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  1. Never knew the timing chain was part of a service? It's normally a timing belt which is due a service interval. The MK7 R with the EA888 gen3 engine uses a timing chain. Chains normally last the lifetime of the car which some say is between 100k-150k miles. So if you've hit that mileage then maybe it is advisable to replace it.
  2. Hopefully it's just a coding thing, doubt it's has anything to do with cost cutting.
  3. These Pretoria's are different to the ones that come on the MK7. They seems to be less proned to crack. Also they are not officially for the Golf but for the T-Roc and maybe the Passat R. The offset is better and pretty much flush with the arch which gives the car a wider stance look. They may be abit heavier then the Golf Pretoria but not sure I think Volk Wizard or what ever his name is has a video on them.
  4. What's the mileage on the car?
  5. Props best to double check the vacuum hoses n boost pipes again as they may be brittle at 90k especially as the engine runs very hot. Hopefully you'll find the reason such a pain when it's a guessing game with not fault codes etc.
  6. Ridiculous just drove home from work and every petrol station I see has a tailback madness. How did the haulage industry get it so wrong?
  7. As your changing the wiring loom I was thinking it could also be the DSG selector switch; might be worth a look at. Thinking about it the gear selector has the ability to put he gearbox in neutral hence an area to look into.
  8. You could look at it like this... The sound quality and Pro Nav can be fitted by someone whereas DCC would be very difficult and expensive to retrofit therefore make DCC a priority above the rest. There is a noticeable difference in DCC modes especially when in race. I love a sunroof brilliant option to get or look for when buying a car.
  9. Before spending that much and if your not in a rush you may be able to retrofit the dcc parts from the MK8. Have to wait for someone to do it but it may never happen. Also people highly rate the MSS lowering springs which people say improve each DCC setting.
  10. I was looking for this too and came across this. https://www.vagexpress.com/products/led-ambient-light-door-trim-light-atmosphere-light-for-vw-golf-7-mk7-golf-75-golf-rline-golf-g-t-i-32-color-12-lights-2490 Around £350.
  11. The insurance cost of repairing a damaged car can be excessively high from the insurance company estimates. I remember when they wrote off my BMW M5 with a minor rear impact. Damage was so minor I think they could have used the same bumper by repositioning it and repainting it. I even drove the car back home lol no issues at all. I only took the pay out as the car was an E39 M5 which wasnt ULEZ so took the easy and healthy payout. So don't assume the damage with cost of repair when making a decision.
  12. Question 3. Don't be put off if the price reflects the previous damage. As long as you can get a professional to inspect the car and they feel it's good and the car drives straight and paperwork all good then why not.
  13. Does the mk8 R heads up display show the rev, gear and speed?
  14. If you use the 7-7.5 *just about* legally on the road then really there's no real world reason to upgrade especially as the torque vectoring diff will only come into play in fast cornering. Personally I live in a city environment and I can't see any benefit with anything faster. It's as fast in a straight line as the 7.5 I do remember seeing the mk8 pulls stronger but that's props down to the new turbo which Littco are planning to retrofit to the Mk7. Also carwow 0-60 of 4 seconds can't seem to be replicated by any other mk8 reviewer which may mean VW are cheating again lol by boosting certain
  15. As the MK8 is a car that is "always" online (not sure) and connected to VW servers wouldn't the JB4 "tune" show up as unusual car behaviour from a stock car.
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