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  1. Funnily enough I got a quote for a custom backbox from the guy I took it to today to look at the resonator. But as you've said and a few others I have spoken to about this, there's no guarantee on the sound from them and I do a lot of miles, I don't want a 6 hour round journey being constantly reminded of a expensive mistake 🤣.
  2. 🤣🤣 Its a year old, with 30k miles on it.
  3. Well thats a fucker, really appreciate your replies. I assume that means It'd fail MOT on emissions?
  4. Hi All, Hope you are well, if someone could advise would be great. I Just took my Golf R Mk 7.5 for someone to have a look at doing a resonator delete and there doesn't appear to be one, I've not seen anyone/anywhere say that the 7.5 doesnt have one, I have had this car since brand new, can anyone advise at all please? I've attached a couple of pics below. Many Thanks,
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