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  1. That's nice. I'm contemplating one of these to replace my 7.5 R estate and was swithering about the leather seats. Were you aware that they weren't going to be leather "buckets" like the standard cloth seats? Seems really odd that they'd actually change the seat design because you've specced leather.
  2. Exactly this time last year we bought our lease R estate off VWFS. It's a 67 plate, so was 2.5 years at the time, 23k miles, lapiz blue. VWFS initially said £21.5k but we eventually got it down to <£20k, so ~£1.5k saving. What I found was the money-to-buy price changed from quote to quote. I know values of used cars appear to have increased but I reckon, based on our experience, that there's room to go lower.
  3. Do you mean like this? I only had time to polish the tips on one side of the car yesterday! I think it gives it that authentic GTD look!
  4. Weight of 19" Pret rep with brand new 235 Michelin PS4S: 20.9kg So a 0.5kg difference. Difference in ride between the two is negligible too, and I'm hoping the improvement in grip - and looks - far outweigh the penalty.
  5. And if you're swapping from 18" Cadiz and are worried about the weight penalty of the 19" Pret reps, don't be. Weight of 18" Cadiz with well-worn 225/40 Bridgestone: 20.4kg
  6. I got some 19" pret reps from CM wheels recently. I went with the gloss black to tie in with the high gloss black side skirts and other high gloss black plastic. I was initially drawn to the gunmetal but I didnt want to introduce another colour of metal on the car because you've already got the satin-effect mirror caps (and roof rails in the estate's case) and the extra-shiny metal-effect R badges on the front wing. I felt gunmetal alloys would have been another colour too many. Here's a pic of my car with the wheels on the car.
  7. Hi folks, sorry for resurrecting an old post but my 19" x 8 gloss black pretoria reps from CM Wheels arrived today. Put one on the scales and it came back as 10.5kg, so quite a lot lighter than what golf7.5r reported (11.7kg) and actually closer in weight to the flow formed OEM pret (9.6kg). I'm happy with that.
  8. But at 23 posts, you’re not far off the magic 25. Just reply to my message saying “Thanks!” and then you’ll only be one away!
  9. That's gonna be a nice garage you're going to have there. Clearly, you like your slow cars 😉
  10. 14-15% is still fantastic, folks. It all helps to make the deal sweeter. Fingers crossed similar deals are around when the Tig R is released and its on-the-road isn't ridiculous, or I may need to look at the R estate instead.
  11. Hi folks, slightly off topic but what kind of deals/discounts are people getting? I was bored today so stuck in a speculative enquiry on an R in metallic with Performance Pack on a broker site that deals with the military/NHS. I got a call back to say that the car's list with that spec was £42k but they could offer for less than £35k, a 17.4% discount. I don't know about you guys but that sounds like a damn good offer. Why did I not bite their hand off, you might be wondering? Don't shoot me, but I'm keeping my eye out for a Tiguan R when it comes out.
  12. Isn't the reason that dealers disconnect the dashcam is so it doesn't record the service technician ragging the car to an inch of its life as part of the test drive, just to make sure everything's in working order?
  13. You've said in the ebay advert that you're selling because you need a bigger car. Is a 2020 estate bigger than a 2018 model?
  14. The honeycomb was made for one of the bad boy intercoolers...
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