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  1. It really doesn't take much to get a reaction out of you, after Bob exposed you as the laughing stock of Piston Heads and openly threatening to take the 'P' out of me here, I'm glad I started this thread to try to get a mod with a backbone as you are dragging this forum down. I'm surprised you didn't threaten me with your Korean Kerr-rarr-taay like you did Bob and Dave, every post of yours just makes you look more of a fool!! Anyway, I think you'll find that's "Alfa", what sort of brain spells it the other way?? If you know what my user name means and looked at my sig or earliest posts you may find a connection with the logo, if you are not a complete idiot. That's more than enough time wasted on a shit stain like you, farewell to the good folk here...........I'm outa here!
  2. First single - New Rose, The Damned First album - Parallel Lines, Blondie
  3. That fire has been extinguished, I'm just gently fanning an ember........ But seriously, invisiblekid did offer for members to put themselves forward to join the mod team and Neil seems like the ideal candidate?
  4. NRW to be a mod. Often on the forum, posts across the forum, appears to have a wise head on his shoulders and hopefully won't suffer fools (TheBlondeFella) gladly 😂 Also comes across as an all round good egg! (sorry Neil if you're not at all interested)
  5. I'm loving the way you trying to defend your "weirdo" reputation on PH 😂
  6. It seems to me to be a small minority but appears to be left to make it's shitty comments and attacks to certain members.........
  7. Yes, i am very sorry to Marcio for adding to the mammoth digress of the original thread content
  8. Well done Bob, about time this was brought out into the open. This is the reason i've been logging on way less than i used too, seeing someone with the most immature username just posting his racial crap and not contributing anywhere else on the forum just got on my tits! I reported a racist post in the 'joke thread', yes it was quickly taken down by the mods and some had a laugh about it but then another member (Matt) responded to the "snowflakes" post then the "prick" insult was being thrown around. As far as i know still it's there, i see members welcoming newbs with "helpful friendly place" ect, just steer clear of the 'joke thread'!! Mods, if this is out of order then by all means delete this post but i needed to get this off of my chest. I've not been a member for very long, i really enjoyed the information, advice and banter but that some of the posts on that thread have soured my experience of this forum.
  9. Very nice but I can't stop looking at your dirty carpet!
  10. If Southampton isn't too far across the border, there is Regal Autosport.
  11. It sure is, the family home is in Sidlesham, you drive through on the way to Selsey. Pagham, Bracklesham, the Witterings and Selsey were all old haunts of mine. Lovely place to live until hot weather brings the fools flocks to the beaches then the roads are gridlocked.
  12. Opened the taps along the M27/A27 to Chichester, speed limiter set to 70 of course 😉 Not seen the folks since Boxing day, they've been shielding, felt so strange not being able to get close to them. Drive home a little less fun, traffic was getting heavy ☚ī¸
  13. BA328, this is the tower.......you are cleared for take off runway 2
  14. Been looking at these for a while, this thread gave me the kick up the backside to buy one, went with cyc in the end.
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