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  1. £250 is cheaper than I would've thought. Maybe you could buy the same sensors cheaper elsewhere and further reduce the price. I've used VW Retrofit Redditch in the past and can confirm they're reputable/reliable
  2. That's essentially what I said to VW Customer Services when they rang me today. Anyways, I guess the TPMS is working. Just to quickly test it, I could let a little air out from one of the tyres and check if I get a warning after driving a few hundred metres down the road?
  3. I didn’t say it was the garages fault for pressures being low. And I’m not gonna run straight to VOSA haha lol- obviously that’s a last resort. i didn’t know about the gradual decline not triggering the sensor. A question I do have: how many PSI difference does there have to be between tyres for sensor to trigger?
  4. Yeah, the only thing I didn’t know was about the gradual drop not triggering the sensors. However, MOT guidelines do state failure of TPMS will result in failed MOT. I guess the TPMS is working fine.
  5. I’m not sure what you mean by continue to business with them. I’ve only been there once and I know the ABS sensors are used to measure tyre pressures. The only thing I Didn’t know was a steady decline in tyre pressure across all 4 wheels. One was 29, one 30, two 31. Didnt trigger sensor so from the posts here it’s most likely due to steady decline. But I’ve seen posts on here stating that the sensors are quite accurate
  6. Hi all, I’m having some issues with a particular dealer. First they refuse to replace the bonnet insulation citing “water damage”. However this is covered under the warranty as stated in the T&Cs. I am currently sorting this out with Volkswagen customer services and will see the outcome. Secondly, I paid for a brake fluid change and MOT but I forgot to check the bleed nipples/dust caps before handing the car over so now I’m not sure if they even changed the brake fluid. I bought a brake fluid tester pen but I’m not sure how accurate that is? My main concern is the safety eg if they didn’t change the brake fluid would it be a big safety issue? They completed the MOT AND brake fluid change all within 45mins which was very quick and they disconnected the dashcam so I’m a bit suspicious Thirdly, my tyre pressures dropped by 8-9PSI (I calibrated them few months ago and checked them 4 days after MOT to find out they were 29/30PSI) and there was no warning at all from the type pressure monitoring system but the dealer still passed the MOT. If the tyre pressure monitoring system is faulty it should’ve failed the MOT. Quite frankly, I’m not happy with the service from this dealer. What’s my best course of action? I could get an impartial MOT test again and if it fails then I would report this dealer to VOSA.
  7. I checked the manufacturer's warranty and it runs out today (Sunday 24th January). According to the Approved Used VW warranty T&C's the bonnet insulation does not fall under bodywork. And the section about water ingress states "rainfall or surface splashing through misaligned bodywork or seals which protect mechanical and electrical components". So therefore, if bonnet insulation clearly is not an electrical component then it has to fall under the mechanical components. "Wear and tear" as well as "Water ingress" are covered. Under the what is covered section it states: "All electrical and mechanical factory-fitted components are covered against electrical or mechanical failure unless listed in the What is not covered? section." The bonnet insulation is not stated in the "What is not covered?" section. I could re-fit the shrunken bonnet insulation myself and take it to another VW (same franchise) near me but today is the last day of the manufacturer's warranty so they may just think I'm trying to get it replaced on the last day
  8. I have just read the approved used warranty handbook T&C's and it says 'water ingress' is COVERED? Look here - this is the APPROVED USED VW WARRANTY which states "water ingress is covered": https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/idhub/content/dam/onehub_pkw/importers/gb/downloads/brochures/used-cars/approved-used-benefits/volkswagen_approved_used_warranty_cover_booklet_dec20.pdf Look here - this is the Extended warranty that states water ingress is not covered (which I have NOT purchased because there is no need to as I have the approved used warranty): https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners-and-drivers/my-car/warranties/extended-mileage-terms So according to the approved used VW warranty handbook is water ingress covered on the bonnet insulation? Does the bonnet insulation count as mechanical? I would think yes - see below, the bonnet insulation is not stated in the "What is not covered?" section
  9. They told me it was a "fire risk/hazard" and they'd need to remove it before MOT otherwise it would go through as a fail. Right now, the bonnet insulation is off and it looks like VW customer service has been s*** so I'm going to have to pay for the replacement part. If I order a VW genuine part (OEM) or even OE part and fit it myself will this void any warranty? Its just the bonnet insulation Also, with regards to the dashcam - the footage shows the employee physically disconnecting the cable from the dashcam. Are they allowed to do that?
  10. I just received this from VW: "The bonnet insulation on your vehicle has suffered water damage therefore no claim can be made under warranty. Volkswagen Customer Services do not override warranty or any other decisions made by our Retailer Network. This is because we cannot directly address the condition of your vehicle." I have never exposed the engine bay to water damage so I'm not sure how it could have happened (or if it even did happen - they are assuming it is water damage due to the white streaks)? If they are using the water damage excuse for the bonnet insulation then can they use this excuse to not honor other warranted parts? The original manufacturer's warranty ends tomorrow (24th Jan 2021) and will be overtaken by the extended warranty
  11. They said to me that it looks like it has become wet before (white/water marks and on under bonnet in pictures) and therefore they will not replace under warranty. I'm not quite sure what relation this has to the bonnet insulation shrinking - and even still, I have only had the car for 6-7months and its only been washed once which was 1 day before MOT (yes I know this is bad🤣). So how is their excuse of its become wet in the past valid for not replacing it? This dealer also put an advisory on the MOT: "Slight damage around positive battery terminal" but I think the terminal is fine. After VW customer service get back to me, I think I will use a different VW dealer in my area for any further servicing or MOTs.
  12. I have emailed VW customer services explaining the situation to them. I'm slightly disappointed as I was told that the bonnet insulation would be fitted back onto the bonnet after the MOT & Brake fluid change. However, when I went to collect the car it was in the boot and I was told that they wouldn't fit it back onto the bonnet due to "fire hazard/risk". Also, is it common practice to disable the dashcam before entering the workshop? The whole experience with this dealer/branch was quite patronizing and very much different from the VW dealer that I purchased the car from. This experience reminds me of the dealer where I viewed a MK7R at and they were behaving the same way so I didn't buy and thankfully that was the right choice as I'm happy with my 7.5R
  13. Hi all, First MOT due for my 67 reg 7.5R. I purchased it from a VW dealer around 6 months ago. It still has 7 days of original manufacturer's warranty remaining and also a 2 year approved used VW warranty running concurrently (since it was purchased). I raised the issue of the shrunken bonnet insulation with the dealer and they said they "will not replace the bonnet insulation as it has been wet in the past" (huh?). As the MOT is due in 3 days they said they can remove the bonnet insulation and do the MOT, otherwise it would fail due to the loose bonnet insulation posing a "fire risk". I agreed to this and asked them to put the bonnet insulation back on afterwards. I then went back to the dealer to take pictures of the loose bonnet insulation (before start of MOT) and the car is undergoing its MOT now. Clearly, the bonnet insulation couldn't have shrunk during the time I owned the car and it is still under manufacturer's warranty aswell as a 2 year approved used VW warranty. However, the dealer is refusing to replace the bonnet insulation. Do I have to contact VW UK now? Ideally, I don't want to be paying for the replacement as it should have been replaced when I purchased the car but it was overlooked. Here is what it looks like:
  14. Ahh I see. Idk what to do then - just leave it as the home autoglass appointment or take into centre? the screen has already been fitted by them on 23rd oct. They want to check it as I reported a repetitive popping sound
  15. called autoglass and they said that earliest appointment for someone to come and 'look at it' is thursday 12th november smh. Or i could take it into a local autoglass centre on Friday 6th november - but idk if they are more likely to fob me off at the centre/garage? I accepted the booking for home appointment for 12th november but I can change it to an in-centre appointment for 6 days earlier if i wish
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