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  1. I've managed to get in behind the virtual cockpit and take away the right hand vent , the buzz is comming from the right and side almost near the vents for the windscreen , when I lie under the peddels Ans rev the engine the sound seems to come from the height the peddels are located ... Seriously frustrating , it's almost seems by the wheel arch I've look to pad that area out with no luck with also the fuel lines in that area As u can see I'm the picture below the wonderful dealer just cable tied some padding to the intercooler pipe and called it done !!!! Seriously
  2. Yes that is some kind of shield but an absolute pain to get to near impossible , from the pic you sent it looked as if it was quite easily accessible, I can hardly get to it but it does feel quite low for where the buzz is comming from in the car On your second point I'll check the contact area , after pushing and prodding that main heatsheild the noise did definitely change slightly then return to normal Hmm I've tried all the pillers , nothing changes the sound by putting pressure on etc I've had the car for nearly a year 21k miles and in the winter it
  3. This is a video of the buzzy rattle , this is a cold start to and only get worse as the engine warms up , just thought I'd post as someone may have had the exactly same buzz https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GGoMZRlqQ83MGt-lT1oaGBFLiljww66i/view?usp=drivesdk
  4. Right this is probably me being very thick , but really struggling to find anything similar to your picture I think I see the heat shield is in the background of the first image but it's impossible to get to as per the second picture with some pipe coming across and blocking visibility I'm probably looking in the wrong place but this is right by the wheel arch of the drivers size
  5. Thanks very much appreciated , I'll check it out
  6. Yeh that's been unplugged since I got it , that had the whole dash buzzing , this does seem to be around the obd port area
  7. Thanks for the reply , I have managed to find what you mentioned about the fuel lines above the wheel arch , it does feel loseish but I got someone to hold it and reved with no change As per the heat shield , where do I access it ? Picture would be ideal
  8. I know this is a old post but I'm trying to locate this buzz , could you repost the picture??
  9. Need some help here guys I've still got a buzzy rattle in race mode when between 2&3 rpm drivers side , it comes and goes a bit but it really is bugging me Fuel lines is the most common from what I can see from others , but I've wedged in a load of underlay see picture , firstly is what I've done eliminate the buzz for the fuel lines ?? Secondly where else can I look for this buzz , I've looked at the heat shield and all elements in the cabin with no luck , the buzz does stop when the driver's door is open ?? I've taken it to the dealer twice for thi
  10. Iā€™m just looking into the prospect of lowering my T Roc R , I saw a video of race chip who did so and I think it looks the nuts!! Im thinking maybe dropping it 15mm but would appreciate any help, questions are : Will it cases issues when it comes to servicing ie VW making a fuss ? would Vw do it for me?? Best kits to buy etc??
  11. To be clear is the culprit the below ?? Not where the lines lock into ?? I've padded out this area as it was lose and it seems to have done the trick , just if someone could confirm as I put foam around where the lines house to šŸ˜‚
  12. Does this look to be the same ??
  13. Perfect šŸ‘ thanks for the fast reply , I'll check it out Crazy to think That buzzing could make its way into the cabin !!
  14. Last resort , dunno if anyone can help my TRoc R has developed a most annoying buzzy rattle on the drivers side when you lift of the accelerator , most noticeable in race mode but other modes it is still audable I've go through most checks that are on other threads as to the golf R ie, rearview mirror, door sills , seatbelt adjuster , seat adjuster and can't seem to find the culprit . I've done 1200 miles and fear it's too quiet to not be picked up by a dealer Any ideas ?? Also it's a tad hard to pin point it whilst driving šŸ˜‚ Lastly there was a thread a wh
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