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  1. Hello again brains trust, Interested on your thoughts on this this - the T ROC R which is mooted as having off road capabilities (including off road mode) only has an additional 2CM of ground clearance over the Golf R! If I was able to swap the oil pain with a steel one, and possibly more suitable rims/tires - would that change your view on taking the Golf R on light trails? I'd happily get the T TOC R, however the wait time is late next year! Really value your perspectives. Thanks so much, W
  2. Yea that might be worth considering although creeps out of my budget at the moment. If it changes anything I'm definitely not talking about serious off roaring ,more gravel trails with some sizeable ruts. Stuff I've managed in a Honda Accord Euro with a few big bumps but no damage. The skoda superb scout is another option, same engine as the R and much better ground clearance. Although part of me will be sad not to have gotten the R
  3. Thanks all for these well considered responses! As much as I love the R it might not be the best car for me which is a little hard to accept Ideally I'd like something that is properly quick and a pleasure to drive Monday to Friday and then handle a light trail on weekends. The Forester is a lovely car but it didn't really do it for me and unfortunately the T-ROC R isn't available in Australia. I may need to consider the Tiguan 162 as the middle ground
  4. Haha Jeez! Don't worry I'll be holding off on the runs until we are proper out of ISO Also thanks all this is all really good advice! My previous car was a Honda Accord Euro and I managed some pretty shocking roads by taking it very slow! I was starting to worry that this might not be the best car for me but if I can take it slow and careful then that's reassuring. I'm absolutely thrilled by the car and didn't want to make the compromise of going for an alltrack. That being said I could get the skid guard from the alltrack to provide a little additional protection. Good point re load, I remember as a kid in Fiji having to hop out of the old corolla to get to Nan's place up on muddy hill.
  5. Hi all, I'm considering a golf R wagon - I'm a keen mountain biker and hiker. I'm not considering anything too serious but may need to do some light off-roading to get to the start of some trails. Would this be okay? Any thoughts or advice? Thanks so much!
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