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  1. I spec’d up Lapiz Blue, DCC & front htd seats and it £41,020 (pre discount) so hardly worth it with extra VED. Might as well add a few more 19” wheels and head up display. To make it worth my while. i was thinking about the VED and £40k limit. If you were only going to keep car for 2-3yrs maybe you could grin and bear it. on the other hand, I’ve had my R for 4.5yrs so as I think I might be late 2021 or 2022 then I would have had to pay out the extra for each year. So I’m back to hating it but if it was for the right car and only 2-3 yrs then maybe possible in my mind anyway.
  2. Ha ha what are you going to do with 8 wheels? There is a bit of double counting @Darlo the performance pack comes with 19” wheels so if you knock off the £825 its a lot more reasonable at £54,020 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  3. Yes, that will be interesting to see when full details come out. Also as the S3 is relatively similar to the old version (I’m thinking power spec etc) I wonder if they are planning to go crazy with RS3. I can see evidence on both sides to either produce something similar or have a crack at A45S and knock it off the perch and also try and tempt old S3 & RS3 owners (and maybe odd R owner) into something that is another step above their cars. So maybe interesting times ahead.
  4. Thanks @PhilC22 that is by far the clearest description that I have seen for the Pro Nav. It seems a lot of money for those bits. @PhilC22 @Booth11 if the German site is anything to go by then you have these choice of colours for the R. So it’s Pure White, Lapiz Blue or Deep Black Pearl. I do genuinely think that’s it for colours. Another avenue of cost cutting. I did a quick autotrader Golf R for sale 14-20 and about 78% fitted into those three colours (ok I appreciate that Oryx was also in the white category). Obviously decided not worth doing anything else’s different. Yes I did a crazy spec, a spec I would order if I had loads of money and the min spec......and then the “can I have anything extra spec” As you say about the level we would have been expecting but still depressing to see it there on screen.......and my numbers still didn't come up on Euromillions.
  5. Good spot, well it’s good to see a bit more confirmation on prices. Had as a play around and ended up about £43k (before discount) . Not much good at that level to avoid the dreaded £40k Road Tax.
  6. I’ve got another theory about why Clubsport and R models are not on the configurator yet. i understand that there is a price promise that VW will honour the price if you order your car by 17.30 on 2 December i bet that is the reason the ordering and configurator haven’t gone live. mark my words.....the configurator will be updated for 3 Dec, (well that I see my latest theory anyway) But I’ve got news for you VW, you, have so messed up the Mk 8 we don’t want it anyway.😤
  7. @Meercat Just as well you ignored my prediction and got yourself a great RS3. i don’t know what they are playing at in Milton Keynes. At least eagled eyed forum member put us out of our misery with the coast2coast reveal on price.
  8. Anyone keen on a Tiguan R should get over to the VW Germany configurator, as its now open to order. You can have a play with options and the base car is 56,000 Euros
  9. The Estate will be 310ps (306bhp) with 4wd. Nothing in the Cupra Leon brochure to suggest that but it might appear at same time they announce the price ( I think I saw price to be announced in early 2021. There are some details (such as brochure) up on the Seat Cupra.net forum
  10. So £39,270 less £870 VED = £38,400 So that gives you £1600 for options Lapiz Blue - probably £755 (in line with Kings Red) DCC - £785 as per GTI etc Heated Seats - £270 Head Up Display - £625 And we haven't even got into 19" Estoril alloy wheels Oh dear...…. think we have blown the £40K threshold..... well the Chancellor needs that extra tax income so we should all bit the bullet and spec the R up and help out the country by paying the extra tax Not!! Think I will be looking at Clubsport…..or forget new VW Golfs and look at alternatives instead. Can't wait for configurator to be up so we can see what we get if we max out the options (Leather, Performance pack and Akra exhaust anyone?)
  11. Yes that is good performance per pound (£). I’m going to look at new Cupra Leons y need to keep copper detailing to a minimum for me. Also going back a few posts.....don’t blame you on the RS3 hunt. think everyone is looking at them now (lol) probably why the values seem to have firmed up. I’m looking at 5dr Lapiz Blue with DCC (not a huge number to choose from)
  12. Just been studying UK Golf pricelist and no sign of climate front windscreen. Yes it’s Nappa leather in the Golf R and I do quite like the idea of heated and cooled seats. As for “Fuel system for the most powerfful fuel-injected Golf engine, without fuel return”. It sounds good, it must elevate Golf R to another level😆 sorry I don’t have a clue unless it’s dual injection? i agree for all the time that I think, oh I can live with the looks then I think about the dash operation too. A few of us have been doing some rough calculations and it really does look like the R will start with a 4 when price announced. So that will definitely drop it off my list. (Although I have a couple of tickets to check from Euromillions)
  13. I’ve just been doing some very rough conversions for prices and the Clubsport translates (in my world) roughly to what I’d expect the new uk price to be .............the R however seems to be stratospheric. i think that is why the R is not up yet on VW UK because they know we are all going to go mad when we see the pricing
  14. Yes I noticed they had managed to screw up the wheel and tyre sizes as well. There is one picture of R on standard wheels at bottom of page 9, tucked away in corner. i think you’re right about Clubsport looking perhaps the best option ..... but what about my lapiz blue😥😥 (I’m thinking Kings Red or Oryx as back up)
  15. Yes, Keano, I would agree with you. I was looking at RS3 since start of year and first quarter I’d say I could have got what I wanted for £27-30k. Looking now it seems to have edged up to £30-33k. Hopefully it will drop , as you say once new model appears.
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