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  1. Ha same! Mines a 67 plate 👌
  2. I'm in the same situation 🤣 Might be worth mentioning if you have a GPF car or not? As I think this can make a big difference?
  3. Thanks! Looks like 25mm is the way to go 😈 Thanks! I'll measure and let you know
  4. Normally see this with the high end exotica, GT3''s, Pista's, Lambo's, people paying a premium to be seen in one before the rest. Crazy the Golf now seems to be in that bracket...
  5. They contacted me to extend just before the 3 year manufacturer warranty was going to expire 👍
  6. I purchased mine for around the £300 mark, and it paid for itself within the first few weeks, when the drivers door decided it didn't want to let me in anymore 🤬 Think the parts and labour came to £400ish. Mine is a 2018 on 22k miles, so I wouldn't have expected this failure on a car of that age and mileage.
  7. Stunning! Looks like a bigger drop than 15mm to my eyes, must be that nice offset 👌
  8. Amazing job, that colour certainly pops 👌
  9. Oh really? That's really good to know, maybe I will treat myself to one after all then
  10. Again, fantastic stance on that! Would love a splitter to complement the look, but I might be pushing my luck with speedbumps I feel
  11. That's exactly what I'm after, I have to negotiate multiple speed bumps daily!
  12. Yeah it's probably that, they just made me paranoid 😂
  13. Thanks, I shall have a look for those! I don't have DCC so should be nice easy fitment Wow! That stance is spot on! Defo going to have a look at H&R, do you have DCC?
  14. Hi guys, A few mates have been saying that my Golf R looks lower than stock? What do you think? From what I can tell the springs are just black, and have no writing on them. The ride is certainly firm, but I put that down to having the 19's and no DCC. So I'm looking to upgrade to a new set of springs, as I want it a little lower. I have narrowed it down to Eibach or VWR, I don't want a mad drop, or to make the ride quality any worse. I have read through numerous threads but still unsure. Thanks 👍
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