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  1. Had the same symptoms. Next time you get ACC error just turn off and start again that clears it you don't need to go for a drive etc. I would recommend getting the battery changed I was nearly left stranded and on the blower to VW recovery when it didn't have enough power to crank the engine but luckily my mate tried a second time and just about got it going.
  2. Of those 30 errors did you get many voltage faults of so props battery on its way out. Also I read that your car is a 2017 and assume it still has the battery from new? If so another finger pointing towards the battery. Has your car suffered from minor starting/cranking issues as this was happening to me for nearly 4 month before the battery totally failed. Also use to get ACC error straight after starting the car. Dealers/Stealers suggested I had a minor hit and need a new ACC sensor lol didn't even ask the price as it was intermittent. This error never happened
  3. where did those 2 bolts go? I can only assume VW took them off in prior in the past? how much did they price the 2 year service?
  4. Knowing dealerships they'll just say it's the A/C compressor and hit you with a silly bill. So best go independent regas place or even kwik fit for a regas and hope it's starts to work again.
  5. I think the HGP "Stage 1" tune consist of a turbo modification/upgrade. So technically this wouldn't be considered a stage 1 to most maybe a stage 2+ the very least. Below is what they state on their website: Adapted engine electronics with V / max. Repeal Changed shift program for DSG gearbox Activation of the shift indicator in D mode Increased clutch pressure for DSG clutch Modified series turbocharger <<<<<<<< Changed air supply to the air filter box K&N air filter element Large-volume suction hose t
  6. This post may be worth a read.
  7. Sorry to hear could you give a bit more details regarding mileage and year etc. A few post have suggested VW may point the blame to the mechatronic as it seems you are in warranty then you won't have to sweat. Remember reading a few early DQ381 7 speed boxes had issues and replaced. Which gets me worried 😖
  8. Was in a similar situation wanted to buy a used pedal box but wasn't sure if it was compatible with my 310 bhp. Whats makes me think they all the same is that Burger Tuning (JB4) have a pedal box for sale and states that it is compatible with all VW and Audi from 2008.
  9. I ordered directly from OBDEleven and benefited from the black Friday sale. I can't remember paying any import tax. Total cost was £89 Inc delivery for the pro with loads of extra credits.
  10. BTW did you take the lowering springs off to witness whether the noise went away? If so did the sound disappear it it did then was it necessary to replace the dcc strut? Also when you had the lowering spring on did the dcc carry on working in the different modes?
  11. Sorry to hear. Hope the upgrades to your security will deter the criminals. Best form of deterrence would harsher sentences including Penal Labour. We no longer have a justice system in "modern" society.
  12. No wonder the MK7 was such hit. How VW made decent profit on the MK7 I don't know. Whats more apparent now is that the MK7-7.5 quality seems better then the MK8 and apparently people struggling to get anything under £320pm for a basic MK8 at 5k miles.
  13. Legendary first car hope he learns and gets lots of experience and fun in it.
  14. Seat ain't messing around this generation. What a line up! Even taking the 5 Cylinder engine 😱 Even VW didn't dare lol.
  15. Congratulations! Lovely car much prettier/handsome then the M3. BMW have always nailed the 3 series especially when it comes to driving. Also to add I'm glad BMW haven't gone all touch sensitive buttons like VW. They seem to have their screws still tight in their heads unlike VW. Enjoy
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