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  1. I agree but Archie and those other types are born in to money , his family is very wealthy. How else would he be funding the cars he’s in and living in central London .. same applies to jww, shmee I think tge and his brother earn their crust with their other businesses they have. I think joe is more of your “honest hard working type” That’s how it comes across to me.
  2. The trouble with YouTube is that you say something and it’s never forgotten. Who’s to say he hasn’t come in to load of cash ? The new m3 will do wonders for his channel. Maybe he’s getting a really good deal on this ? He doesn’t strike me as the type who would get in to a car without close consideration...
  3. The accent is a clue .. In all seriousness , absolute scum of the earth.
  4. Depends on what floats your boat really. There are plenty more fun cars out there than a golf r ! Rwd , fwd, you name it ..
  5. Thank you , yes I agree, wrong car for my requirement but would definitely consider another one if I required a good all round daily driver. Fortunately I have a works vehicle for the daily commute /duties and have the luxury of being able to have a “weekend toy”.
  6. M2 comp for me - collect it on Saturday.. had one of the original m2’s good car - the comp even better. Sadly for me I did not gel with a golf R. I had a mk7.5 for the grand total of a a week before deciding it would be a great daily but for “fun factor” it got the big thumbs down.
  7. It’s nearly Christmas.. treat yourself [emoji23]
  8. Were the other matters transmission related ?
  9. StuR


    I’ve used the Sainsbury’s stuff on occasion. Does the trick.
  10. If I were keeping my car I’d be buying the S2T ones in the classifieds. From my brief research they’re considered the best.
  11. Good result either way! There’s nothing worse than dealing with dealer service departments and multiple dealer visits.
  12. StuR


    97 should be fine .. on the Republic of Ireland there is nothing better then 95ron I believe.
  13. Was there a physical leak or just the smell of coolant ?
  14. It’s a lightweight track focused car? Probably has the k20a engine in it also. I’ve seen some quick integra’s over there in the past.
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