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  1. No I don't think there is or it would be common knowledge. Most of the time VW will replace it if your cars under warranty. Bartek tuning sells a upgraded thermostat housing/water pump for the the ea888 gen 3 engines. https://www.bar-tek-tuning.com/2ltsi-ea888-upgrade-thermostat-housing-water-pump
  2. Most likely VW held wireless android auto for the new models. I'm surprised there's no retrofit for MIB3 which has the wireless option.
  3. No but the car will compensate with the lower rated fuel so you'll props not get the full 320hp.
  4. Always nice to hear about products made for the MQB platform but those prices are quite steep. Unless it's a drastic improvement over stock then I'd be very reluctant to purchase.
  5. Just to add the R comes with nice options as standard such as active cruise control and electric folding mirrors. I'll echo about what others say shop around and the options you should be paying premium for is panoramic roof and DCC. Those two options are near impossible to retrofit everything else can be retrofitted inc some mk8 r stuff.
  6. It's may be because that the MK8 are heated and cooled seats so would require the newer heating control panel which is touch sensitive such as you get in the latest Arteon. Just a guess from me.
  7. Michelin pilot sport 4. Fairly quite and good all round performance.
  8. I may be wrong but have they taken the engine out? If so it shouldn't cost $2000 to replace the timing chain as it would be fairly a quick and simple job to do while the engine is out.
  9. From what I've read on forums the crack seems to happen if the panoramic roof hasn't been aligned properly when installed. If it has been installed properly then it shouldn't crack. Also the crack doesn't affect the functions of the panoramic roof. When you think how many of those panoramic roofs have been installed across the VAG which don't have issues hopefully that would make you worry less.
  10. I was told that if buying brakes from ECP to buy Bosch or Pagid. Pagid being the better choice.
  11. What's the mileage of your car? Also couldn't you just remove the jbs tune and then do a adaptation reset. Investigating the software side of things would be much cheaper then just replacing the mechatrnoic unit.
  12. I don't have a stage 2 but if you getting 200 miles considering half the time your thrashing it and short journey 200 miles seems alright in my experience in a normal 7.5 I get about 280 and that's not putting my foot down.
  13. I came across on another forum that the door alignment may not be correct from factory and if adjusted properly then wind noise may be reduced. This may also apply to the MK8. I'll leave the link to that forum post and sorry if that's not allowed. https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/index.php?threads/drivers-side-wind-noise-bothering-anyone-fixed.360765/
  14. That's worrying, the foam type material doesn't seems to be able to protect the engine quite the opposite. Also this lifetime use goes out the window clearly. Most video regarding air intake always suggest paper filters are the best at protecting the engine and are only a few HP down on foam and cotton type filters. Good YouTube Vid about filters. https://youtu.be/sJ3L-E-ufYo
  15. Came across this on Wavetrac website https://wavetrac.eu/collections/golf-mk7-inc-gti-r WAVETRAC ATB LSD FOR VW 0AV - MK7/7.5 GOLF R REAR Coming Soon WAVETRAC ATB LSD FOR VW 0GC - DQ381 - 7-SPEED DCT WET-CLUTCH - MK7/7.5 GOLF R Coming Soon WAVETRAC ATB LSD FOR VW 02E - MK7 GOLF DSG AWD FRONT (20T RING) Seems like the front LSD is available to purchase. Would this mean if the rear LSD does become a reality is this similar to the MK8 R and A45s Magna diff?
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