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  1. I like the looks (mostly) and it seems a good package with good range of colours. I’ve seen on some European Hyundai sites that the red colour comes with silver accents instead of red that makes it quite subtle (trouble is the red of car then clashes with red on brake callipers. Seems the ride is quite firm which might not be my cup of tea. So maybe an i30N with adaptive dampers is a better idea. But seems this might also be fairly firm. Maybe this is not the car(s) brand for me. But certainly going to have a test drive when they finally appear at dealers. Also would yo
  2. I just started to watch the volkswizard video, but within the first minute he had already wound me up with the factually incorrect statement. ”if you have a Golf R and choose Lapiz Blue then you are over the £40k and into luxury car tax bracket.” i thought someone would query that in comments, which they did and he stuck to his guns by saying exactly same thing, “no the £40k limit is the on the road price and everything is included” I've read the DVLA guidance note and plenty of others here and on other sites also know that you don’t include first year
  3. @Booth11 I was going to give you my limited knowledge on software and hardware but I see @GTD1414 has already told you the good news. from what I’ve read 1788 is the latest update and the D on the device means it’s a later model than a lower letter or a more advanced version (not sure). look forward to hearing all your updates with the Lapiz Blue 8R
  4. Youll be fine on the runway in Kent, I’ve heard if you drive at more than 120mph the virus can’t catch you😂😂 ha ha, the Lapiz Blue would be the first thing I choose if I was getting one, but yes there will be even more than there were with MK7. Oh well just thinking you could recoup some outlay from VW with spec recommendations, but think plenty of others also gone for some great specs. Well I’m near where they filmed The Grand Tour in the early days (Eboladrome as Clarkson called it), I’ll pop in and see if we can hire it for the afternoon.
  5. @Booth11 Congratulations on your new car. Lapiz is the only colour to have😂😂 it it looks fantastic and I think you should get a cut with all the orders to follow when they see the car with your spec. Once run in, please can we have a video showing the 1/4 mile time (on a suitable local runway) have a a fantastic time with it👍
  6. This is the best I can do, but I’m sure someone clever can get Golf and M135i on the line to show where A35 and S3 were for start of braking. banged to rights in my view
  7. Can I be outraged on Mk8 Golf R owners (&potential owners) behalf over the brake test at the end of the video. Was it just me or was the A35 a couple of metres behind the others when they braked...i feel there was unfair advantage. anyone think that?
  8. Live just watched the video and I thought VWROC will be going crazy with figures like that. Clearly they really have worked hard on dynamics and drivetrain
  9. What are the mechanics/ physics to launch a Golf R on the dyno 😂😂😂 to check. actually a plausible reason, if VW hadn’t said the Edition 40 Clubsport had 290ps on overboost for a short period over the normal 265ps, would we know (eventually) or just be saying, wow in gear shove is really great?
  10. Does seem mad to have a car for for one-two months then swap. Wonder whether all his talk about wanting a “basic” car because he’s going to modify, is bluster to cover from the fact, that’s the only models currently available (unless you ordered early)
  11. Those photos look amazing, well what I mean is the car looks amazing. That is going to be great out on the road
  12. Well that’s good to know, so we wait to see what they change, but annoying it has to disappear completely for an update. Yes you would have been fine with your order, but looks like it’s a website update.
  13. Maybe it’s been so popular that the order books are filled and they have taken it off sale. There was talk the manufacturers might limit supplies of higher CO2 vehicles so they didn’t stray into EU fine territory.
  14. Well 8R is certainly getting glowing reviews, so definitely looks like VW have another hit on their hands.
  15. After the AHR video I am looking forward to this video and the analysis, not to mention seeing times.
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