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  1. I mean other peoples opinion may differ to mine but as long as you haven't got any vibration or any funky noises or noticeable performance drop off when on the brakes I wouldn't be changing them. Some people will be more cautious with this sort of stuff and that;s fine, if it gives you re-assurance then go ahead and change them. Nothing better the peace of mind but one things for certain those brakes arn't going to fail on you anytime soon
  2. Yeah the 2nd picture does show some corrosion on the disc but if they perform well enough id not be in a rush to change them. How old is your car? Maybe try to be a little harder of the brakes they might clean up a bit more, nothing wrong with the disc in the first pic in my opinion
  3. Nice one, my R has started creaking most noticeably when steering left at low speed, will give the lower control arms and bushes a spray up this weekend
  4. I will take your word for it! Nice might order some of Ali later on then!
  5. Very nice! got a vid of the sweeping? is it nice and smooth or is it a bit "choppy"
  6. Gave mine a good wash after work and fitted new paddles 😎
  7. Nice one, yeah the bronze really sets the colour of your car off! I would love them in bronze if only they suited the limestone grey but unfortunately I dont think they would be quite right, thinking about gloss gunmetal or even the titanium colour...
  8. That thing is an engineering master piece no doubt about that but you couldn't give those front wheels away, unless you can remove the stupid aero things (assuming thats what they are?)
  9. Just get it done as close to the 10k interval as possible and all is good wouldn't stress too much about it
  10. Everyone I take in the R with just a res delete says it sounds far better then they imagined for a Golf, personally I can't imagine spending £2k on a cat back when a bcs res delete is a couple hundred quid but everyones different. I think an Akra would add value to your car though when you re sell it, perhaps not £4.5k tho where as an after market cat back I dont think would add value. Just my opinion
  11. Jon what ET are those wheel on your car? guessing no spacers fitted...?
  12. Hi Sami, I bought mine aged 25, my insurance is about £450 a year. I think it is doable, not sure how high your insurance would be. Also condider in 2/3 years time the latest mk 7's will be getting on for 8 years old. Good luck in your search, they're a fantastic car.
  13. Dont accept it take it back to the tuner. No I don't think the 5w40 would cause that. The tuning company should run some data logs and then sort it free of charge. Ring them and explain most tuners won't have an issue with this
  14. Any recommendations for details in South East? Would love to have my R detailed this spring:)
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