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  1. Not had that issue. What make are yours? Mine are VW OEM.
  2. Looks like Asda are now stocking the 18” PS4S 225/40 if anyone’s interested... https://www.asdatyres.co.uk/michelin/pilot-sport-4-s?width=225&profile=40&diameter=18
  3. Michelin UK are advertising them as ‘New’ but no current retailers yet...
  4. Should be plenty around soon as the Yaris GR runs 225/40 R18 PS4S tyres.
  5. Finally got round to fitting mine yesterday and really happy with them. Didn’t need the ‘tape mod’ as there was virtually no play or click clack. Managed to sell my old Racingline paddles yesterday too, which covered the cost of the new illuminated ones. Result!
  6. The invoice says oil and filter.
  7. Just had mine done at my local VW dealer. Only done 35,000 miles, but it’s 6 years old. VW told me it didn’t need doing until 40k miles but did it anyway when I said I wanted it done for peace of mind. £199 fixed price.
  8. Your APR pipes should fit the Oettinger diffuser, providing they’re the same distance apart as the OEM mk7 R pipes. It’s just that the Oettinger mk7 R diffuser doesn’t fit the mk7 R bumper, only the mk7 GTI bumper. So by the time you’ve bought a new GTI bumper (plus fittings and accessories), had that and the diffuser painted as they only come primed, and then had both of them fitted... it turns out to be a very expensive mod.
  9. It’s an expensive option for the Mk7 as you also need a GTI rear bumper.
  10. Good point, I was forgetting the OP was only looking for a single wheel.
  11. Incorrect? The T-Roc Prets with an ET44 offset are perfect for the R, much better than the standard ET50...
  12. I bought exactly the same setup from Mountune52 based on your recommendation from an earlier thread, and couldn’t be happier. No squeaking here though, they’re silent. Think I got the last set as they’re out of stock now. Definitely EBC customised groved discs and customised red stuff pads, but I’m not complaining as they’re way better than OEM. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1541477379484574?view=permalink&id=2469597940005842
  14. Not so much aggressive... just a beautiful wheel that suits the 7R so well
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