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  1. Better question. If it costs me $1500 to downgrade from 2+ to 2, for basically just a software, should I just out right get rid of APR stage and go back to stock??? That might be cheaper for me right?
  2. I have a vw scirocco R with APR stage 2+ tune (bought it like this used back in 2017). Car drove fine for the first year. Then in late 2018, I experienced a loss of acceleration power at low speeds or taking off from standstill. I'd see boost gauge needle riding up to 0.5 - 1 bar even though I am only driving up to 70-80km/h speeds. I've also been running rich the whole time and have cold mornings cold start rough idling issues (where the engine will cut off/die if I don't let it warm up for 70 seconds before driving). A shop told me I need to remove my RFD and downgrade from 2+ to 2 and it would cost me about $1500 usd (software+labor etc). Now I'm in Korea so that's why the price is higher than if it was done in america. My question is why is it so expensive to downgrade? It's like the cost of upgrading stock to stage kit tune. Also, if the car was running fine before, it means it was working with the RFD and tune, but now that I'm having some acceleration issues and rich running, why is the only solution to remove the RFD and downgrade?? If it was running fine before and now it's not, it must mean there's something else wrong with the car? Why would 2+ be the problem? If that's the case then why would anyone pay to upgrade to stage 2+ and then when there's problem, be forced to downgrade and pay full price again to fix it?
  3. My car: 2013 Scirocco R, 2.0 TFSI (EA113), gasoline, automatic, 70k km, APR Stage 2+ Bought the car used in 2017 at 54k km, all mods as is...I didn't add or take anything away since. I have a lot of questions but for now, I'll just start off with this one: I have VCDS diagnostic tool and didn't get fault code but I noticed the Long-Term Fuel Trim is negative and stays there....between 14-18). I don't think the fault code gets lit until it's like -25 long term fuel trim, but -18 is pretty up there and not exactly sure what is causing it. What are some things I should be checking for? Signs, symptoms, sounds/feel, etc? What does a negative long-term fuel trim eventually mean? I mean, if I don't get it corrected for a long time and just leave it like this, what potential problems am I risking if I keep driving it around with this negative fuel trim?
  4. Yes, I noticed that but it's not uncommon. I've searched everywhere from facebook groups to other vw forums and the Scirocco R section is always small to none. It's really hard to find other experienced Scirocco owners to ask questions and get advice from. Such a beautiful car, but such a difficult car to get help with since very few people have it and know anything about it. I do believe it is very similar or almost identical to one of the Golf models...I think Golf R. I heard one of the Golf models is practically identical internally as the Scirocco only the outer body is the main difference.
  5. I'm glad I found this forum. It might be helpful for me cuz I need it. I'm from Canada, living and working in South Korea. I bought a used 2013 Scirocco R back in 2017. I have a bunch of questions and hope some of the more experienced people can help me out. It's really hard to get any answers since a) I don't speak Korean fluently so can't communicate with most mechanics here, b) Korea doesn't have a lot of Scirocco owners and places that can service this tuned car, and c) I'm not an expert in cars by any means, just whatever basics I can learn from the net. Cheers guys! Joe
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