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  1. Hi mate, im not sure you really have a problem at least it seems to be nothing serious but for piece of mind a full health check of the car wouldn't be a bad move? Sometimes I think with a new (2nd hand) car the first few months are fully of worries, the car needs to build your confidence up and you need to learn its moans and groans... All the best and hope you enjoy your car
  2. Nicely done, a few guys here have painted their, I think they have done a good job and look good in black!
  3. Nicely done, tap off easily with a rubber mallet? I have been thinking about having mine re-chromed or painted... the pitting annoys me and I cant help but look at it!
  4. 1. I owned an Alfa Romeo Brera 3.2 V6 before my R 2. My first mod was a pedal box (the inch of dead throttle really irritated me) 3. The best thing is the smile on my passengers face followed by the statement "I cant believe this is a Golf" when they experience the punch from the 4pot turbo! Stunning car... well advertised by the dealer too... that pic would of had me hooked if I were looking to buy.. interesting to of gone from a 440i to the R... most people go the other way I feel. If you're after a little rocket that is what you have... pretty sure the R would have the 440 off the line anyway... & positive you'd have the 440 in the twisty lanes
  5. measure with a micrometer, it is total disc thickness. Cheers.
  6. OK pal, point is still the same no matter the material
  7. I mean 3mm doesnt sound like much but you are effectively rubbing away 3mm of stainless steel... it takes a fair while (driving style dependent)
  8. Lovely! I also own a 2016 Limestone grey "R" and love it! The stance of your car looks excellent, something I really want to improve of my completely stock R...
  9. Yes that is stunning! Only going to make a limited number too...
  10. So many to choose from... a tough one for me between the F40, Alfa 8C and the Mclaren F1
  11. I have the DTUK pedalbox +, great bit of kit.
  12. Yeah a brake fluid service should be change fluid and bleed the system of any air. If you're sure the bleed nipples havent be touched id be getting in touch with VW and posing the question!
  13. They looks similar to REVO RVO18/19's but not sure.
  14. Yeah its a straight swap, both IS38 turbo's
  15. I bought a 2016 model which had never had a DSG service or Haldex service, I bought it with 38k miles on the clock in May this year from Corkills VW in Wigan. We agreed the DSG would be serviced there and then by VW with nothing for me to pay as it was due, they wouldnt clean the pump filter with the haldex service so I said dont worry about it and got it done when I received the car at a local VW "Specialist" I did also barter for a few other bits and pieces added on and when I received the car during lockdown I wasnt happy with the state of the wheel so they agreed to pay the referb on those too. I didnt haggle at all on list price or PX price.. but I did come away with the following A minor service & Major service over the next 2 years Free delivery from Wigan - Kent All 4 wheels referbed (£480) DSG service Car has been excellent for the last 6 months... absolutely love it, i rarely see many problems with these cars posted on the forums, the most common issues seem to be coolant leak (thermostat housing is rubbish) & rough idle/misfires which seem to be injector related. Overall seems like a really good car, it feels well put together when driving it if that makes any sense at all!
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