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  1. I like the upgrades. The none haptic steering wheel buttons are an improvement and nobody can tell me otherwise ! Also the previous woeful infotainment appears to be a massive improvement .. and even backlit volume /climate buttons, it seems VW listened and delivered. These flaws in the MK8 are what made me sell up ultimately. I wonder what the price will be for the 8.5R.
  2. It’s mine and it’s at the port exit apparently.
  3. Thank you Rebecca. I will do, need to make some calls on Monday
  4. My R20 is on its way. Except I no longer want jt. Does anyone want it ? Spec is below.
  5. I still have this on order [emoji848]
  6. The Golf could be a great car if they ironed out the issues with the mk8 , though I’ve heard that the R20 isn’t plagued by the gremlins of MY21 cars. Mine developed audio issues and began to be very laggy so that was its first warning .. when it persisted after updates it was time for it to go as I’m not prepared to suffer that on a ~44k car. By great I mean a good fast all rounder , but not a drivers ‘tool’.
  7. I found the 8R infortainment very frustrating and the car was sold within 2 months. That being said it was the same for the 7.5R , not the infotainment but the drive was soulless. If the 7.5 infotainment was in the 8R it would be a better car (for me personally) This vid is pretty much my thoughts. I’m in a 21’ Type R again. (Though have a loaded 20R on order via motorfinity but I’m sure I’ll cancel soon enough )
  8. Mine has just been sold , relatively gremlin free .. but it was starting to not produce any sound from the speakers more often than not which was becoming tiresome. I did a good 2500 miles in the two months that I had it.
  9. My one is likely to be flipped .. buying via motorfinity.
  10. I’m actually selling mine back to a dealer in the next week, just waiting for the new v5 to arrive now my plate is off. Unless someone waiting wants it for a little more .. For some reason I can’t post via Tapatalk in to the “cars for sale” forum It’s a Lapiz with performance pack , Harmon kardon , reverse cam - 7400 miles. I also have a racing line bonnet strut and an unused touch up stick which I’ll post for sale in due course. Genuine reason for selling and have a 20R on order still
  11. Is anyone using rubber mats for this time do the year ? Best to go with genuine vw ones ..?
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