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  1. Well there was a problem with the timing chain, huge problem, so all i can say is if you are going for a 1.4, then go for the 120hp and not the 160, just to be on the safe side, and make sure it's at least a 2011 model, that seems to be when they changed the chain they used, the earliest chain seemed to be tested only barely on a 120hp model, probably assuming a chain would last way longer than a belt (which normally is true), but the chain was a cheap piece of chinese crap, and developed micro tears which stretch the chain and make it go out of sync, til eventually it snaps and your whole engine is a dump, a mate of mine who happens to be a vw mechanic owns a 2009 golf with the same 160hp tsi engine and he had to replace the chain every 50.000 km, other than that it's a quality piece of car, i heard some people talk about the air-conditioning breaking down but only rarely, and have not had that problem myself.. I cannot speak for the 2.0 models, but as for the tsi engines, 120hp and no earlier than 2011, and you should be good, also i dont know where you are from, but i imported my 2011 scirocco from germany, for exactly 10k and 800 bucks import taxes, with just over 71.000km on the clock, and belonged to an old lady (not a joke), and had all of the paperwork (very important) Especially since the paperwork will show you if they used the proper oil, which is castrol, and not some cheap stuff that can also break your chain.. So yes I'd say it's very much possible, but mind you that my car was a 1 in a million find, patience is key and every 100.000km change the timing chain regardless I hope that was enough info, it's about as short as I could make it
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