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  1. Thats a beauty, looks tastefully modified to me, bet it goes like stink, I have a stage 1 unicorn MK7 and im so impressed with it. Take it you're running standard turbo core as no mention in your upgrades list. Do you plan anymore mods for it?
  2. I'd say oil and filter. Will still get you the stamp in the book and anyone with some sense would be able to see its hardly done any miles there isnt really a need for any other servicing at this point.
  3. Crazy to think really.. I have had my Mk7 a year now, its got 10k more miles on it then when I bought it for £18.5k from a VW main dealer.. It now valued at £19,200 by WBAC. Are RS3's, S3's A35/45 all seeing the same rise in 2nd hand cars?
  4. I mean its hard to say if its a mistake or not because peoples preferences are different. If you just take into account the £17 a month more then its piece of mind to have a new car with a 3 year warranty etc. its the new model which is always nice. If it had the performance pack with the LSD then id say yes do it. I personally don't like the idea of PCP and I certainly don't think the extra £15k is worth it as the cars are very similar unless youre looking for assurance with warranty and you like to have the latest stuff. I have a 2016 mk 7 R and its all I could want f
  5. Oh my god... this looks sensational! My car is 5 years old and has a number of stone chips around the car... how does this work with getting it polished/coated etc?
  6. I have a TVS Stage 3 tune on my Golf R with a stage 1 unicorn high torque ECU tune, the combo works really well and I think they're regarded as one of the best around the world for DSG box tuning. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend
  7. I tested last night and this morning. Manual, tried in both normal and race mode... I can shift up between 1800-2000 revs from 1st to 2nd... revs drop as soon as I click the paddle. I am TVS Stage 3 TCU + Unicorn stage 1 ECU
  8. I am about to drive home from work so I will try also and report back.
  9. I think they look cool! slippery slope to a carbon fibre front end rather than piano black though, whats next? Splitter? Grill etc haha
  10. Evening, I was quite surprised about this so thought id make a thread. I bought my limestone grey 2016 MK7 Golf R with a few extras from factory (pro nav, vienna heated leather, keyless, dynaudio) with 38500 miles on it in May 2020 at a cost of £18500. Well as with any car depreciation is to be expected but seeing as my ownership has been for a year now I thought id get a quote from We Buy Any Car and see what the damage so far is... I couldn't believe it when it came back with £18500! I have put 10k miles on it since then! Now I know they would
  11. Not sure how it works with APR tuners but I would be spending my money on an intercooler and tweaking your existing map rather then just switching to R tech who are just going to recommend you fit an intercooler if you want the most out of stage 2, you may end up with very similar performance to your APR map but your wallet will be a fair bit lighter... Only my opinion tho, do what you feel is right for you.
  12. Without getting into things too much, people are allowed to talk about their experiences as they want to... If the car was returned to the owner who would of shelled out £1500 minimum for the work with 72 fault codes saved on the car, and a number of other faults then I think the owner is well within his rights to be on the phone asking for it to be fixed ASAP, fact is the car shouldn't be returned to the owner in a worse/less reliable state then what is was prior.. The ACC could of been damaged/knocked out of calibration when the front bumper was off to instal FMIC...
  13. Not sure if this has been thrown out there already or not but... Alfa Romeo Giulia V6 Bi turbo... Used 4 years old currently around the £35k mark so not cheap but they would blow and RS3 out the water with its 502bhp and they're at about the same money... + the Alfa is a thing of beauty in my opinion..
  14. This is just my opinion and it may not be a popular one but the Golf R unfortunately is fitted with a 4 banger which no matter what you do with the exhaust is never going to have the note of a V6/V8/V10 or whatever. Its probably worth thinking about what you actually want from your car noise wise. I thought it was just too quiet, I fitted a BCS low drone res delete, the exhaust note is much deeper sounding and its added some pops and bangs on over run in race mode. for the cost of £120 2nd hand + fitting well worth it... the thought of spending £1200-£1600 on a full CAT back for me
  15. Fine if we are posting pics of lowered R's on aftermarket wheels I will have to partake... 19" wheels ET 45 no spacers lowered 15mm on Eibach pro kit.
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