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  1. I miss my Mag grey mk3 RS. They look more aggressive than the R especially with the splitter, they sound great also. If it had the DSG and the MPG (my average in RS 25mpg/R 32mpg. Best over a tank RS 28mpg/R 41mpg) it would be epic. For me the R has it as the better all round daily especially with family. Both have better points over the other, just depends what you want. Happy I was able to experience both.
  2. Got a response from info@mountune.com this morning. They confirmed they are currently switching from M52 and main Mountune into one system. They have asked for some video of the reverse delay, which i will do when i have somebody to help.
  3. mountune.com now has a Ford and VAG section so they have just have the one site now.
  4. Will do, had noticed the website has been down for days.
  5. Would be interested to know about this. I dont launch the car much but have noticed the delay on reversing which isnt good at times. Had emailed them a few times on things and got a response pretty quick, but replying on the same emails and new ones. No response at all.
  6. I remember buying US Bass Cd`s Bass Mechanik, Journey into Bass DJ Laz etc. had some terrible music (the odd good track) but as for bass they did the job so well. All available on youtube (awful quality), I did give them a test when I got the sub in the front room, good job its a detached house. I used to do the odd SPL competition as had two 15" W3`s on a viper D1200.1 which ran 3.7kw. crazy thinking back. was a lot of fun. I dont want anything close to that now, but do want to improve the sound in the Golf.
  7. Another who liked car audio back in the day. Waiting till next year to look at upgrading. I ended up using my old 15" sub for home audio after it sat in the garage for 10-15 years. Made an enclosure and used a plate amp. sounds great, the missus has a different opinion. After the foam split got a new version of the same sub.
  8. Will this be rolled out to existing customers with their tune? or a case of contacting them and possibly paying for an upgrade?
  9. How to Mountune suggest you launch the car with their softward? is it any different to standard launch.
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