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  1. Mine is 4 years old and sits on 35500 miles now. Previous owner had only gone by the VW service package so no ‘extras’. I had the Haldex (and filter clean) done at 34500 miles at an reputable indy. The gauze in my unit wasn’t too bad however, but you never know! It’s now booked in for DSG oil and brake fluid at 35500 a couple of months later. Just doing it for piece of mind really and then I’m good for the next 2-3 years. I think the only other ‘major’ thing is spark plugs at I think 40k/4years...but it does say in the VW service plan: Spark plugs (petrol engine) or fuel filter (diesel engine) if required I’m too cynical that they would say, ‘they’re absolutely fine’ not change them and charge the full major service cost anyway. Local indy is the way to go!
  2. Bowie the ‘Extreme Lightning’...could always go my name sake I guess!
  3. Found it on another forum: Cheapest method yet! 12-06-2019 05:31 PM #22
  4. If it’s the part I think it is, yes it does assist the stop/start. I think it lets the stop/start know the battery can supply enough juice as one of the parameters the system needs to attain for it to function. I remember reading someone just used to unplug it to ‘disable’ stop/start so they didn’t have to disable it with an OBD2 tool. I don’t know how much it costs but if it’s only the wire broken I can’t imagine it would be much to fix. As I recall it’s sole function is to tell the stop/start it can supply enough power, hence your error message.
  5. Just to confirm, launch control isn’t broken on my car...it was driver error (mechanical sympathy 😁) Mk7 Golf R (16 plate) Race Mode or just DSG in ‘S’ Traction control only half off, I didn’t completely switch it off by holding the button down Brake planted into the floor Accelerator planted into the floor - I followed the manuals guide to ‘Depress the accelerator until the engine speed reaches 3200rpm’ It will ‘dig in’ as the revs go to 4000rpm then stay there Release brake and go! Great fun, I definitely won’t be doing it to often however due to my aforementioned sympathy....but I imagine VW have engineered the heck out of it so it’s actually probably super reliable so long as you keep on top of fluid changes. I think when it dug in on a previous attempt I just envisioned the clutch plates spinning wildly against each other like people holding a manual car by the clutch on a hill 🥺 and it didn’t feel right so I wimped out! It certainly goes though when you don’t back off!
  6. Ah ok...perhaps that’s the issue...me! The moment it bit down it felt off to me, but perhaps it’s my cautious approach to mechanical sympathy! 🤓
  7. That message pops up every time I disable ESC with a one push (sport mode) They work normally however. I thought it disabled them so if you were tracking it you wouldn’t get the car stamping on the brakes for you when it panics?
  8. I only did the 1 press traction control (though I have tried both!) and as mentioned by @dj219957 mine is a mk7 so no message unfortunately I planted the accelerator once but could suddenly feel the car trying to pull against the brakes and backed off immediately. Maybe I’ve got too much mechanical sympathy but it didn’t feel right, I expected the car the raise up to 3500-4000rpm then when you drop the brake it works it’s magic, not have me holding it against the brakes?
  9. The disks were very strange, pad didn’t look too bad and the caliper slid nicely, not seized...really don’t understand the pattern on the disk. M14 wasn’t too bad, the biggest enemy is space as there is so much stuff which gets in the way of the bolts! I found jacking the car up to the highest setting of the supplied VW scissor jack and using axle stands gave me enough clearance to come up from underneath to loosen everything and torque the top bolt back up. For torquing the bottom bolt I came at it from the front of the car using an extension bar on the bolt to push me out far enough to find a gap. I also had to modify the M14 spline I bought as it was too long. The top bolt gets blocked a bit by the suspension upper control arm...😑
  10. After now having the car for a bit and tyres/brakes/haldex oil being changed/replaced etc I decided I’d give launch control a whirl and see what all the fuss was about. I cannot for the life of me get it to engage. Launch control issue Attached is a Google drive clip of what happens. Oil temperature is over 90 Car is flat and level Steering wheel is straight Brake pedal would be through the bulkhead if I could push any more Autohold is not on Throttle isn’t flat to the floor as the manual just says to build the revs to 3200 but mine won’t go past where is goes to on the video. I have dropped it out of S and then back into it and tried different orders of engaging the various settings but from what I can gather it shouldn’t matter if the parameters are all met. Any ideas?
  11. I did my rear brakes and pads! I was going to take the ebrake apart and manually wind in the piston but managed to get hold of a Carista OBD tool which made it more simple. The disks didn’t look great! Used some bolts through the hub assembly to push on the back of the discs as the they were stuck solid, a little persuading with a rawhide hammer and tightening of the bolts and they popped off (This was done in lieu of having a proper disk puller). Back of the disk was absolutely awful! Solid braking sweep on that! 😂 The other side wasn’t any better. I have never seen a disk like it! All new and shiny and torqued up to spec. Will have a little more confidence in them now and will not be using auto hold or ACC!
  12. As per @Djs2394 above, Canyon are really good. It’s true the support isn’t as simple given they are based in Germany but you get more for your money spec wise. Mine is good few years old now, still a nice bit of kit though.
  13. Pretty good going @SpursMadDave! Is there a definitive answer on what causes the build up, or is it likely launches and swift engagement of the rear wheels? This was mine at 34k, no history of the oil being changed or a clean. Not the worst the garage had seen, but still not squeaky clean!
  14. I have to agree. Certainly amongst the hot hatches I prefer the subtle styling of the R.
  15. Some really nice looking R’s in here, lots of good little mods to be used! After attempting the rear brakes and falling foul of the M14 spline (which I’ve subsequently adapted ready for round 2) I gave her a clean and took the long way to the shops!
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