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  1. Do you think £24k sounds a lot then for a 17 plate? I have been keeping an eye on Golfs for a few months now, it seems about the right price really from what I can see, doesn't seem particularly overpriced compared to others especially with the options it has. Obviously WE BUY ANY CAR or CarWow are not going to offer anywhere near what you would get selling it privately. Anyway, for now I have decided to hang onto my A Class, got it for £13,900 from the lease company. Maybe keep it for another year, wait for the prices to drop a bit and pick up a Golf for around £20k in a years time. I think that will be my plan now, unless something amazing pops up and i can't say no lol.
  2. Cheers, did a quick check on Compare the market and it asks you if you had any NCD under a business policy so i put yes on that and its coming out under £700 on an R, 37 year old so doesn't sound too bad as it will likely decrease a bit the year after.
  3. Strange because he is a dealer rather than private so you would expect he knows what he is doing. He said he bought the car for himself originally but now wants an RS3. Still no word from him so im not going to chance it, just have a bad feeling about it all. Yeah defiantly wouldn't touch anything until the finance is sorted anyway. Guess i will carry on looking on Autotrader each day.
  4. So I put in an offer of £23k which was rejected but agreed on £23.5. Went back to him over 24 hours ago with a few questions, did a HPI check and mentioned to him the car has outstanding finance and how does he intend to sort it before sale. Have not heard back, he seems to have gone cold since i mentioned the finance.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I am still in two minds whether to buy my 2016 Merc A180 from my lease company which i have had from new (prob around £14k now) or give it back and get the R which is another 10k more. My head tells me to stick with what i have for another few years, but i miss having something that actually has a bit of grunt. Decisions!
  6. As the title says, is there anyway to use NCD from a company car policy against a new personal policy i will be taking out. Had a private car up until 2014, had 12 years NCD at that point, then company car for the last 6 years with no accidents or claims against me personally so in theory i have driven 18 years without any claims or convictions. 37 year old looking to insurance a Golf R. Do any companies consider the company policy NCD, or would i need to use a broker or any other recommendations please let me know.
  7. P.S - The dealer just stated: The 29th of may was the first year of mot for that vehicle but due to Covid 19 dvla waved a 6 months period for all mot’s. Therefore, i assume this means it got a free pass as such at the end of May and was done property at the beginning of June. Guess that makes sense?
  8. Hi All, I have just joined as i am looking to spend up to £25k on a Golf R shortly so i am going to have a look on these forums and get some ideas of what do's and dont's i should be doing when buying. I have been keeping an eye on prices for the last few months so have an idea of what i want, what options etc. I am looking at a car at the weekend and just wanted a few opinions really as this one had just about everything i wanted apart from Pan Roof. I will put the link below if i am able to. Specifically i noticed the car had an MOT on 29th May, checking Gov website it says mileage was unreadable. It then had an MOT on 4th June just a few days later where mileage is shown as 26,067. It passed both MOT's so no idea why it had a second one, seems odd to me! What do you think? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202006099952124?atmobcid=soc3
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