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  1. I had this, turned out I wasn't pushing the brake pedal hard enough. You will see the message on the dash saying launch program active or something? I really had to push it hard with my left foot, not had a problem since!
  2. Nope not me this time. Well that would be why then, probably ordered the wrong ones. They just plug in, but assuming they are missing a terminal or something
  3. These are the actual ones I went for, they did come from China I believe, so who knows if they are real CF 😂 https://www.pinalloy.com/collections/carbon-mirror-caps-for-volkswagen/products/set-of-2-pinalloy-real-carbon-fiber-side-door-mirror-cover-trim-for-vw-golf-mk7-gti-2013-2018
  4. Wish I paid that for mine 😭 Mine were double on both parts! I believe they are proper CF, I'll see if a heat gun might help
  5. Thanks Chris! Im going to give it another go, they just seemed too tight on the inside edge. They would pop off the corner before you could get any of the bottom clips in, if that makes sense. I'll have to man up and try again, just didn't want to damage the clips as they seem very fragile indeed.
  6. Hi guys, I have recently purchased dynamic mirror indicators (ebay), and a set of carbon fibre mirror covers (Pinalloy) for my 7.5 R. After fitting the indicators, one was faulty and had a dead LED in the middle (currently waiting on replacement) but I did notice I was then missing my mirror puddle lights? Assuming I purchased the wrong ones, or there is some additional wiring to do? Has anyone else experienced this? As for the carbon mirror covers, I didn't buy cheapo ones as I assumed the fitment might be poor. But can I get these ones anywhere near fitting? Can I hell! Anyone got any top tops for getting aftermarket covers on? They seem crazy tight, the OEM ones come off and on with ease.... Thanks 👍
  7. Amazing, thank you everyone for your input. Think I know which way to go now 😈
  8. Ok brill! So what are the prerequisites for a Stage 1 tune, hardware wise? Would the DSG need to be done also for this? And what sort of gains would you hope to see? A company near me give a 50bhp increase, but a large torque jump also.
  9. Some great ideas here, thanks guys. Looks like I should start with a de-res, then look at getting a pedal box/remap? I did notice the car is always changing between 6th and 7th, which is a little annoying, hopefully the above would sort that? What have people done visually? Especially on DBP cars?
  10. Hi guys, As the title says, I have a 100% stock 7.5R DSG, great car, but I feel the time is right to make it my own. What is the best value for money modification you have done, performance or visual, to your Golf's? Cheers 👍
  11. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I obviously think it is the best colour, but I am biased, and you don't see many where I live. I think I will wait for the warranty to run out, then thanks to this forum, start modding
  12. Hi guys and girls, Been on the site a while and had the car for a few months, just wanted to say hello! So far so good! Still getting used to the DSG as it's my first 👍 Any Cornish members on here
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