure. car is plenty fast for a moron like me I wouldn't dream of tuning it lol
  14. I will certainly buy one. I hate the whole concept of online records. example of bad use of good technology
  15. thanks, my car is 2.5 years old, with little over 11k miles and 2 owners before me. private seller only did 1 service (oil and filter) in May last year. it's not clear if the original owner did anything, but the car seems in perfect order. I have only paperwork for the 1st service and change of tires 4 months ago. I do not plan to tune and am not overly concerned about warranty, but I would like to know if the car was set as Longer interval or flexible but I cannot seem to find a way to verify it.
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