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  1. Yeah sounds as good as can be then! Enjoy! Mine comes tomorrow!
  2. Beautiful, what wheels are they, they look great
  3. Hi Nathan, Where are you buying the car from? How many prev owners? Fact its had gearbox and haldex oil done is a sign its been looked after.. another goof sign is some decent rubber on the wheels... 60k miles really isnt a lot I dont think and if its got the spec you want then go for it otherwise you could spend years trying to find one which is 'perfect' fact is tho no matter what you buy there is always and "if" If its what you want buy it and enjoy it, if it needs work somewhere down the line then cross that bridge when you get there...
  4. I think thats how they come now due to emissions and all that...from 2019
  5. Sounds like you've already made your mind up its time for a new car... sounds like a R wagon.
  6. Great idea, could contribute with stunning scenic pics.. can it be for cyclists and motorists 😁
  7. Stunning photos, I have cycled up the Col de la Madeleine, incredible climb, if in the Alps again I would recommend the Col de la Croix de Fer honestly the most scenic piece of road I have ever had the pleasure of being on (yes I cycled, I imagine its even better in a car on the way up with no painful suffering!) As for the Pyrenees I was there last September and I would recommend the Col d'Aubisque or Col du Peyresourde... absolutely stunning!
  8. How do you find the difference with the new elbow fitted?
  9. Thanks for that... more like it £300 a wheel rather than £450 for 4 on ebay haha..
  10. Wheres best place to buy to ensure theyre genuine? Anyone know part number for 18" prets assuming they are a VW part.
  11. Interesting question, im sure it would be more profitable to sell individually but it would likely take a good while longer to sell them. Im also tempted by the 18" prets, I cant believe the price difference between the 18's & 19's.
  12. Hi, I use rapha bibs religiously.. the chamois is a little better in the pro shorts but really I think the extra cost is down to styling and perhaps theyre slightly lighter too...
  13. Very nice that time is exceptional... 3.69 to 60.... there isnt much faster than that on the road! Is the res delete the BCS one? If so how do you find it, boomey or droney at all?
  14. Dan is that with a stage 1 tune as well as the DSG map?
  15. Great idea ill do my girlfriends car first! Looking at the dodo juice buff daddy DA polisher
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