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  1. I’m just looking into the prospect of lowering my T Roc R , I saw a video of race chip who did so and I think it looks the nuts!! Im thinking maybe dropping it 15mm but would appreciate any help, questions are : Will it cases issues when it comes to servicing ie VW making a fuss ? would Vw do it for me?? Best kits to buy etc??
  2. Harry

    Buzzy rattle

    To be clear is the culprit the below ?? Not where the lines lock into ?? I've padded out this area as it was lose and it seems to have done the trick , just if someone could confirm as I put foam around where the lines house to 😂
  3. Harry

    Buzzy rattle

    Does this look to be the same ??
  4. Harry

    Buzzy rattle

    Perfect 👍 thanks for the fast reply , I'll check it out Crazy to think That buzzing could make its way into the cabin !!
  5. Last resort , dunno if anyone can help my TRoc R has developed a most annoying buzzy rattle on the drivers side when you lift of the accelerator , most noticeable in race mode but other modes it is still audable I've go through most checks that are on other threads as to the golf R ie, rearview mirror, door sills , seatbelt adjuster , seat adjuster and can't seem to find the culprit . I've done 1200 miles and fear it's too quiet to not be picked up by a dealer Any ideas ?? Also it's a tad hard to pin point it whilst driving 😂 Lastly there was a thread a while back as to it being the plastic cover over the fuel wires ?? But I can't find the original post with pictures so don't know where to start with that one , any assistance would be appreciated
  6. Would adding a pedal box have any chance of casing a issue with VW warranty at all if there was a issue found that needed a warranty claim ?? Especially does a pedal box mess with the ECU at all ?? my T Roc is brand new so im not thinking of remapping etc quite yet😀 , but the dead spot on the pedel is bugging me
  7. Just fyi on this , since I've unplugged the exhaust flaps , the rev limiter has been disabled when in Park..... Sounds epic I get about 30% more crackle and pop now 😁
  8. Sorry and Alos when you say configure they change the pin connectors to fit the t roc or ??
  9. Very interesting 😉 , how much roughly for the reconfigure?? Just I essentially could pick up a second hand pedel box for a golf 7 and get them to reconfigure ?? Is that right or am I missing anything
  10. Thanks for the info , when you say configured by DTUk what does this involve .... Just a phone call or ?
  11. would it be the same wiht the XLR race chip?? they say the diont support the T Roc R as yet
  12. DTUK pedal box , want one for my T Roc R , will a version that fits a Golf R 7.5 work ?? essentially the same car so I think the plugs will be the same under the pedal ?? any help would be appreciated
  13. my T Roc R hasnt got heated seats , unlike the golf R Heated seats were standard , what are the chances the heating element being there in the front seats anyway but not connected ???
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