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  1. Really Appreciate the Feedback. Yes New Plugs Coming and Haldex too but first DSG service here. Cheers
  2. First thing in the morning I will check the carpets. the Gear Selector is that the Mechatronics. I will look it up. cheers
  3. Now I am suspicious of any potential leaks. again sorry to hear that. Yes lucky the gear selector was fixed. Is that what they call the mechatronics? i find if you fill the fold of your door rubbers with silicone those creaks disappear. In the actual rubber folds. cheers
  4. Hey guys how do you quote when commenting. I have tried but doing something wrong. I am also responding to Booth11 last comment. yeah my warranty finishes in a couple of months. Hope the battery dies before then lol oh I see now how to quote. Sorry about the mess
  5. Oh thanks Elixitt for your reply. Oh dear I just remember I did also have my steering rack changed on my MK7 but I assume it was due to a pothole. Thankfully within warranty. Also had the warning light but fixed by adding coolant too. again thanks Elixitt
  6. Hi Booth11, thanks for your comment. Sounds good. Oh I forgot to mention my MK7 also had a new battery under warranty. I was using the stop/start engine on/off function with that car. Not so with the 7.5 so battery has lasted longer. Cheers I am new at this so not sure if your comment is being quoted in my reply as I can’t see it even though I hit the quote tab?
  7. Sorry to hear about that. Again thanks for your reply. How are your leaks now and did you get rid if any musky smells. The gear selector is that deep mechanical in the gearbox mechanism or the hardware connected to the gear shifter? Any other issues thanks
  8. Thanks for your reply and comment. May you tell me what car and specs you have. Also what problems specifically thanks.
  9. Hi Guys I have had two Golf R’s a MK7 and now a MK7.5 . Between the two 110,000 kms combined with no issues to note. Sure the MK7 had a cracked starter button, broken seat bolster but that’s about it and fixed by dealer. Both Cars TCU ECU APR tuned. My Question is anyone out there with higher than 60,000 kms have and issues. For example DSG, Engine etc Issues? Thanks
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